Monday, October 07, 2013

Luggage Rack for the 1971 Westfalia

Well, I finally got the boatman hooks back from  the plating shop. Also had the small metal plate which fastens the table pole to the floor. They all came out pretty nice. Now I don’t have to worry about them rusting away, even though it doesn’t rain out this way nor is the winter conditions any threat. Just early morning moisture. So I washed the rack portion, it was filthy as was the rear roof section. They both came out nicer then what I expected. Some patina as well, though you really can’t see it. But it looks cool from on top. The actual rack section, in these images, is not fastened on. I need to sort out the hardware and where exactly it will sit. Both the bars and the hooks were fastened on, though with nuts & bolts. They originally were riveted on but that method was not cutting it. After several tries, FUCK IT! I used nuts, bolts and washers. They look nice and will serve their purpose.


So with this said ………. Here are some pictures.








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