Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Basque Country (northern España)

Now we are going backwards, basically the starting point of my March trip back to mi tierra, Euskal Herria. Let me first start off that I have not returned to El Pais Vasco ( The Basque Country) in 5 years. That is a long time going out with Sidra, Txipirones, Pintxos and dancing goats. (The Gitanos play the accordion while the goats dance around. Really funny!) Needless to say the journey heading out there was very long and hard on my body, now that I’m older. So off I flew into the air for a 12 hour flight to Paris, France. Though the flight didn’t seem as long? Go figure? Any hoot, I arrive at this massive airport and head over to my connecting flight to Bilbao, Basque Country. A few hours later I’m in Bilbao and my Primo, Borja, is there to collect me though in typical Basque fashion ….. sporting the Txapela! Waiting for me in the car was mi sobrino, Jon! Cute little boy with an endless smile and tons of energy. His mother, Bea, tells me she has to trick him into sleeping. Long story. So off we went. Our first stop was a the Castle of Butrón, which is located in Gatika, the northern region of the Basque Country (España). After this quick pit stop .......... on my way to stuff my face with 5 years of over due of eating Croquetas de Jamón!






After this quick pit stop .......... on my way to stuff my face with 5 years of over due of eating Croquetas de Jamón!

Pintxos 2.jpg

And complimenting the Croquetas is some free ranged pollo rostisado! GGUUAA!!!! smile

Pintxos 1.JPG

Just by the looks of this eatery, you would never have known this fine Basque cuisine exist within, or that its closed for the day!?


Typical Basque home. And this one is right by the ocean. Would make a nice summer home. Unfortunetly, this was taken in March and it's Africa cold and wet during this time of the year.


After an awesome well come home meal ...... sipped on some Txakoli, then an helado ....... then walked it off with a stroll on the beach. Too bad I didn't have Txakurra to take the stroll with me. Oh well, you can't have it all smile


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