Sunday, August 22, 2010

55 Deluxe front beam

once I got the beam out, tore it apart and got it sorted ........ Sexy went to town on it. Let me tell you, its tough working around a Sexy Beast like George!!!  Lets get back to the topic. Once it got all cleaned up, we started to line things up and get this mug going.

Seriously, there is a lot of work involved doing up these front beams. Sure any Jack Ass can do a half ass job, but it takes skills and experience to do them right.  OKAY!!

Here are few shots of the disk brakes. They need a little tweaking and modifying.


Beam # 1.jpg
Beam # 2.jpg



Beam # 3.jpg
Here is PANCHO tearing it up!!
Beam # 4.jpg
Beam # 5.jpg
Beam # 6.jpg
Beam # 7.jpg
Beam # 8.jpg


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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Barndoor suspension face lift

As many of you readers are aware, the Barndoor suspension is different from the post Barndoor Buses. And when it comes to lowering ............ lots of Fabricating comes into play. The lowering of early Buses, especially Barndoor's, is what the Butcher Shop is best at. OKAY!!  The owner of the bus, Paul Smoot ( a very well known & respected Beetle restorer ), approached us for some alterations to the already lowered bus and other minor modifications.  Lots of work and fabricating awaited us.

Upon my return from India, Shop lead, George, put me to work!  FYI, my absence from my blogging duties were due to a trip to the far east. I will post pictures later on. Now on to business.  The first thing I did was to remove the front end/beam from the bus. On a good note, this bus is very clean and SUPER dry underneath. This is one very dry 1955 Deluxe!!

Removing the beam involved some heavy duty wrenching, but it didn't take much to get it out of there.  Not bad for a one man job. OKAY. (bloggers note: if you see a hairy individual underneath within the images posted? That is the Shop Supervisor making sure things got done properly. Remember, I'm only an apprentice.


BD # 1.jpg


BD # 2.jpg

That's PANCHO the day laborer we picked up at the HOME DEPOT parking lot.

BD # 3.jpg


BD # 4.jpg


BD # 5.jpg


BD # 6.jpg


BD # 7.jpg


BD # 9.jpg


BD # 10.jpg

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Dale España !!!!

Holland vs España. Suerte a los Españoles.


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Thursday, July 08, 2010


Our good friend Yohann, of France, took these pictures of the CAMP HERA farewell bbq, as well pictures of OCTO.

Copy of bbq 1

Copy of bbq 2

Copy of bbq 3

Copy of bbq 4

Copy of bbq 5

Copy of bbq 6

Copy of bbq 7

Copy of bbq 8

Copy of bbq 9

Here are 2 shots of OCTO.



Here's Puck and I posing for SHIN WANTANABE of " LET'S PLAY VW'S ", before I climb up the ladder of my Chuck's Fire Truck.

Puck & Me


Here's Dougie, K-Dawgy Dawg and me getting our wigs burnt! OKAY!

with Dougie

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Wednesday, July 07, 2010


Everyone talks about "CAMP HERA", but few are choosen to attend this camp. Nope! Not a labor camp, but rather a fun camp. I was lucky to have my Dad (CHUCK D) both pull some strings to get me in and send me as well to this camp. This is where Barndoor dreamers come to or the Barndoor owners voyage to Mecca.

Camp Director, Linda Finn, orchestrates this yearly gathering and as well sorts out all the activities that go on this week long experience. Many of the activities include "Knowing your Barndoor", Original paint preservation and pin the deck lid on the Barndoor bus! All ativities end with exams and quizes.

At the end of the camp experience, everyone is sent off with a  BARNDOOR EXPERT shirt and as well feast on a big bbq. In the end, the experience was a success. I learned it all from the Barndoor King. (The tall one) And now I'm off to face the BD characters of the world. OKAY.

Here is professor Linda both schooling us and giving us a demonstration of how to remove old paint and bring back the original paint to life!!

Linda 1

Linda 2


Linda 3

Linda 4

Linda 5

Here you can see Cirilo, Heraclio, Me and $Mike paying close attention. OKAY!

Hera 6

This is what the camp looked like in the morning.

Hera 1

Here is the final day. Graduation day. I wasn't allowed to take pictures of the other activities as the camp Director didn't want all of his secrets out in the open. Oh, there was a DONKEY SHOW as well at the end of the bbq. But you know how that goes too!  OKAY!

