Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SBOM #3 ............... Mataró (Barcelona), Spain

If any of you have nothing to do on the weekend of May 3rd or you will be on hoiday that weekend ....... head on over to Mataró (Barcelona), Spain. Xavi Cervera is the main man behind this event, pretty much a one man show. Split Buses Only Meet #3 is a pre 1967 Bus meet being held on the port town of Mataró, which is located in the out skirts of Barcelona. With the support of several organizations (including Cuñado Wear, The Samba, OCTO and the BDM) within the world wide VW community, Xavi was blessed with lots of gifts and prizes of this event.

So make it out for the weekend ........ enjoy a Paella or tapas while chilling and checking out all the buses. Then you can always head into town and visit La Sagrada Familia or la Rambla for some more Cañas?? Smile



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