Friday, April 23, 2010

Barndoor Reflectors

OKAY. The little box story gets better. I seemed to have some how over looked another treasure. Large Diamond Reflectors. No, these are not the Frese one's, but replacements. As many of you may know, there are a handful of different types of reflectors that were available back then as replacements, as many other cars used the same parts. I got a stash of these reflectors some time back from Portugal. Though I have heard different stories of what came on what, what was used on what and what was replaced using what!? Make sense? Probably not!

But what I do know is once these puppies are mounted, you can't really tell the difference. I sold off several sets to friends who've placed them on their Barndoors and they look pretty good. I took these over to George's shop and gave them a good cleaning as this pair are NOS. They do have some shelf ware on them but no indication of ware nor use. This set came out pretty nice. I'm contemplating using these on Puck's 54 Panel or using some beat up Frese reflectors???

reflectors 1

reflectors 2

 reflectors 3

reflectors 4

reflectors 5

reflectors 6

While giving them a cleaning I noticed the markings on the side of them. Both identical. They read K 1257 with the squiggly line above the number and "BUMM" (from what I can see) to the side. Wonder if any other Barndoor owners out there are using or have these on their rides??  I actually do have another set some where, and I am pretty sure they came from the same batch!!?? I'm going to have to dig them up and see if they have these markings as well?? OKAY!! Clin d'oeil

reflectors 7

reflectors 8

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

A day of progress

" Today I hit the auto parts store and got a new flex hose for my grease gun.  I loaded up a new tube of grease and went to town on the Beetle.  I lubed up the front end a ton, torsion tubes, tie rod ends, spindles, ebrake cables, and the pedal cluster assembly.  I also sprayed some PB Blaster on the pedal assembly as the accelerator pedal was dry and a little sticky.  It's all super smooth now and the throttle has cleaner action now too.

Over the weekend Doug came over and got a lot done including mounting the rear bumper, lubing the drivers window crank assembly, and replacing all of the window rubber with new original style rubber from Wolfsburg West.  The list of things to do is getting really short and the car is looking way nicer than I ever imagined it would."

Linda 1

Linda 2

Linda 3

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

found a set of Barndoor Taillights !!!!!

So I go to my moms garage to pull my bike out and find this small box on the side of it. Boy was I happy to find this little box!! Inside were some parts I had NO idea I had!!??  As I started to unwrap some of the stuff in there ............. WOW !!!!  I found a set of Barndoor taillights!!! Amongst other bits. I was really stoked because now I don't have to use that NOS set of taillights on Puck's 54 Panel. I can use these.

After my discovery, I said forget the bike ride and took off to the Butcher Shop. I cleaned them up as best as I could. The one that looked worse, turned out better then the one with the small pits. Both have really nice lenses on them, the bezels are nice as well, no dents. And the bulb holders/connections are in awesome shape as well.  Though one of them the card board stuff in there looks like it got warped?? I guess the previous owner soaked it in water at one point?? That is the only explination that I could come up with.

So with this said, I now have a nice set of taillights for the Panel. Or should I use the NOS pair and sell these off???  Don't know yet??

taillights 11

taillights 9

taillights 7

taillights 6

taillights 5

taillights 3

taillights 2

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Friendly Reminder

I've been contacted by several people, both here in the Colonies and abroad, as to which show will the BDM & Friends be attending come Sunday, May 2nd. Well, we are heading to Wolvereen's ( Corona Ryan ) show. The OEBC SPRING PICNIC. This is a really cool show and very laid back. Shit, OCTO should be holding the shows at this location. How awesome is it to roll into an event where everyone is relaxed and laid back. And not only that, you can park your ride on the grass and under tress. Cuz I will tell you unexperienced folks who haven't been to this event ................... would you rather sit under the scortching hot ass sun and on asphlat or under shade while bbq'in and having a few pints!!?? Featherly Park is the place to be on that Sunday.

Corona Ryan and his posse, ORANGE EMPIRE BUS CO, put on a really good, well prepared and very organized show. Plenty of room for everyone. This is NOT a Bus only event. This is open to ALL VW air cooled rides. This is a family orientated event, so the little ones can run around all wild while you watch them. And your ladies won't hassle you at this event!!?? Because they aren't sitting under the HOT ass sun and on asphalt!!

This event and Big Wednesday are my favorite shows.

Here are some shots from last years event. Yes, I know they are mostly of our rides and friends rides, but it gives you a good idea of what it's about. Come next week, I will take pictures of the entire event and post them. OKAY!
















Come by and have a beer with us!!!! 

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Barndoor Panels

I paid a visit to the Chilango Español, Hera, in P-Town. I wanted to check out Puck's 54 Panel and get the thought process as to what needs the most attention??  It does need work here and there, but for the most part this bus is pretty solid! And believe it or not!!?? This beast actually runs!!  Another thought is just to put it back together as is and drive it out to June's OCTO. Possibly the Classics. The Catalanes also offered to sort it out for that weekend? All it really needs is a brake tune up. So I may just end up doing that for the time being??