Hera 2

Herr Direktor's Bus. 1954 Standard.

Hera 3

Hera 4

Cooking up the KIP. Oh, a Dutch posse should up later on that day, as well Canadians. But we ran out of batteries for the camera. We used them all up on the DONKEY SHOW! OKAY!!

Hera 5

Here are the Camp Transporters.

Hera 7

Hera 8

Hera 9


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Sunday, July 04, 2010

OCTO & Chuck D's

Aside from this report being long over due, HAPPY 4th of July (to the Yanks). OKAY.

Saturday June 12th OCTO held its 11th annual Summer meet. And like always, it was a really cool show. Folks from all over the world come to this Type II gathering. They come from Germany, The Basque Country, Holland, Australia, France, Mexico, Belgium, England and Spain. Just to name a few. This year I met a few guys from Bulgaria and Romania! This shows popularity is getting greater and greater. Allot of it has to do with OCTO International Spokesperson, ME!!! OKAY!  I also got to see and hang out with my Dutch posse, Leh Ohn, Romy, Niels and his girl who is a first timmer out her in So Cali, Merrika ( I know I butchered up the spelling of her name ).  Yohann from France was there as well. Too many names and countries to continue.

Though I will point out one specific person who blew me away that he drove so far away and participated in this gathering. My good buddy LINDA! He drove ALL the way from San Diego!!! WOW!!!

Any hoot, the show was a hit! According to OCTO's new President, PJ French ....... aka THE BEARD, 330 buses attended this event. Before 8:00 am, 90% of the Buses were parked and on display. Big shout out to PJ, Chuck D (Charlie Hamill) and the OCTO crew. Lots of work and preparation goes into putting on one of these events. Getting into the CLASSICS, now that SUCKED!!!  Took an hour to get in there! But we won't get into that.

The swap meet was full of "Traders". Parts as far as the eyes could see. And tons of peeps lurking for what ever they rided was in desparate need. Speaking of desparate, some Trader had a fence wrapped around his swap area! That was pretty funny. I should have taken a picture of that. But I am pretty sure you all saw that. OKAY.

BLOGGERS NOTE: I really wish these events wouldn't start so damn early! And rather, making them a 3 day camping event on the same location. This makes things much easier for EVERYONE. And the fact that I don't have to wake up so damn early and drive an hour across town. OK, enough complaining. Sourire

Here is Dougie and my bus at 5:30 am, getting ready to leave "CAMP HERA".

morning 1

Everyone gasing up for the trip down to Angel Stadium. P-Town to Anahiem isn't that bad. It's getting up at 5:00 am!! OKAY!!

morning 2

morning 3

Awesome shot, taken by Dougie, of our posse making our way to the show. The rainbow Panel is Hera's, The PG/SG Standard is Primo Willie's, The BD SC is $Mike's, light blue Super Beetle is Maurice's and you can barely see my Kombi. 

morning 4

Classics 1

This 1951 Panel has been out of circulation for over 10 years or more??  Cool Bus!

Classics 2

 Classics 3

Classics 4

Here is that Double Door, Walk Thru, Wrong Hand Drive Deluxe Gerson built for Elton John of Australia. REALLY.  Clin d'oeil

Classics 5

Classics 6

Classics 7

Classics 8

Classics  9

This was funny. Well to me it was. $1,000 asking price for Ambulance Fans!  Needless to say, they were still there at the end of the show.

Classics 10

Classics 11

Found this drunk Hobbit passed out at the Butcher Shop Swap Spot. Yup! The Hobbit was for sale.

Classics 12

The BDM line up at OCTO. It was a cool display as we had each model out on display. A Deluxe, Standard, Kombi, Single Cab and a Panel. 

Classics 13

 Classics 14

Awards Time. Linda won the LONG DISTANCE DRIVING award. I won SEXIEST SLIGHTLY OVERWEIGHT MALE HISPANIC and Dougie won the CANNABIS CUP award for getting his Wig all burnt up! (you notice him pointing towards his PEEPKAH!?) Sitting in the back ground and covering his face is Edgar Allen Poe. Cirilo, the guy next to him with the glasses, came all the way from CAMBODIA!!!

Classics 15

Here I am attempting to pimp out some really high dollar items (yes, I did take them home with me) ..........................

street booty 2

................. when all of a sudden this sexy beast crosses my path and makes me lose my  train of thought. Trying to do a pose to get his attention.

street booty

This is the only picture taken at the CLASSICS. $Mike and me rolling in.

