Friday, November 06, 2015

Chillin with Cuñado

So a few months ago Cuñado's girl, Yvonne, invites me and my lady to participate in the Del Mar Mud Run. If any of you ever have the opportunity??? DO IT!!!  It's so much fun. Regardless if you are out of shape, as I am, you will enjoy it. Here are some aftermath shots.

Here we are ready to get our run on!

Mud 1.jpg

Here is a shot of Cuñado and myself right after the end of the course. Though we cleaned up a bit. I look like the typical Gitano from my village of Luanco.

Mud 2.JPG

Here we are enjoying some adult beverages after the run. Notice we are both topless!!

Mud 3.jpg

  Who the heck needs to go to Las Vegas for a pool party when you can hit Comrades for that. Chick's, beers and Ruski's!! Good times.

Mud 5.jpg


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