Friday, June 24, 2016

Volkswagens in the meadow ……… El Prado show & shine

After the 2nd raffle at OCTO, we started to load and pack our buses. Once this chore was completed, because it is a job to get this done, we rallied up the troops and figured out the route ……….. off we went.  Leaving the Long Beach Veterans Stadium was a sight as there we still tons of buses on site. But needless to say, they will all end up at the Black Star campout at some point. Once we arrived and set up camp the party started. Or should I say we joined the party. I don’t know if my words will really describe the full blown fiesta going down at the Black Star Campout???  Both Doug and myself jumped in his bus to see what the buzz was all about???  

HOLY SHIT!!! Once we entered the camping zone it was as if we were transported back to the 2009 Beautiful Budel show in Southern Holland!!! What a sight!! People were cruising their VW’s all over this camp ground. BBQ galore is an understatement. Any direction my nose took a whiff was something tempting. And as far as cocktails or pints go, that was of abundance. If you were empty handed, a drink was placed in your hand immediately. No joke! Also on hand was a band rocking out as well a dance floor for all those clubbers and ballerinas. It was an evening with no end. Curfew??? What curfew??? I doubt anyone with authority was able to calm the masses down. No rowdiness what so ever, just pure fun. In my eyes this is what a VW show should be like. The mixture of camping with the show and shine portion of the event.

Come 6:00 am the non campers start to roll in. And let me be the first to say ………… 80% of the show was already on hand. Regardless, tons of cars kept coming in as this event was massive. Last year half the center field was full. This time around the entire field and surrounding areas were packed!!! Very noticeable as that was one thing enthusiasts were making comparisons to last year’s visit. I’d say by 8:00 am the full show was present. The swap area was super cluttered! Amazing how many folks were out there pimping either parts or products, and their services. I also lost count of all the clubs present. So many. Just to name a few …….. Just Cruzin, Heilite Mafia, The German Folks, Oil Drippers, Old Skool Obsessions, Volksstyle, VTO, OCTO, Volksfamilia, Mexican Folks and so forth. I know I left out several other clubs, there were tons! Needless to say the atmosphere was pleasant with none stop movement. This event will be bigger and better come next year. So keep your Grills and Filp Flops handy, cuz a year will fly by quickly.

Big THANKS to VTO & JUST CRUZIN for putting this show on for all of us to attend and enjoy.




And here we have OCTO's very own .............. Richie Morris jamming away and singing David Bowie tunes!!!! YOU ROCK RICHIE MORRIS!!!!!! laughing



The German Folks holding it down. A very impressive collection of rides up on this corner.










Needless to say Split Windows were everywhere!!!!






Bird's 1963 making its debut at Prado. This beetle has been with the family since the day Bird's Grand Father bought it brand new from the dealership back in 1963. He has all the documentation for this ride.


This Low Light Ghia belongs to my childhood friend, Maudy Vargas. This ride is SUPER laid the fuck out! And equally clean.







Czech out Hermansito wearing his Poo S-shirt laughing


GFK Scotty's Barndoor Single Cab.


Nice shot of Comrade's 1955 Deluxe over looking the campground and the lake.


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