Classics 16

Here is probably the best part of this week and what most of us look forward to. Chuck D's fiesta. It's the official ending to the Classics week.  We all headed over and got our usual front parking spots. Chuck always hooks us up!

BTW - Chuck is my dad.

Here is Dougie's 55 Deluxe, my 54 Kombi,  $Mike's 55 SC, Primo Willie's 57 Standard and Gibbs' loaner Bus ( from the private collection of Buddy Parks ) also a 57 Standard. And last but not least, Sexy's (George Schmidt) 54 SC.

Chucks 2

Chucks 1

Chucks 3

And here is our buddy's, Ken King, 1954 Factory Sunroof KombiKen and his buddy Trevor drove this beast all the way from Calgary, Canada eh! 3,200 miles!!!

Chucks 4

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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Que pasa Tio !??

Mañana es el dia, ya que perdio México




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Friday, July 02, 2010

I survived the CLASSICS week!!!

WOW! Survived yet ANOTHER ClassicS week! I keep saying I'm skipping allot of these fiesta's, bbq's, gatherings and shows ........ and what do I do, as I do every year!? I participate in all this stuff. Get faded, wake up early, drive for an hour or so in a loud ass old bus and what. This week took alot out of me. Especially after leaving "CAMP HERA". But we will get to that another day. Just got back as well from a small trip and started back working on my Thesis at The Butcher Shop University.

Let's start off with Rich Kimbal's annual International get together. This is a cool gathering with people from all over the world attending. Germany, Australia, France, Spain, Basque Country, Japan, Belgium and lets not forget ...... MEXICO!! OKAY! Clin d'oeil

Tons of food everywhere as well beers. I'd have to say that after attending this fiesta for some years, this is the biggest I've ever seen it. The street was covered with VW's and VW fans.  Awesome time.

Hessisch Oldendorf 2013. We, BDM, will be there!!

Kimbal's 1

Kimbal's 2

Kimbal's 3

Kimbal's 4

Kimbal's 5

Kimbal's 6

Kimbal's 7

Kimbal's 8

Kimbal's 9

Kimbal's 10

Here is Christian, the man behind HESSISCH OLDENDORF, showing Rich Kimbal pictures of the beetle inside the church at last years Hessisch show.

Kimbal's 11

Here is my cooking buddy, Ron Fleming of FAT PERFORMANCE ( ), cooking up the KIP/POLLO. Clin d'oeil

Kimbal's 12

Now from here on it gets better, as I was one of only two people allowed to climb this old VW Fire Truck ladder. ( my Dad own's it Clin d'oeil ) So you most likely will only see these shots in this mug.

Kimbal's 13

Kimbal's 14

Check out Puck!

Kimbal's 15

Kimbal's 16

Kimbal's 17

Kimbal's 18

Kimbal's 19


Kimbal's 20

Kimbal's 21

Here's a shot of my dad looking up at his proud son, while his grandson, Puck, is standing up front. You can also see Yohann (from France) and Romy (from Holland, OKAY). The couple next to Chuck (Dad) are from Germany.

Kimbal's 22


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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Bienvenidos al Pais Vasco de California!!!!

My buddies from the Panscrapers of Barcelona, Spain, finally made it here! Carlos, Marc and Iban are stoked. Lots to see and do. Made a quick pit stop at Bucca di Beppo on our way to the crib.

Here is a funny picture. Standing in front of Bar Celona club in Old Town Dena. These guys checked out the menu and said it had nothing on there to do with the type of stuff they eat. Maybe 2 or 3 things. They laughed.

Catalanes 3

Catalanes 2

Check out that big ass over grown kid on the wall. His name is Big Joe!!

Catalanes 4

Catalanes 1

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bob Baker Show

Last minute I decide to head down to the North Shore of San Diego for a session and hit the Bob Baker Show the following day.  Nice little turn out.  Though allot different from the last time I hit this show, 2003??  What a difference of car participants. In the past a lowered car was not even considered to enter this event. This was an all stock/vintage show. Not this time. This time around I'd have to say that 90% of the cars that turned out where lowered and with the exception of one winner, the rest of the awards were won by lowered cars!! PRAISE THE LOWERED!!!

