Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Motor for the 1971 Westfalia

I would have LOVED to have had this bus running and driving during the Solvang/Cachuma Lake weekend. Ni modo as they say in EL PAIS VASCO!!!! JODER too!!!  Any hoot, this motor is as well from Ed falkner. If anyone ever needs a good running engine or rebuild? Hit me up and I will put you in contact with Ed. Great guy and bad ass engine builder. He also builds tranmissions.  A few weekends ago, during those fucked up heat waves we encountered, I did some serious cleaning to all the tin and hardware. Degrease, sand blast then bomb canned them all. They turned out pretty nice. Though they are dusty in these images, but they are to give you an idea. Once installed on the motor, it will look A LOT better.  Then I can do a few camping trips in it.

Again, YES! A 1600cc Dual port.




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