Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Swedish parts hunt ............

About a good 13 years ago, I ventured across the pond for 3 reasons. First – to hit the Bad Camberg Treffen in Southern Germany. The second reason was to visit my two good friends Henrik und Thomas Andersen whom live in Copenhagen, Denmark ……….. The third reason was to tag along on a parts hunt with these guys across into Sweden!!! I remember clearly sitting anxiously at LAX awaiting for my flight to Dusseldorf, thinking of all the stuff yet to be seen. Once I arrived in Germany, I caught my connecting flight to Copenhagen. And VOILA! There was Henrik waiting there for me with a massive smile! So off we went to the Ice Cream parlor ……. these guys knew I love ice cream. Or out there – Gelato! Once settled in we discussed a game plan and off we went very early in the morning to the port to catch the ferry over to Malmö, Sweden. The ferry ride was a couple of hours, but that was nothing compared to the drive we took. Long drive needless to say. First place we went was a Volvo repair shop out in the forest. Literally nothing was around, with the exception of the tiny village. Apparently this Shop was a VW repair shop during the 50’s/60’s. Up in their attic area was loaded with doors, W-deck lids and other misc parts. Good thing I brought an extra pair of chonies/knickers with me as I freaked out at what we found!? Of course this was the norm for these two guys as these are the guys who come to the USA with SUPER rare stuff!

A second trip was needed as this time we went to visit an old friend of theirs, Kurt. Kurt as well lived way out in the boonies. He basically has no neighbors and probably has to drive about 20 minutes to the nearest gas station or grocery store? But he did have tons of room. The interesting part about his property is that it was completely surrounded by the forest, therefore hiding all his stash! This includes parts and cars. Though Kurt was an interesting character. He only sold what he felt he should sell that day!? Go figure!? Though he wouldn’t allow us to walk over to where all the buses & beetles were sitting ( and yes, whatever rides you are imagining of??? They were there), he showed us his “used parts” section. There as well were W-deck linds, doors and what!!! He eventually opened up and took us to where he kept all the good stuff, or the nicer stuff should I say …… the NOS stuff!! Here is where I found a few door handles, reflectors (the Frese K-1282), bake-o-lite dome lights and the Hella accessory license plate light housing & lense. Talk about finding a diamond in the rough!

 The long journey back was well worth it, needless to say. Though we did end up breaking down, but we sorted it out. But HOLY SMOKES the stuff these guys would pull. WOW! Any hoot, the images below are of what I was able to make pictures of, since I was too busy loading up the car. Also are the parts placed on display.


And here is a shot of me super early in the morning leaving Denmark and making my way to Sweden!


And this is Malmö, Sweden. ( I should have taken more pictures )


W-Deck lids galore!


And here I am posing with some of the treasure.


This is me all wet while loading up the ride with the treasure.


Now here is the aftermath and now part of the "Private CollectionS" laughing


I truly don't believe there are words for the images with the parts you will be seeing.













This is the real deal right there! Probably the hardest part to find when replacing or restoring a 1954/1955 Barndoor. An NOS Frese ~ K1282 reflector.








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