Monday, June 30, 2014

Rafa's 1956 European Standard

Took a few shots of Rafa's Standard while at the ClassicS  .......... just wanted to share them, and the cool accesories from Mexico. Esté furgo es muy guapo! Wink

Rafa 1.JPG

Rafa 2.JPG

Rafa 4.JPG

Rafa 3.JPG

Rafa 5.JPG

Rafa 6.JPG

Rafa 7.JPG

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Friday, June 27, 2014

The Classic

I will have to start off with …….. I’m going to eat my words.  I wasn’t very optimistic with the change of date and venue for this year’s ClassicS. Lots of rumors were up in the air about the Greatest Show on Earth. To my surprise, this event turned out to be a different and good ClassicS experience for myself.

I arrived at the Orange Country Fair Grounds at 9:00 am and it was packed! I was informed of not being able to get in and would have to park outside in the general parking area. YIKES! Being an OCTO member, one of the guys at the gate allowed me in and guided me through the sold out event to my parking spot. I got a really awesome spot. Probably the perfect spot from what I saw afterwards. As many people were complaining of the disorganization and the long waits to get in, I could not complain as I didn’t have to go through that. It seemed like it was a free for all, as far as the parking goes. But this is the first time at this venue, so I will cut them some slack. Let’s see what happens next year?

Anyhoot, as I parked my 1963 Beetle (which by the way ………. It’s for sale), I was approached by several friends. I couldn’t leave my ride for at least 30 minutes as everyone I knew was there!  I also spent some time with the C.R.A.S.H UNIT and the 80’s LA crew. Several clubs scattered throughout the venue, flying their colors and displaying their rides. Also on hand were TONS of rides which made their debut. This show is known for this and did not let us down. Beautiful rides where scattered throughout the venue as well. So many made their debut I could not count them all. Lots of new and unfamiliar rides were showcasing.

In the end, I had a good time. But then, I don’t go to these shows seeking trophies and who has what. For me these are gatherings for enthusiast who share the same interest, VW’s.  I also get to hangout with old and new friends. Hopefully come next year, the organizers of the Greatest Show on Earth place a happy face on all the participants and spectators as well.

BTW – this years after ClassicS fiesta at Charlie Hamil’s house was the best one yet!  Only 6 people on hand and IN-N-OUT burgers. That about sums it up.


Classic 1.JPG

Classic 2.JPG

Classic 3.JPG

Classic 4.JPG

Classic 5.JPG

Classic 6.JPG

Classic 7.JPG

Classic 8.JPG

Classic 9.JPG

Classic 10.JPG

Classic 11.JPG

Classic 12.JPG

Classic 13.JPG

Classic 14.JPG

Classic 15.JPG

Classic 16.JPG

Classic 17.JPG

Classic 18.JPG

Classic 19.JPG

Classic 20.JPG

Classic 21.JPG

Classic 22.JPG

Classic 23.JPG

Classic 24.JPG

Classic 25.JPG

Classic 26.JPG

Classic 27.JPG

Classic 28.JPG

Classic 29.JPG

Classic 30.JPG

Classic 31.JPG

Classic 32.JPG

Classic 33.JPG

Classic 34.JPG

Classic 35.JPG

Classic 36.JPG

Classic 37.JPG

Classic 38.JPG

Classic 39.JPG

Classic 40.JPG

Classic 41.JPG

Classic 42.JPG

Classic 43.JPG

Classic 44.JPG

Classic 45.JPG

Classic 47.JPG

Classic 46.JPG

Classic 48.JPG

Classic 49.JPG

Classic 50.JPG

Classic 51.JPG

Classic 52.JPG

Classic 53.JPG

Classic 54.JPG

Classic 55.JPG

Classic 56.JPG

Classic 57.JPG

Classic 58.JPG

Classic 59.JPG

Classic 60.JPG

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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Prado Park Show, Chino, California

For several years many flock to California for the annual ClassicS car show. This year was different. With the last minute change of date and venue for this year’s ClassicS, an enormous gap was left open for that Sunday.  VW enthusiast were frantic with this sudden change. Especially the out of towners and the foreigners. Low and behold, both VTO & Just Cruisin Car clubs step in and provide an alternative for everyone. The Prado Park show.  Set in the same location of the Black Star Campout, just walking distance from your sleeping quarters. That is if you camped out the day prior, which I did.  My voice is merely a shout in the crowd of several people who enjoyed the weekend at this location.  More shows should be done this way. Camping & the show. Even though it was hot, there was plenty of trees with shade. Both traders and retailers were strong in hand. Several car clubs were also were present. The spectator support was just as good. Needless to say, everyone had a good time.


This would be a good on-going event come next year, so let’s see how the cards fall into place for next year.  As far as I go (and I can speak for a fairly large group of supporters) ……………. I’d rather do the camping / car show.








This Crewcab was my favorite ride at this event. Beautiful bus!! 




















