Thursday, March 14, 2013

Side vent window rubber replacement

First off, allow for me to be a little negative. This was sort of a bitch to do. Remember, I am an EARLY bus guy. VERY EARLY Wink  It took some time but I managed. And a very clean specimen to begin with. This was a replacement window, the previous one was tore back like someone's booty we all know Smile  Any hoot, after ripping the old rubber off and giving the chrome and glass a proper cleaning ........ WHAT A DIFFERENCE!!  Once the new rubber was installed .... OY VEY. It looked great. You Bay Window experts, what do you think?

Rubber 1.JPG

Rubber 3.JPG

Now I was informed that this piece is the most important part of this vent window. Apparently that little bolt and wrapped clip seem to always be rusted out!? But this one is super nice and clean.

Rubber 2.JPG

And VOILA! The finished product. I cannot wait to mount this on my bus.

Rubber 4.JPG

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