Bob Baker 1

Bob Baker 4

Bob Baker 5

Bob Baker 6

Bob Baker 7

One cool thing at this event is to see who gets their cars choosen to be displayed inside the show room. Big Wave Surfer and my personal homie, Dougie, got his 1955 BD Deluxe choosen to be displayed. Also in display was a really nice original 1971 Westy. That bus brought back some nice memories.

Bob Baker 8

 Bob Baker 9

Bob Baker 10

 Bob Baker 11

Bob Baker 12

Like I said, nice turn out.

Bob Baker 2

 Bob Baker 3

Neil's 1959 Karmann Ghia Coupe.

Bob Baker 13

Bob Baker 14

Bob Baker 15

Bob Baker 16

Bob Baker 17

Bob Baker 18

Bob Baker 19

Bob Baker 20

Bob Baker 21

This bus had some nice booty patina!! Clin d'oeil 

Bob Baker 23

Bob Baker 24

Bob Baker 25

Bob Baker 26

Bob Baker 22

Bob Baker 27

Bob Baker 28

Bob Baker 29

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Rag Top Beetle

Check this 1959 Patina'd out Rag Top in a back yard in the hood of Dena!!  I also found a 1957 Ghia???  I'll post pictures up laydo!!

Beetle 1

Beetle 2

Beetle 3

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Friday, May 21, 2010

Ferret's Mango

We finally got the beam, transmission and motor on the bus!  Now a little electtrical work, followed by some minor adjustments and Viola!  The booty on this mug sits super low.  Now its a matter of adjusting the front beam and mounting the wheels/tires.  Ferret has plans to drive this mug to the ClassicS!!??

Ferrett 1

Ferrett 3

Ferrett 4

Ferrett 6

Ferrett 7

Ferrett 8

Ferrett 9

Ferrett 10

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Awesome Picture

I ran into this image while surfing the net and reading about Racial Profiling in Arizona. I'd stay away from Arizona if I were you!! Clin d'oeil Besides, it's hot a FUCK out there most of the time.  OKAY  The article below is pretty interesting and worth reading.  Racism and ignorance go hand in hand.



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Sunday, May 16, 2010

30,000 HITS!!!!

Just a hair under a year old, but we managed to make the 30,000 visit mark. JODER!  Big shout out to the writing staff, photographers, contributors and the marketing staff.

My lady got SO excited about hitting the 30,000 mark, she wanted to thank all the readers/followers of this blog personally. So she dressed up for you guys!!



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Saturday, May 15, 2010

City of Alhambra car show

Some time last week I found a flyer for a local car show in the city Alhambra. I like these local small car shows because its all the locals. And you get a mixed crowd of rides.  It was situated in a large open parking lot with plenty of room and the sun was out on full force!

Cruise 1

Cruise 2

Cruise 3

Cruise 4

Cruise 5

This was one nice looking early Caddy. 

Cruise 7

Cruise 8

EVERY time I see a Merc, makes me want to CRY!!! Criant  Not too long ago I had a 1951 Mercury and I regret selling it!!!  This cream puff is a 1949 Merc. The one everyone wants is the 1950 Merc, the one James Dean drove in REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE. But in the Custom world, the most famous Merc's were 1951's. A few example's are The Hirohata Merc & The Bettancourt Merc, both 1951's. My homie Jessie James did up a really nice 1951 Merc as well. Any hoot, back to this 1949 Merc ............ this ride was super BEAUTIFUL. It was my favorite ride out there.

Cruise 9

Cruise 10

Cruise 11

Cruise 12

Cruise 13

Cruise 14

Cruise 15

Cruise 16

Cruise 17

Cruise 18

Cruise 19

Cruise 20

Cruise 21

Cruise 22

Cruise 23

 AZTLAN!!!!!!!  This was a cool accessory to the car.

Cruise 24

Cruise 26

Cruise 27

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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Another set of Reflectors!!!!

While pulling the parts needed for Puck's 1954 Panel, I came across a pair of FRESE reflectors!!!  Though these are pretty beat but usable.  Took them over to the Butcher Shop and worked some magic on them.

reflectors 1

 reflectors 3

reflectors 4

reflectors 5

reflectors 6

reflectors 7

reflectors 8

DUDE!!!!  These things cleaned up pretty good. 

reflectors 9

reflectors 10

 reflectors 11

reflectors 12

reflectors 13

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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Under Takers Cruise

While cruising the streets of Alhambra, I came across a Diner cruise hosted by The Under Takers.  Since the sun wasn't out, folks were afraid it might rain!?  So the turn out wasn't the greatest according to the club members. Any Hoot, there were some really cool cars present.