Found that cool Crewcab sitting in the back, near an Oval vert. Cool shot.


















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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Father's Day Cruise

This past Sunday was Father's Day here in the US. So what better way to celebrate it!!??  .......... Go for a cruise in the 63 Beetle to Griffith Park for a nice picnic, followed by a good siesta. Smile  If any of you ever come out to Southern Euskalifornia, visit Griffith Park. There are TONS of things to do and see there. Click on the high lighted Griffith Park, and it will send you to their website for information. A really cool destination for visitors and a Los Angeles Historical landmark.


Cruising 2.jpg

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Thursday, June 12, 2014

Despedida ................. TACO FIESTA!!

Farewell Taco Fiesta for my primo and fellow Asturianos. BTW - this taco truck is the shit! Hit this place up if you are ever in north east Pasadena.

GITANOS!!!!! Que buena despedida, Tacos y Sangria Mexicana. JODER! Por sequro lo pasaron de puta madre. Todavía hay mucho mas que conocer aqui en Euskalifornia. Buen regresada a Asturias y vos vemos el año proximo ........ aqui en Feretería Unlimited o en Luanco. Smile   Fer - te bañas tio!!!

Tacos 1.jpg

Tacos 2.jpg


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Wednesday, June 11, 2014


 Once a year VW enthusiast flock to sunny southern California for the week long congregation of VW’s and the events. Even though there were major changes with events/dates/venues and what, the week turned out to be one to go down on the books. The week started off with the usual Pomona Weekend followed by several bbq’s/open houses/fiestas/etc. Come Saturday morning the big Type ll show was in full force, OCTO. This year’s event attracted nearly  275 pre 1967 Type ll’s. People came from every corner of the planet. As always, the show ran smoothly, thanks to the OCTO crew.


This is probably the best $5 entrance fee VW show around.


Here’s PJ. This is the guy who makes this all possible.


 Cambodian row 


Pimpin parts while he pimps others out!   ………… Everett Barnes 


Cool fire engine red 1965 


 One of the coolest buses on hand. Rafa Gutierrez’ 1957 European palm green / sand green 


One can also find beetle parts at this event  


Early bus parts were everywhere 


 Rare and expensive


The long awaited 1954 RHD Kombi, belonging to Mr. Gerson of Klassic Fab. 


 Here’s Gerson applying the BDM crest.


Officially “connected”


Here’s a shot of Gerson, myself and his awesome 1954 RHD Kombi who was built by Jason Stratton.  You can read more about the build here. 


Clara pimpin out her cool door panels


Type ll’s everywhere


Tim Liventry original’s. Hand painted signs, a nice décor for your shop


Here's a cool shot with my big homie, Side Yokotani, of the infamous WEST COAST RIDAZ. He came all the way from Japón! 


This was cool, and it didn't sell!!??  A March 20 dash, 1954 Barndoor engine. Part of the Glen Bornhoff collection


More of the Glen Bornhoff collection




Very cool pressed bumper bus with flat paint. My kind of bus



Kevin's 1958 Deluxe 15 window. This bus has come a long way



Nice original paint pressed bumper Single Cab







Early pressed bumper double door panel with logo’s and with double sided Westy tents


This is little Suzie. She is the owner, operator and designer for Volks Baggin. She makes the coolest wallets, key chains, purses and coin purses. These little items make great gifts for all occasions.   


 Volks Baggin also makes natural soaps






Goodies galore all over this table. Take your pick!!??


Now this vendor had all the cool vintage accessories you need for you VW. Coleman galore



This is John Iezzi’s 1965 Standard. It’s lived all it’s life within the San Gabriel area and has been owned and driven by one of my friends for the past 25 years!



Here’s a very cool original paint mouse grey / white 23 window deluxe with an early Westfalia camping interior


This pressed bumper panel sold as soon as the owner parked it! Moss and all went with the bus



How cool is all this moss growing on the bus!!!








All the way from my home town of Luanco, Asturias ……….. GITANOS!!!


One of my favorite shots



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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Gitanos Austurianos en Euskalifornia

Bienvenidos Mijitanos! Lo se que lo estan pasando de puta madre aqui en Euskalifornia!

Les falta todavia mucho para conocer. Cuando regresan de San Clamente, tiramos al sitio

Que les cuente y despues unos Buenos tacos Mexicanos de Txakurra …….. y sidra! Wink 





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Friday, June 06, 2014

Black Star Camp out. Chino, Ca

Here are a few shots Dustin (Heilite Mafia) took of the camping area at the Black Star Campout. Note, these were taken Thursday afternoon. By now it's more crowded. I'm sure when the bulk of the crew arrives Saturday afternoon after OCTO, this place will be like a sold out crowd at at Wu Tang Klan concert!

The Heilite Mafia setting up camp!

BS 1.jpg

BS 2.jpg

BS 3.jpg

BS 4.jpg

BS 5.jpg

BS 6.jpg

BS 7.jpg

BS 8.jpg

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