Tuesday, May 17, 2016

BUG-IN #41

What a great time! Comrade, Cuñado and myself headed out to BUG-IN #41 at the Fontana Speedway this past Sunday and had an EPIC day. Both Comrade (aka 10 Foot Doug) and myself drove our Barndoor’s to this event and were sorted out with an awesome parking spot in the swap area thanks to fellow OCTO club member – Erik Koplin. We also managed to set up a both to promote both AirMighty and a worthy cause per the blokes at Cool Flo from the UK ……. And as well we pimped and promoted Cuñado Wear. And AGAIN, we SOLD OUT all merchandise. Those “ EQUIPED WITH CUÑADO WEAR “ Trucker hats went fast!!!!! But be ready come OCTO/PRADO weekend, we will be plenty stocked!!

The show …….. it was filled with beautiful show cars, the daily drivers, vendors, swappers and plenty of loud drag racing!!! There were even a few V-8 time trails taking place and let me tell you, those things are LOUD!!! But an awesome site to see. The swap area was somewhat endless, well from our location looking out. Lots of people were chatting about what a great swap area and all the parts they were coming up on. Also on hand were all the vendors both selling and promoting all their product’s. One vendor virtually selling out his product’s was Vocho Joe, the new owner of Jer Fab. Beautiful powder coated suspension needs on display. Anyone looking to buy a beam or spring plates??? Hit up Joe!

Another pleasant surprise was seeing a good long time buddy I haven’t seen in a few years is someone whom needs no introduction! The proprietor of AirMighty Magazine ……….. Herr Niels Timmerman. Out and about on a mini family trip with his wife and son, but on the run

Constantly. Though they managed to settle down for a bit and chat about future event’s come next year 2017.


In the end it was a great day, regardless the sun took a break. Hats off to Rich & Andy Kimbal and crew for putting this event on for all of us enthusiasts to enjoy. See you all at the next major event ………… OCTO/PRADO PARK!!




You need your ride slammed? Lowered? Narrowed front Beam? Dropped Spindles? Hit up Joe at Jer-Fab






















The end ............ laughing 



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Great meeting, Jontxu! Thanx 4 the pics. See you next year, I hope! Agur bero bat, laguntxo.

Posted by: Bilbobug | Tuesday, May 17, 2016

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Hey guys it was great spending some time an awesome day

Posted by: Rolando | Wednesday, May 18, 2016

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Que pasa chaval! Espero regresar el proximo año ......... espero unas buenas croquetas y kalimotxo!!!

Same here Rolando. Many more to come.

Posted by: Johnny | Tuesday, May 31, 2016

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