Friday, May 09, 2014


 Words really can't express how fun this show is. The pictures showare great to look at, but you will not know how much fun it is until you attend this show.  The entire day was loaded with fun, sun, VW's and bbq's. You cannot beat a free show held on grass with plenty of trees for shade. Like I mentioned, this show gets bigger and better each year. Come 2015 ....... it will be EPIC!

Here is a shot of Bill Makepeace (Bill & Steve's) & Russ' (Russ Recycling fame) Split Window beetles. Comrade's Barndoor is right next door.

Show 1.JPG

Type 2's everywhere!!!

Show 2.JPG

Show 3.JPG

Now this is what a swap/traders area should look like. Loaded with tons of parts and swappers/traders. Best part, it's FREE!!!

Show 4.JPG

Show 5.JPG

Show 6.JPG

Many celebrities are spotted in this picture. Can you point them out?? Smile

Show 7.JPG

Show 8.JPG

Very cool vintage ice chest.

Show 9.JPG

Wolfsburg West headquarters. Big Thanks to Tony, his wife and Stephanie Moore. They were a major contributor to this event.

Show 10.JPG

Show 11.JPG

Some Crewcab action.

Show 13.JPG

More type 2's.

Show 14.JPG

Rare bits for sale and a repro Barndoor front floor mat. Compliments of the Butcher Shop.

Show 15.JPG

Show 16.JPG

Show 17.JPG

Show 18.JPG

Robert Guzman's super clean 1953 Zwitter.

Show 19.JPG

Rare split window hood accessory.

Show 20.JPG

Everywhere the eye could see .... VW's.  471 was the total count.

Show 21.JPG

Show 22.JPG

Parking crew and chefs. Lauren Carter, Karina Ortiz, Ronnie Jiménez and Cirilo Gangoy Jr lll.

Show 23.JPG

GFK Ghia.

Show 24.JPG

This Ghia was pretty hammered. It looked bad ass.

Show 25.JPG

Show 26.JPG

Nice SWR Sub Hatch camper.

Show 27.JPG

Show 28.JPG

Show 29.JPG

Ferret's hammered Mango.

Show 30.JPG

Show 31.JPG

Show 32.JPG

Show 33.JPG

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