Saturday, April 16, 2016

Luftgekühlt - May favorite 2 rides at this event

I wanted to save these two rides for a separate posting as these two rides are MONSTERS!!! The first one I hold up a little higher due to it's color. It looks like a Dove Blue but it's actually called "Adria blu". That is the 1951. The other is a super MONSTER, a 1949! I really can't say much about them as I'm by far no expert nor will I claim to be one. All I can say was WOW!!!! See for yourselves.

Here is the 1951

1951 #1.JPG

1951 #2.JPG

And this is the 1949. If you notice, this one has semi-fours on it!!

1949 #1.JPG

1949 #2.JPG

1949 #3.JPG

1949 #4.JPG

1949 #5.JPG

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Wow!!! El santo grial de los Porsche clásicos. Holy grail. The white Porsche is a Gmünd model, so called because these first Porsches were made at Gmünd (Austria), with aluminium body built by hand. Only some 50 cars were made there, before the move to Stuttgart.

The first Stuttgart made 356 was made at April 6, 1950 with a steel body made by Reutter (later incorporated to Porsche AG).

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