Wednesday, March 09, 2016

my 15 minutes of fame

Here is a little self promotion on my part …………. I was awarded with the BEST STOCK VW at this event! Two reasons for my posting. The first one is I was super surprised. I was blindsided and I never expected this award especially with all the beautiful rides there!! The second reason is …….. while working on my Bus with my buddy, EL CRAIG, a few weeks ago. I kept telling him that I was going to win best of show at some coming events. So while at the Lab Show & Shine, I was joking around with EL CRAIG and Hector that they shouldn’t have bothered showing up as I was going to take top honors. And of course this comment was made after a few cerveza’s. When I heard all the commotion I thought something had went wrong up front. Then EL CRAIG looks over and me and said I WON a tropy! I was like ….. WTF!!??

So here is my 15 minutes of fame and glory! Ha ha ha ha.

On a side note, I do have to say the only one who will really get this posting is my good friend ……. EL CCCRRRAAAIIIGGG wink

Here's a shot of my Bus chillin right smack in the middle of the Lab's Platz! Verstehen sie mich! laughing This is probably the main reason for my award. LOCATION!!!! 

No matter how much the hatter’s make fun of me for raising my Bus back up to Stock Height ……..  YES! I’M TALKING ABOUT YOU SCOTTY!!!    smile  I do have to say my Bus looks BAD O DEE!!!! Think it doesn’t!?


Yours truly with smiles and all ..............

Me #1.jpg

Me #3.jpg

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