Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Solvang - The show & town

Since we are never in a rush to get to the shows, a good breakfast is prepared. You name it, we ate it. Eggs, bacon, rice with bacon, egg rolls, Cirilo's famous pineapple chicken and what!? If Earl was here, we'd have pork chops with shrimp and veggies. Once stuffed, we head out towards town. A beautiful scenic drive it was. If you ever come out to Cali for a visit, make sure you camp at Cachuma Lake and hit the town of Solvang.

Once we arrived the show was in full force. We were met by the 80's L.A. Crew, debuting Alex Arredondo's 1955 Ragtop. Beaut! The Santa Ynez Mission is a nice venue for a show. My favorite ride was this really bad ass 1953 ALL ORIGINAL Zwitter in Dove Blue. Though tons of nice rides were present.

After a stroll around the show, it was time to hit the town as if you were somewhere in Denmark. This little town is definitely worth the visit. The first place we went to was this cool restaurant to eat some Aebleskiver's. Cirilo and myself split a plate of these Aebleskiver's and some hash browns. Super fat asses after we had a big breakfast at the campground. But we did a lot of walk, so it was ok. OKAY Wink 

In the end we were bummed our weekend went by so quickly but rest assure we will be back come 2016. Though this time we will be rolling deep.  

Here's a shot leaving the camp ground towards the exit. Beautiful view.

Solvang 1.JPG

This right outside of the campground. Rolling shot.

Solvang 2.JPG

 Here is an artistic shot of Cirilo's bus. How Avant Garde Smile

Solvang 3.JPG

Solvang 4.JPG

Solvang 5.JPG

Solvang 6.JPG

Solvang 7.JPG

Solvang 8.JPG

Solvang 9.JPG

Solvang 10.JPG

Solvang 11.JPG

Here's Alex Arredondo's, 80's L.A. Fame, 1955 Oval Ragtop.

Solvang 12.JPG

Solvang 13.JPG

Solvang 14.JPG

Our rides await.

Solvang 15.JPG

Here are shots of the town, Solvang

Solvang 16.JPG

Solvang 17.JPG

Solvang 18.JPG

Solvang 19.JPG

Solvang 20.JPG

Solvang 21.JPG

Solvang 22.JPG

Solvang 23.JPG

Solvang 24.JPG


Solvang 25.JPG

Solvang 26.JPG

Here's shot coming out from the hill top heading down towards Santa Barbara. Cirilo, Eef and Jeremy Metzger.

Solvang 27.JPG


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