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Buses By the Bridge #19 - Lake Havasu, Arizona

Once a year countless VW buses of all years flock to Lake Havasu, Arizona for the Buses by the Bridge gathering.  Folks come from several of the surrounding states (California, New Mexico, Texas, Utah, Idaho, Colorado ……. Just to name a few) for this annual event. This was my second visit as last year was a memorable one, for obvious reasons. But this time around it turned out to be even better. Why? Because this time I took my 1971 Westfalia and enjoyed the luxury of camping in a mobile mini hotel. And needless to say the atmosphere during the event.

Excitement was flowing through me the week prior, sorting out the necessities and what was needed to bring out for the 3 day mini adventure vacation. Once the Westy was packed with supplies and what, I waited for Friday to come around. Going solo, I decided to get up at the crack of the morning, 6:00 am and head out.  Though I left at 7:00 am ……. Ciccolo got out and decided to hang out at his favorite spot, The Roof!  So after the capture of Ciccolo, off I went.  Like last year, a very beautiful scenic drive and very relaxing. Cruising the Westy at 60/65 mph the entire trip. The bus ran like a champ! And a very comfortable drive, in comparison to driving my 1954 Kombi last year. This bus is also great on the gas milage. Filled up the tank in Pasadena and drove all the way to Chiriaco Summit. That is one heck of a stretch. Could have probably made it to Parker, Arizona? But from Chiriaco Summit, I drove all the way into Lake Havasu. Upon arrival I was greeted by my posse, The Campbodians and Comrade Dougie. I was immediately handed over a swig of Belching Beaver Peanut Butter Stout! JODER!!!! is all I can say.  And what a premier spot we were sorted out by my other crew, OCTO! Big shout out to Erik Koplain, OCTO PRESIDENT, for hooking us up!!

Once settled in, the food & beer frenzy started. Talk about an abundance. The Campbodian’s are no Rookies when it comes to grilling. Both Maurice & Cirilo, Father & Son team, brought out a CRAZY menu for the weekend!!! Ribs, carne asada, pollo asado and Cy’s famous Pineapple Chicken. Also on site giving these guys a run for their money is Maria Vasquez, Serg’s AWESOME wife! This lady can cook as well. Her style of friend rice is to die for! Most the of regulars swing by just of a bow of her famous rice. Everywhere you looked, grills were in full force and needless to say the all the Buses. Everywhere! I was informed there was a count of over 450 VW’s on site. Split Window, Bay Window, Vanagons and other models.




I had to stop here for a second. Had to "Make" a picture. What an awesome back drop! JODER!!!! Me cago en la Hostia!!! Wink



Before I got started on the festivities, I had to set up camp.





This is my boy ...... Moe Reese!  He is the MAIN Campbodian!!!






Here is Joser's bus ............ KK HOOLIGANS!!!!


What a BEAUTIFUL and very romantic sunset. Comrade and I held hands and watched the sunset disappear like a thief into the night. OKAY.






This was such an AWESOME sight to experience.



I must have walked away from my Camper a dozen times to see this view. WOW!


Here is a nice shot of Comrade's 1955 Barndoor deluxe, Cirilo Gangoy Jr lll's Postal Yellow Panel and Charlie Hamil's (my dad) bad ass 1966 Standard.


I LOVE my WESTY trucker's hat.  Thanks Neil (GFK Neil)!  The art work is compliments of Cirilo Gangoy Jr lll. His dad, Moe Reese, is very proud of him.


This is the guy who made it possible for us, BDM & Campbodian's.  Eric Koplain, and posse, president of OCTO. Thanks again Erik! You are the man and see you next year.




This bus is SUPER BAD ASS!!! I love this thing! Props to the owner. (forgot his name - my bad)


Night action, and the food & adult beverages did not finish. Mad PROPS to Maria Vasquez!!! She is a TROOPER!!!


World famous photographer, writer and Cuñado Wear model ........... Comrade Dougie. I think he's on medication? Because he told me ............. " THOSE SHOTS!!!!    BURN THEM!!!!"


Just had to make sure my sleeping arrangements were good. I tell you, as much grief I get for driving this 71 Westfalia, rather then one of my other Barndoors ............. I don't care!  This bus is super comfortable. I sleep like a rock inside of this thing. It wasn't really cold, but it did get a little chilly. But nothing to fear, my Heater Buddy came to the rescue. OKAY Laughing



See you guys tomorrow morning.


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Thanks for sharing ... Great report

Cheers from France

Posted by: Bob hammond | Monday, February 09, 2015

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I'm glad you like them. Many more to come mon aim.

Posted by: Johnny | Monday, February 16, 2015

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