Thursday, November 08, 2012

New brake lines.

After going back and forth if the entire brake lines should be ripped out and replaced????? This had to be done. Turns out the mine line from the back to the front was rusted pretty bad and showed traces of it leaking. So we pulled that mug out! And when we did .......... JUNK! ( should have taken pictures of that! PUTAIN! )  Any hoot, the first line of defense was to remove the rear "T" fitting as well and start from there. Once "T" fitting was mounted I went ahead and started the bending process. Kids, don't try this at home. It was a BIOTCH!! After the bending the line was screwed into fitting. Then strapped down all across. Now I had to mount and set up the master cylinder. That was easy. The hard part was bending the line without fucking it up! But the end results were good. Oh, I also installed a new throttle cable. Greased that bitch up really nicely and shoved it all the way in!!!! Surprised  Next I will clean up the pedal assembly, reinstall it and drop in a new clutch cable.

All brake parts were supplied by WAGEN WORKS ..........


This was the old "T" fitting with the old jacked up brake lines. 


Note the middle portion of the brake line. It looks like someone's booty I know! All torn up and beat up!



Here is the new "T" fitting with the new brake line installed. I also installed new rubber grommets to keep it in place. The way they came from the factory.


Here are shots of the main line inside the beetle. Both front and rear. Came out pretty chee chees.



I also semi installed the master cylinder. Just to mock up the front brake lines. It turned out really good. Those German master cylinders are the SHIT!! VERSTEHEN SIE MICH!!?? I have NO idea why people install junk in their rides?

Is this a BEAUTIFUL shot or what!!!??? 


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