Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More images of BBB ..... By Comrade 10 Foot Doug

The images keep rolling in for this fun event, BUSES BY THE BRIDGE. View the event from the lense of Comrade 10 Foot Doug.

Here is a shot of us gasing up at Chiriaco Summit.

doug 1.jpg

Here is a shot of an accident on the 10 Freeway, right at the connection to Highway 62, and entering Palm Springs. This accident delayed us an hour. Looks pretty bad.

Doug 2.jpg

This is when Maurice was having technical issues with his Kombi.

Doug 6.JPG

This is a beautiful shot. The scenary was epic, but this back ground shot, while these great minds collaborating about Maurice's troubles .......... AWESOME!

Doug 4.JPG

VIOLA! A spark plug caused this mess!! PUTAIN!!!

Doug 5.JPG

Maurice back on the road.

Doug 3.jpg

I actually took this shot. Comrade is having a cup of Joe while making sure the Campbodian's are doing it up right.

Doug 7.JPG

Here is a ferry going across the Colorado River. Though Cirilo thought it was a ferry heading out towards Angkor Wat, Cambodia Smile

Doug 8.JPG

Campbodian's at the light house.

Doug 9.JPG


Here's Earl updating his Spacebook page.

Doug 11.JPG

Straight from Catalunya, Estrella Damm. After serveral of these I was speaking in català Smile 

Doug 12.JPG

Here's a shot of the night life at BBB.

Doug 13.JPG

The early risers.

Doug 14.JPG

The Dynamic Duo.

Doug 15.jpg

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