Cruise 1

Cruise 2

Cruise 3

Cruise 4

Cruise 5

Cruise 6

Cruise 7

Cruise 9

Cruise 10

 Cruise 11

Cruise 13

Cruise 14

Cruise 16

Cruise 15

Cruise 17

Cruise 18


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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

RAIDERS !!!!!!

This was one cool surprise event. The Southern Cali RAIDER NATION chapter was holding its annual Children's Cancer benefit show. It was like being in a Raider's tail gate party. AWESOME!! It was full of Cholos, Veteranos, Thugs, Bikers and all of that element. I felt at home. OKAY!!  I was hoping to find myself a Cholita, but no luck!! It must have been because I buzzed my head with a #3, rather then a zero??

The sun was out in full force but plenty of shade. All fans were out and about doing their thing and supporting the cause. Lots of cool rides and interesting people as well. Just look ............

Raiders 1

Raiders 2

Raiders 3

Raiders 4

Raiders 5

 Raiders 6

Raiders 7

Raiders 8

Raiders 10

Raiders 11

Raiders 12

Raiders 13

Raiders 14

Raiders 15

Raiders 16

Raiders 17

Raiders 20

Raiders 21

Raiders 22

Raiders 23

Raiders 24

Raiders 26

Raiders 27

Raiders 28

Raiders 29

Raiders 30

Raiders 31

Raiders 32

 Raiders 35


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Monday, May 10, 2010

Parts for the 1954 Panel

Headed over to my parts stash to sort out the parts needed for the Panel. Lots of good stuff to sort through. So now I'm off to the Butcher Shop for a parts cleaning session.

Parts 1

Parts 2

Parts 3

Parts 4

Parts 5

Parts 6

Parts 7

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Friday, May 07, 2010

The Wolverine's Den

The Picnic has ended, but not the fun. It continues ............ though at Wolverine's house. Not far from the campsite, the Wolverine's Haven was at hand. As always, Ryan is an excellent host, aside from a show promoter and great surfer. The fiesta is fun at his compound, but the scenery is what makes it worth the visit. His place is a rustic relic or a Tiki fantasy with a vintage surfer combination. Words can give you an idea of what his place is about. It's something you have to see in person. The main entrance where you step into the Tiki bar is complemented with a giant Koi pond, and the ceilings are loaded with vintage surf boards. Out in the back one has several options to either frolic or relax next to yet another Koi pond while enjoying your pint. His lounge area is an old 1950's trailer, which still sports all of its original features.  Never a dull moment here at Wolverine's Den.

Hats off to the Wolverine!!!

Party 1

Party 2

Party 3

Party 4

Party 5

Party 6

Party 8

Party 9

Party 10

Party 11

Party 13

 Party 14

Introducing THE WOLVERINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  aka Corona Ryan.

Party 15

Party 16

Party 17

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Thursday, May 06, 2010

More pictures of the Spring Picnic

This event was so awesome, I've decided to throw up more pictures for your viewing pleasure...........

OK, here is a mini photo session of my favorite bus. Ed Hughe's 54 Kombi. This bus is BAD ASS!!!








OEBC Headquarters




And here is the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE !!!!!!!!!!  AAAAYYYYEEEEE !!!!!!!!!! 


Here I am feeling up the SEXIEST MAN ALIVE.




 OEBC 64


Here is Air Vin, Githa and Hugo .............. all the way from Holland, cruising through Barndoor Alley. OKAY! 






Here's little Hugo dropping the lyrics. Both super cute little kids and the future of their clubs. OKAY! 



Here is me holding up the container of the Japanese Yak!! SAKI!!!!!!!! The Japanese GFK members always bring a bottle of Saki to the US. Good stuff.




Here's Ant hustling THE YARD!!!! 


Here's the WOLVEREEN setting up the MAIN EVENT for the Slow Drags, which BDM member Dougie took the top honors. 



See you guys there next year, May 2011.