Any hoot, it's ugly as you can see, but my Kombi was just as bad. You got to see through the ugliness. Oh, and that is Hera's 55 BD Panel. Linda's got him on the OG paint thing, so he stripped a bit of that primer off to see OG paint under there. But after several hours just for that area, I think he threw the towel in. OKAY!!

BD Panels 1

BD Panels 2

BD Panels 3

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Today's progress

" Today I finished buffing and waxing the rest of the body.  It really looks so much better it's crazy.  These pics suck cause it was getting dark and the flash makes it look crappy but you get the idea that it's nice and glossy now.  Doug dropped by for a bit and got the taillights dialed in and permanently mounted as well as getting the the body trim to fit nice and flush.  I should have the new license plates tomorrow so it will be fully set as far as registration, title, and I'll add it to my insurance policy as well ". 

Linda 1

Linda 2

Linda 3

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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dougie's dash

My Siberian buddy, Poh Gjhel Stah Dougie, sent me this picture of speedo pod from his 1955 Deluxe. That key chain tag is pretty cool. OH, also LOVE that vintage Hawaii sticker. OKAY.


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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Yet ANOTHER Txakurra!!!!

My buddy Leon out of RotterdamHolland, (though he is FRENCH born) sent me this picture. I forgot about this flea bag cruising around the Bug In event in Chimey, Belgium, some time in July of last year. This mutt had on a VIP Pit Pass. I named it Droopy, because during the 3 days I was at this event, this mutt never showed any sign of anything!!??  It would kinda look at you and say "DUDE, WHATEVER" or "GO AWAY AND STOP BOTHERING ME YOU STUPID BOY!!!".  You know when you offer any dog a treat or food you get their undivided attention, because for the most part they are scavengers right. Well not this pooch. This guy gave you that look like you are wasting its time. This mutt was probably French?? Clin d'oeil  Or the owner???  PUTAIN!!!!


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Monday, April 12, 2010

Getting there .............

" OK, today I was busy with all kinds of work related stuff so I didn't get to do anything besides clean up the tires, polish the hubcaps, and dress the rubber.  I honestly can't believe how good this car is looking.  I think it's starting to look pretty fucking expensive! "

Linda 1

Linda 2

Linda 3

Linda 4

Linda 5

Linda 6

Linda 7

Linda 8

Linda 9

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Shiny Ride

" OK, I'm sore from hovering that buffer over the body all day yesterday and today but I think the shine pics will show that the paint is looking better than it's looked in decades to say the least.  I did the roof and passengers side today and only  have the drivers door, rear quarter, and decklid left to do tomorrow.  I got the trim back on, the side view mirror, mounted the front bumper for good, and after playing with the radio and antenna for a bit, the RADIO CAME BACK TO LIFE!  Now we can say that absolutely everything on the car works.  Pretty incredible to bring back every last detail.  It's been a ridiculously large amount of work so far but when I think back to how filthy and dead this thing was the day it arrived fresh from the barn, it's cool to see what we've accomplished. "

Linda 1

Linda 2

Linda 3

Linda 4

Linda 5

Linda 6

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Cat Hotel??

Saw this the other day, down the street from the shop. The big white cat at first I thought was a dog!! Because its so huge, especially when it was lying down. When it stood up, I could NOT believe how big this guy was!!!! There are about 5 cats in there?? But they got it made in there. There were 3 big bowls loaded to the top with food, same with water. And none of those cats looked like they lack any food. Especially the big white one. They were all friendly too.

butcher 6

butcher 7

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Friday, April 09, 2010

The face lift continues ...............

" Today I did a lot.  I gave the bumpers a good buffing to get the light overspray from painting the backsides off.  They are now perfect and ready to install.  I also pulled off all of the body trim, and the small parts on the front of the car and buffed it with the high speed buffer with some 3M Perfect It compound.  It got it a lot shinier than the first time I used the paint cleaner by hand so this thing will shine nicely once it's all done.  After I buffed up the front I then hand waxed it with some Meguiar's Gold Class wax which is good stuff and it brought out a nice shine.  I detailed all of the small parts I'd removed and after I was sure I was done with the front end buffing and polishing, I put the small parts back on with new rubber seals.  Tomorrow I'll be moving to the back half of the car and hope to knock it out with any luck.  The list of things to do is getting shorter still. "

bumpers 1

bumpers 2

bumpers 3

bumpers 4

bumpers 5

bumpers 6

bumpers 7

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Au Revoir Sweetness

It gives me with great sadness to inform the readers of the departure of the BARNDOOR MAFIA's mascot ........ SWEETNESS. Déçu This the little "Colored" Pug with the UZI medallion at the top right of this page, next to the Great Ronaldo. The huge Cock! Below is Sweetness' Obituary from the New York Times. During her early years, she was good friends with French Impressionist Matisse. They ran around the same circle during the Avant Garde movement in Paris, France. Matisse also did a portrait of Sweetness during her early years.


Sweetness 2

She will be missed but never forgotten. Here is what Gibbs Patrick Connors., Esq. wrote in the obituary, within in the NY Times. REALLY.

