Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Pedal assembly

After installing the main metal brake line, I had to install a new clutch cable. So this meant I had to remove the entire pedal assembly, and I did!! It was pretty beat up and dirty. But nothing I couldn't fix. Once taken apart I could see what I was working with and what needed to be done. It cleaned up pretty nicely.

Pedal 1.JPG

Pedal 2.JPG

Pedal 3.JPG

Pedal 4.JPG

Pedal 5.JPG

After I installed both the new clutch cable and throttle cable, I also went ahead and removed the emergency brake cables, cleaned them up nicely and reinstalled them. But I greased them up really nice as I slipped them back in. Did the same with the clutch and throttle cables.

Now I have to clean this area up nicely and fit in the other brake lines and set up the transmission mount before I mount the newly rebuilt transmission.


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