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Wednesday, May 05, 2010


Let's just say .......... if you didn't attend this event?? You missed out BIG TIME!!!  This show for sure is in my top 10 coolest/funnest shows I've been to. It couldn't have been more perfect. The weather was great! Lots of bright sun, though no sunburn!? The trees were the natural sun block. And the fact you could park your ride on the grass and sit right next to it. 

Even though I camped out and was parked by 6:30 am, I got to see the crowds roll in. If you weren't parked by 7:30 am, you were sent to the NOSE BLEED section. But hey! That wasn't a bad thing at all. There wasn't a bad spot any where to be seen, and VW's were seen as far as the eye could see. Another good note is this event was well organized, well staffed and prepared. No long ass lines to get in, for either the participants, spectators or swappers/vendors.

We, BDM & GFK, had our area sorted out the night before. So once we got parked, the fiesta got sorted out and off we went. Between both clubs, we had 21 VW's present on our spot!!! YIKES!!!  One thing that was cool and lots of people pointed this out, was that all we needed was a Barndoor Single Cab present to complete the line of bus models offered back in those days. A Panel, Deluxe, Kombi and a Standard were amongst our line up.

Our spread was KNARLY!! Hats off to everyone who participated and brought something really good. There was SO much good food on those tables. Both Ant
Dog and me had our work cut out, we were the cooks!!  Lots of grilling. Also in the mix was non other then the Duke of Delft ........ Air Vin Von Stok lll, and his lovely wife Githa and their super cute little boy, Hugo.  Another international appearance was Koji and the Japanese GFK ........... all the way from JAPON!!!

In the end ............ GOOD TIMES. A perfect family enviroment. Seriously, if you missed out on this one??? Mark your calendar for May 2011. I'm sure it will be just as good.



Nice and original paint 21 Window Deluxe which belongs to " THE BEARD ". Clin d'oeil 


This kid found out earlier the special appearance or more so a reunion show of THE NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK.  



 BDM line up.




Matt Devine's all original Westy.





This was one bus that stood out like a sore thumb! I'd roll this mug to prom!! FOR SURE!!! OKAY! Clin d'oeil 





Camper line up.



A jumper for the kiddies in the form of a bus.


Little kids were also getting their faces painted up.



Cool Crew Cab with cool wheels.


These are some nice looking wheels.


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Tuesday, May 04, 2010

OEBC Campout

A few weeks ago I get a phone call from Cambodian Mobster, Maurice, asking if any of us were up for camping the night before the picnic. Why not!?  It also turned out to be a treat. (I will explain in a bit)

So we get all the details sorted and set up a time to meet at the campsite. I was the only one coming from my neck of the woods, the rest of the posse was coming from the San Diego. We all finally met up and set up camp. Dougie was there with his 55 Deluxe, Linda was there with his "Lady's Friend" Kendra and "their" 54 Standard, Cirilo rolled out in his 66 Panel, Earl had his 60 Euro Ragtop, Neil (GFK) drove his 59 Ghia, Hera brought his 55 panel and Maurice rolled his 69 beetle.  We had a nice little corner were we set up camp. Food galore! I don't think the bbq grill ever stopped or was cooking something up!!??  Maurice was the maestro!! Thanks Maurice!!!!

Now the treat I mentioined was really cool. Wolvereen, aka Corona Ryan, the guy who puts the show on, set up a giant projection screen and played a few hours of VW flicks. DUDE!!! That was AWESOME!!!  Everyone there was kicking back having a great time. And for the record, I'd have to say EVERYONE at one point or another was drooling when they say multiple shots of their dream car/cars.

I have to advise you readers out there who are not only VW freaks, but who enjoy camping?? This is a must to attend. Well worth it.

Camping 1

Camping 2

Here is a shot of me eating Coorichkah while wearing my Commie T-shirt. OKAY!!


 Camping 3

Camping 4

Camping 5

Camping 6

Camping 7

Camping 8

Camping 9

Camping 10

Camping 11

 Camping 12

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Monday, May 03, 2010

El Maestro at it again!!!

I have to say, Linda is that man! Yes we all know he is a $2 Trick with clean hands. And he doesn't drive his buses! (nice try with the PhotoShop tricks Linda) But this kid has mad skills!!! He found a beat up pressed bumper in the trash can and FLIPPED!!  He was as stoked as "THE BEARD" gets when a big south swell pops up. Get my drift!? Any hoot, I laughed and told Linda to hang that up as an ornament or recycle it as scrap metal. I also went as far as telling him we was NOT the Chuck D of the East Coast ........... MaHk Rafferty!!!  But no! This kid was determined.

