Friday, November 06, 2015

London, England


Back in March I crossed the pond to visit family, friends and take part of a VW Show, The Volksworld show. For this post I’m going backwards. I was actually in España prior to arriving on La Isla Pirata, England. REALLY!  So with that said ………. Let’s get down to it.

We flew out from Santender airport, which is located on the northern coast of Spain, and flew into Stansted airport, outside of central London. Kinda like flying into Ontario airport then heading over to Downtown Los Angeles. With the exception of the weather. Ha! Anyhoot, we catch a bus into town and arrive at the central bus station, then hit the tube. (for you non Brits ….. basically for the Yanks, The Tube is the subway system) It’s been some years since I’ve back in these neck of the woods. They speak funny there!? Once pointed in the right direction, off we went to our hostel. But upon arrival ……. GGUUAA!!! This was some hostel. And let me tell you, I have stayed at many hostels but this one was rough! This place reminded me of a prison scene from the movie ……. MIDNIGHT EXPRESS. Yes, a Turkish prison cell. In our room there were about 20 bunk beds but stacked 4 high! This was a good reminder for me as to start spending the cash on a descent hotel. The interesting part of this place was this really prissy girl staying in there!? Stuck out like a sore thumb. Regardless, we made the best of it, un packed and hit the town …… needless to say ….. The pub! But first, let's take PG route and do some sightseeing. REALLY! Smile

Here is a funny shot of Fer and Vicente goofing off on the Telli. 
















Now this is a little bulls head thingy in a Spanish restuarant my buddy, Vicente, knew of. The head chef is his childhood friend when they were kids in Madrid. Wink ( Fer ...... Que pasa Chaval?? ha ha ha ) Any hoot, they probably made the best Croquetas I have ever eaten!? The best Croquetas in La Isla Pirata!!?? And London to say!!?? Hands down the best I've had.









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Joder, el amiguete de Vicente nos dio la mejor comida que he probado en UK, el gran JAMÓN DE PATA NEGRA! Los piratas no tienen buena comida, por eso la llevan allí los Españoles....hahahaha

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