Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Cleaning up my 1954 Kombi

So this past weekend I dedicated Sunday to my bus! Gave it a major cleaning job! Something I rarely do. I believe the last time I gave her a thorough cleaning was about 4 years ago or so? Yes, it’s been that long. First thing I did was pull all the seats out and do a major cleaning job inside. After washing and wiping down the inside, I went to town on the seats. Then I scrubbed both the cargo area and front cab floor mats. Now those things were FILTHY! Once mounted I began cleaning the windows then hit the tires with some armor all dressing. The window rubber received the same treatment. And finally, I hit all the shiny parts with some polish cream. Good thing my bus isn’t a Deluxe or I’d have to dedicate the entire weekend for polishing. In the end I was really happy with the finished product. Now I will start hitting both the smaller local shows as well the bigger ones. If you see me at a show after this posting???? Come by my bus so I can brag about all the hard work I’ve done to it!! laughing



If you look really closely you can see the few items I polished ......... the grab handle ends, the horn button ring and the starter button. Not much eh laughing



And here is the finished product!


6 - Copy.jpg

Here is a bonus shot ......... My Ciccolo cruising in front of my bus laughing

7 - Copy.jpg

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