Friday, November 08, 2013

Bulli Brigade Camping - Florida

Here are some shots taken by Cuñado Earl and friends of the first day of camping, prior to the Bulli Brigade held in Florida. I'm going for sure next year!!

J-Ville point is OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!

Sloan and Earl

Bulli 1.jpg

Matt Cuddy with the sophisticated mountain man look.

Bulli 2.jpg

With the Knee Grow

Bulli 3.jpg

Here's a shot of Cuñado with his body gaurd, Sloan and his twin brother, Chad Carter Jr lll.

Bulli 4.jpg

Here's Earl with Manolo and some poor guy Manolo is doing something too!?? Laughing Looks like he got pinched?

Bulli 5.jpg

Here are some shots of some of the rides on site.

Bulli 6.JPG

Bulli 7.JPG

Here's a shot of John Picken's newly done up 1960 Sunroof Swivel Seat Kombi. A serious MONSTER!!! That's John in the shot.

Bulli 8.JPG

Bulli 9.JPG

Barndoor on Campsite

Bulli 10.jpg

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