When I got back from the pub ............ HOLY SHIT!!!  Well, you guys be the judge of his craftsmanship.

bumper 1

bumper 2

bumper 3

bumper 4

bumper 5

bumper 6

bumper 7

bumper 8

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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Down Town Los Angeles

The fun continues! So off we went to my favorite eatery in Down Town Los Angeles ........... GRAND CENTRAL MARKET. This place get started back in 1917!! The same year as RED OCTOBER and the year prior to EASTER SUNDAY.  OKAY!!  I like this place because there is a variety of foods there, mainly the Mexican food. It's really tasty, good portions and CHEAP!!!  We had a few pollo & carne asada tacos, chased by a giant ass carne asada burrito with the works!! JODER!! After this eating session, I wanted to go Mimis (go to sleep).

la 1

la 2

la 3

la 4

Once we stuffed our faces we crossed the street to take the famous "ANGELS FLIGHT" up to Bunker Hill.  It is a big hill to climb, but for 25 cents ......... why not!?  This funicular railway started back in 1901. Now that is INSANE.  Here is a link to read about this Historical landmark. It's too much for me to write up in this mug ....... ( )

la 5

la 6

Here is Pepe taking pictures. PUTAIN!!!!

la 7

la 8

la 9

Once we made it to the top, it was all about gazing up at all the sky scrapers. The French were mesmerized staring at these giants. I was too.

la 10

Here is a shot of one of the art works in front of MOCA. Looks to be made up of airplane parts??

la 11

 At the end of Grand Ave I got goose bumps. I though I was back at one of my favorite places of all ........ EL PAIS VASCO!!!  yup! The Basque Country. It felt as if I was in Bilbao standing in front of the Guggenheim, but this time I was in front of another phenomenon of Frank Gehry, the Disney Hall. What a site!!

la 13

la 14

la 15

 la 16

Here's a shot of the water fountains with the Los Angeles County Superior Court House. I have never seen this before. PUTAIN!!! 

 la 17

Here is another old building from the late 1800's that was recently restored.

la 18

Here's a front shot of Union Station, where caught the train back to Pasadena.

la 19

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Friday, April 30, 2010

A visit from France

Last year during the summer time I took a trip down to the south of France to visit my buddies Christophe and Pepe & Sylvie. All these guys should have been here, but due to the volcano in Iceland, only Pepe and Sylvie made it over here. Since they were awesome hosts and guided me to really good and authentic bagguetts, I returned the favor by showing them around Los Angeles.  Where they in for a treat.

So off we went to the Sierra Madre Metro Gold Line Station where for a $1.25 the train will take you right into Union Station, in Down Town LA. They were pretty excited as this is a scenic route, for them too. Remember, we live here so for them its something totally different for them to see or do.  Once we arrived to Union Station they were amazed by the preserved beauty of the station. It really is a nice historical place to visit.

LA 1

LA 2

Here is a view from the train of Down Town Los Angeles as we arrive to Union Station.  What a view!!

LA 3

LA 4

LA 9

LA 5

LA 6

LA 7

LA 8

Across the street we went to Olvera Street. This is were the City of Los Angeles started. Even though its a very touristy destination, it still has an old feel to it.

LA 12

LA 13

LA 10

LA 11

Here is a building from the late 1800's in the restoration process, right around the corner from Olvera Street.

LA 16

Here are a few shots of City Hall. Gotta have Palm Trees............So Cali.

LA 15

LA 17


LA 18

This is the BRADBURY BUILDING, built in 1893 on 3rd & Broadway. Aside from being a Historical building, lots of movies have been filmed inside. One famous movie I recall is BLADE RUNNER, with Harrison Ford. This is one really cool building.

LA 19

LA 20

LA 21

LA 22

LA 24

 LA 25


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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Pomona Swap Meet

Wasn't planning on attending this P-Town gathering. But with enough convincing by my homies, The GFK, I figured why not!?  I was glad I went. Great weather, cool people, nice rides and awesome food.  Both Puck and I met up with the RAIDER NATION near the event and jumped in Bro Mark's 60 Crew Cab. Once in we set up camp. Tents, tables, ice chests and what. Once we were done, off to the parts area I went ............ you never know what you can come up on. But for the most part, NOTHING. But I did find one piece I was looking for. An inner passanger door handle. And it was CHEAP!!  I saw one fool had one for sale, $70!!!!  It was still on their table at the end of the day.

