Friday, October 25, 2013

Agua Caliente, Anza Borrego Desert, Southern California

Serg and posse headed over to the desert for a weekend of camping at “Agua Caliente”, which is located in the “Anza Borrego Desert”. A very beautiful region of Southern California. If you ever get a chance to visit Southern California, make a day trip out to this region. Well

Worth it.



serg 4.jpg



serg 1.jpg



serg 2.jpg


And here is a shot of Maria's famous fried rice dish. This stuff is DA BOMB!



serg 3.jpg


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Friday, October 11, 2013

New shocks

Today I installed the driver's side shocks and the alxes for the transmission. Previously the rotors, brakes and flexes hoses were installed. They don't seem new, but they are. Need to clean them up a bit.








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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beltline trim clean up

Earl is on a mission to getting his GFK bus on stance! No joke!

Earl #7.jpg

Earl #6.jpg

Earl #11.jpg

Earl #12.JPG

and ............ VOILA!!!!

Earl #13.JPG

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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Deluxe bumper trim clean up

That Cuñado Earl has lots of tallent. I should sent him my polishing work. Even my son, Ronnie Jiménez, was there to lend a hand.  Earl had my boy lift the bus in order to install the moldings, it made it easier. Check out those GUNS!!!

earl 2.jpg

Bumper Trim 1.jpg


Trim 2.JPG


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Monday, October 07, 2013

Luggage Rack for the 1971 Westfalia

Well, I finally got the boatman hooks back from  the plating shop. Also had the small metal plate which fastens the table pole to the floor. They all came out pretty nice. Now I don’t have to worry about them rusting away, even though it doesn’t rain out this way nor is the winter conditions any threat. Just early morning moisture. So I washed the rack portion, it was filthy as was the rear roof section. They both came out nicer then what I expected. Some patina as well, though you really can’t see it. But it looks cool from on top. The actual rack section, in these images, is not fastened on. I need to sort out the hardware and where exactly it will sit. Both the bars and the hooks were fastened on, though with nuts & bolts. They originally were riveted on but that method was not cutting it. After several tries, FUCK IT! I used nuts, bolts and washers. They look nice and will serve their purpose.


So with this said ………. Here are some pictures.








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Friday, October 04, 2013

Yard fixtures

The other day Cuñado Earl comes by the shop asking for a spare beat up rim?? So I give him one and asked him what he needed it for? His response was ......... "It's a surprise". And it was. He created a waterhose stand. Really cool.

Earl #1.jpg

Earl #2.jpg

Earl #5.jpg

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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Barndoor video

You guys gotta see this video. Too cool for school is just putting it lightly. Florian George of Lyon, France put this video together of Ken King's 1952 Sunroof Standard, his posse at work, rolling shots and the adventures in the rides. A very well put short film on Ken and his stable. (his posse too) There is also footage of the Canadians, Ken & posse, making the voyage to Southern California for last year's Barndoor Gathering. Florian is the guy who found, bought and shipped back a 1952 Deluxe 23 window which he found in Canada. He also made the voyage to Southern California with the Canadians. If Florian's metal work is as good as his camera work!? Watch out! This bus of his will turn out to be a monster!!!

Again, thank you Florian for sharing your art with us and the world. Props to you too Ken, and your posse.

Ken King's 52 Sunroof Microbus - MOVIE from AirMapp on Vimeo.


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