Saturday, October 04, 2014

New Motor for Baboon

Well, how long has it been since my 1954 Kombi's been sitting?? Too long! It's been sitting since mid January. I finally sorted out the motor, thanks to the sale of my 1963 Beetle.  It will soon be heading for the Perigueux region in the South of France. Any of you Frenchies looking for a cool og paint patina ride??? Talk to my friend PP of Vintage Import 87 in Limoges, France.  So, I was able to not only sort out the motor for the kombi, but also for the 71 Westfalia. Mechanic maestro, Ed Falkner - of Whittier, Cali, sorted me out with both these motors. A few heavy hitting mechanics got a glimpse and had nothing but good things to say about them both.  

Like all my motors, I like everything to be chichis! All nice og parts and powder coating with zinc plated hardware. Once I got everything together I headed over to my good friend, Robert  - aka VW KIDD, shop for the top end assembly. VW Kidd is no stranger to the scene, with a past history of engine building.  So he offered to dress my motor and get it all dialed in. Kidd is a factory trained and specialized Mercedenz Benz Mechanic. Needless to say, he knows his shit! OKAY.

Sometime this week this motor will be fine tuned  and installed in the Kombi prior to the OCTO show, on October 25th.

YES, I KNOW!!  A stock 1600cc Dual Port motor. I built this one for the long camping trips. Reliability yo!





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