After cruising around and BS'n with everyone, the bbq started. Like always, great food!!! And everyone one was getting their grub on. In all, I'd have to give this P-Town gathering an 8 out of 10. Perfect weather, lots of people, cool rides and lots of HUSSIES strolling down our path. Today was a good day. 

Pomona 1

Pomona 2

Pomona 3

 Here is a few shots of Bob Koch's spot. Lots of NOS goodies!!

Koch 1


 Here is Chris Duran's 1967 Deluxe. THE HULK!!!

Pomona 4

This was a super nice Bay Window Westy. Reminded me of my European trip.

Pomona 5

Pomona 6

This was a really nice 1953 Oval, which belongs to the JUST CRUIZIN CAR CLUB. Very nice driver.

Pomona 7

Pomona 8

GFK, Mike Navarro's Monte Carlo SS.

Pomona 9

Pomona 10

Pomona 11

John Duran's THE SHOW STOPPER!!! 1965 Conv.

Pomona 12


Pomona 13

As most of you know, I don't care for Karmann Ghia's. BUT, I will say that I do like Maudy Vargas' 1957 Ghia. The color he choose and the way it stands, makes this Ghia stand out from the others. It's just a sleek looking ride. Spoke to Maudy and he's talking about busting out his 60 Deluxe 23 Window!!!???

Pomona 14

Pomona 15

Pomona 16

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

3rd Panzer Division

Here are a few pictures I found of the 3rd Panzer Division preparing for the invasion of P-Town. That is one serious line up of rare metal. Notice no drivers were either present or behind the wheel??  They were all in the briefing room having pints over this fairly easy invasion. OKAY!

Buses 1

 Buses 2

Buses 3

Buses 4

Buses 5




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Sunday, April 25, 2010

CAPE FEAR !!!!!!!!

HOLY SHIT!!! Look who I ran into at Ferrett Restorations ........... CAPE FEAR!!!!  Haven't seen this cat since the WU TANG CLAN farewell tour!!! OKAY!! He was rolling Mrs. Cape Fear's og paint 1956 Ford Pick Up. This kid is stuck in a time warp. BTW, many years ago, Cape Fear owned a handful of Barndoors. This is the guy who used to own my 1953 Standard ........ 20 years ago!!!  OKAY!!!

Cape Fear 1

Cape Fear 2

Cape Fear 3

Cape Fear 4

Cape Fear 5

Cape Fear 6

CAPE FEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!  " You know what I mean, Right?? "

Cape Fear 7

Found this old picture during the untamed days of Cape Fear. That's Mrs. Cape Fear next to him.

CAPE FEAR NATION !!!!!!!!!!!! 

Cape Fear Nation

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Ferrett's Mango

As I was done looking for emplyment on line, I get a phone call from Super Model Ferrett. He asked me kindly to come over and help him remove the front end out of his 1959 Standard, and time was spared?? We could remove the transmission as well.  I thought to myself, SHIT, this can be done with our eyes closed. OKAY!! So the next day I was at Ferrett's shop bright and early.

So the game plan was to cut away at all the old cables which weren't going to be used and the removal of whatever got in the way of the Front beam. So a little grinding and cutting was needed, remember this front end hasn't been messed with in over 50 years!!! So no surprise there.  What took some time was the actual cutting and removing of what got in the way. But we knocked it out fairly quickly!

Ferret 1

Ferret 2

Ferret 3

Check out Ferrett getting dirty!!!

Ferret 4

Ferret 6

Ferret 5

Ferret 7

Yours truly in action.

Ferret 8

It took us less then an hour to get that dirty mug out from under there. 

Ferret 9

Since we had lots of spare time, we tackled the removal of the Transmission. And that too took us less then an hour to knock out!!! Shit, we are BAD ASSES!!!!

Ferret 10

Ferret 11

Since we were able to remove both the Front End and Transmission and still had lots of day light available .................. we removed all the old brakes lines, bent & tweaked the new brake lines and set them up!!!! We got lots done in one day. Ferrett also would like to get this mug up and running by the CLASSICS!!?? YIKES!!! But at the rate we worked together ........ this can happen. OKAY!!

Ferret 12

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