Tuesday, October 25, 2016

KQ Ranch campout / Julian, California

It’s needless to say California residents are spoiled with outdoor activities due to the awesome weather. It’s pretty safe to say we end up becoming permanent fixtures, whether born here or transplanted. Lucky for myself and the few chosen VW Bus enthusiasts, we were invited to partake in the now bi-yearly “Type 2’s at KQ” campout, held at the KQ Ranch in the outskirts of the beautiful little town of Julian, Ca. The weather couldn’t have been any kinder. I say this as I packed my Bus up with the necessities for the weekend out in Pasadena, it was hot! Making my trek out from the greater Los Angeles area I stumbled up the norm, TRAFFIC!!!!  It took a good while venturing through 3 major freeways before I ended up on the 15 Freeway south. Once I broke away from the typical traffic mayhem, it was smooth sailing. Once I arrived to Ramona, the scenic drive commenced. Mountains, pastures, cows, fields, etc ……….. everything North County had to offer was gleaming.

Upon arrival at KQ Ranch it should have read ……. Welcome to paradise! As I cruised through the familiar grounds my thoughts were as who was already there!? Once arriving at the Soccer field more buses were on hand then I expected. 25 to be exact. Comrade, aka 10 foot Doug, had my spot sorted out. So from here on it was setting up camp while enjoy a nice cold adult beverage. Gradually buses started to roll to the field. A few clubs were on site as well …… Campobodian's, The Barndoor Mafia, The Heilite Mafia, Vintage Transporter Owners and the up and coming Hightop Mafia. Also every corner you turned was a Heilite, Apache or some kind of camping trailer. My boy Maurice brought out his new trailer, Combi Camper, along with his son, Cirilo Gangoy Jr lll.  The atmosphere was in full swing once my main man Cuñado Earl arrived. Grills were up and smoking in every direction. It’s also not a surprise you are greeted with a hug then handed a cold beer. My kind of peeps. Bus peeps! Bbq’s galore takes place all day long, and well into the night. Let’s not forget this is a family event and all the activities for the little ones are a hop skip and a jump ………. Swimming pool/Jacuzzi, a small like for fishing, playground, hiking trails and the list goes on.

Come Saturday morning after breakfast the Gents get their buses ready for the Trial Bash. The buses hit all the fire trails all along the backside, a very scenic route loaded natures creatures. It end’s at the local brewery in Julian then back to the campground. Then a repeat of all the activities. Both organizers, Serg Vasquez and Dan Braunkaue, walked around for the final count. 39 Buses were on hand! From Barndoor’s to Highroof’s to Bay Window’s, and one Notchback.  Sunday afternoon ended with a cruise down highway 79 to a local Pie establishment as Julian is known for their pies. Once everyone feasted on a pie, off we went to our home destinations. I followed the Heilite Mafia back up to Pasadena. Again, what a beautiful scenic drive and the end to an epic weekend. I look forward to the next “Type 2’s at KQ”.  Hopefully I will see you there as well ………………… 

























Maurice in his 1961 Walk-thru Kombi and his son, Thee-Ree-Lo, in his 1960 Postal Yellow Panel and his txakurra "G".






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