Thursday, September 25, 2014

Eylsian Park - Sunday afternoon cruise and bbq

After spending the afternoon, the day prior, sanding, welding, painting and what ……… prepping a motor. I was informed of the Dino’s Bomb Squad bbq. Though this time it’s a treat as it was held at the famous Elysian Park. This specific area, The Palms, was a notorious cruising spot back in the early 80’s. Stadium Way, drag racing fame, was just down the street. Boy did this hang out session bring back tons of memories. I jumped in Black Temper, left Slam Gabriel, and was on my way to Down Town LA area. Though I took the scenic route through San Marino, South Pasadena, Highland Park and then jumped on the 110 Freeway. Which happens to be the oldest freeway here in So Cali.


Upon Arrival, Bombs and Low Riders were everywhere. Sitting in the dead center and a prime spot is CRG’s 57 Deluxe 23 Window, his Buddy Humberto’s 62 Deluxe 23 Window, Marco’s 1954 RHD Convertible and Not My Richie’s 1962 Notchback. There were a few other VW’s but they were on the opposite said of where these guys were parked. These guys had the grill rolling hard!! Carne Asada, Pollo Asado, Ribs, frijoles, arroz ….. you name it, it was there!  The Chelas were on the ice as well. Good times, good friends, beautiful weather and awesome rides. Just your typical Southern California weekend.


Until the next time my friends. Enjoy the pictures ………………


Dino 1.JPG

Dino 2.JPG

Dino 3.JPG

Dino 4.JPG

Dino 5.JPG

Dino 6.JPG

Dino 7.JPG

Dino 8.JPG

Dino 9.JPG

Dino 10.JPG

Dino 11.JPG

Dino 12.JPG

Dino 13.JPG

Dino 14.JPG

Dino 16.JPG

Dino 15.JPG

Dino 17.JPG

Dino 18.JPG

Dino 19.JPG

Dino 20.JPG

Dino 21.JPG

Dino 22.JPG

Dino 23.JPG

Dino 24.JPG

Dino 25.JPG


And now the best for last. Black Temper all dirty but representing. Thick "kick it" ended up turning out to be better then what I expected. Lots of old stories were exchanged this day.

Dino 26.JPG

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