Monday, April 29, 2013

Power Brake Booster

As you all know, 1971 was a great year for the Volkswagen bus. This was the last year for the up right Type 1 engine and the first year for front disc brakes.  For these reasons the 1971 VW bus is a very saught after bus, especially the Westfalia model. Sure everyone desires the early Westfalia or any early camper conversion, but these Bay Windows, in my opinion, are much more practical and are very comfortable rides. Without a doubt!

After going through the brake system and figuring out what I need to get this pupply going, the power brake booster needed to rebuilt. A good buddy of mine redid this one. I should have taken a shot of the booster prior to being redone. What a difference. And what a difference disc brakes make when you need to stop at the drop of a dime.

Big Shout out to my homie, Jose Rubacalva, for rebuilding the booster and master cylinder at a HOMIE price! Te bañas cabron!!!!!

Booster 1.JPG

Booster 2.JPG

Booster 3.JPG


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