" Dear all, with a heavy heart i regret to inform you that our beloved Sweetness is no longer with us. she was found this morning, still warm, in a sleeping pose in her corner of the kitchen. born in salem, NY on 8.3.97 as a paperless mill puppy, she was lovingly adopted and relocated to center city philadelphia. there, she was the first student at "keeler canine training" on 11th st where she learned verbal commands, hand signals (4 of them) good manners and discipline. after completing the program, she received her certificate degree for good behavior. she spent many good years in center city philadelphia eating and sleeping. for exercise she parading the streets if washington square west. there she would snap at other dogs no matter what their size and lift her leg as she learned from the predeceased "clarence".   known to many as sweetness and often mistakingly called "precious", she also responded to "girlies", "loquisha", "loquandra" and "d'shondra", she spent the easter holiday weekend at her favorite retreat, the mt. airy animal hospital where a card in her file had the ominous warning "will bite". reverand Al Sharpton is looking into a possible defamation suit.  

Services were held this morning before sunrise on the great lawn of the allens lane homestead where she spent nearly half of her life. she was laid to rest on a sheepskin rug, was buried in her favorite blankets along with her favorite flavor dog biscuits and a bowl of "yummies" for the long journey ahead. two magnolias flank a small marker stone. the dog bones that she did not have time to finish were strewn across the site for other dogs to enjoy.   regards to all.   Gibbs "

Au Revoir mon petite ami. Déçu


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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Brake job

" We did a complete brake job, all the parts were cleaned, and a new master cylinder, rubber lines, wheel cylinders, and the bearings were repacked and new bearing seals installed as well.  He did a little test spot on the paint with the 3M Perfect It compound and his high speed buffer and the paint came out even nicer still.  He is convinced that the paint is lacquer which means it will look incredibly good once we buff the whole thing and give it a hand wax with carnuba wax.  OKAY!
We took a quick break for lunch and experienced a 7.2 earthquake right in the middle!  JODER! "

Linda 1

Linda 2

Linda 3

Linda 4

Linda 5

Linda 6

Linda 7

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Monday, April 05, 2010

Brilliant Marketing

This is what George needs to place on his truck!!  Though as Captain Avenger!!!

Czech this out!!

butcher 4


butcher 5

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Saturday, April 03, 2010

El Mango

Aside from the new shop boy and new "land Scape Artist", George was busting out on Buddy's Mango. That thing looks nicer everytime I see it!!??  Now it's sporting some really pretty powder coated wheels on bias plys. That bus runs really tight.  I still get wood from just seeing all of that paint on this bus!!  I bet the previous owner, who is actually my twin brother Clin d'oeil, is probably having second thoughts!!?? I know I would.  Any hoot, awesome bus and soon enough it will be all put together and on the road. OKAY!

Here is the new SEXY shop boy!  EEEEYYYYEEEE

butcher 1

butcher 2

 butcher 3

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Thursday, April 01, 2010

Buddy Park's "early" 1959 Mango

Today I decided to head over the Butcher Shop to see what George and his side Gus were up to? To my surprise there is a really awesome early 1959 all original high taillight pressed bumper Mango bus sitting there, awaiting to receive it's newly built 36 hsp motor. The new trans was already installed, as well ALL new brakes.  There is not a nicer feeling of knowing while you are driving that all of your drive train is NEW!!  This mug has even got new bias plys and shocks! There aren't too many of these buses around, probably a handfull or less??

This gem belongs to Buddy Parks. Though I couldn't get really good shots of the inside, all of the original interior is in there. Yes, even the middle seat! It's got light spots of patina here and there, but for the most part, this mug has LOTS of original paint on it. This bus is a true example of a survivor. Can't wait to see it in the show circuit. OKAY.

Outside, in front of the world famous ............. BUTCHER SHOP.

Buddy 1

Buddy 3

Buddy 4

Buddy 5

 Buddy 6

Buddy 8

Buddy 9

Buddy 10

Buddy 11

 Buddy 12


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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Mi Txakurra

HOMBRE!!  Ya hace un tiempo que escribo aqui en Vasco, Catalan o en Castellano. JODER!! Como hay muchos Mejitanos tambien que no entienden el Vasco o Catalan, lo escribo en Castellano. Vale!

Aqui les presento mi nuevo TXAKURRA. ( Txkakurra es Vasco para perro )  Este Tio se llama "BORJA". Es un nombre muy Vasco y fuerte. Joder! Tambien, este Tio es un Cabron!!! Me lo mando un primo del Pais Vasco, de un pueblito aufuera de Guernica, Eleizalde-Olabarri. Ahi salen los mas bravos Txakurras de todo Pais Vasco y de España! Me cuentan que el Borja estaba peliando con otros Txakurras mas grande que el en las playas de Mundaka! Ostia!

Pues que les cuento, pero que yo y mi Katua estamos felizes de nuestro amigito Vasco.

Y como decimos los Vascos .............. AHI VA LA OSTIA. JODER!! Clin d'oeil



English Translation: My new dog sent to me from The Basque Country. This guys name is "BORJA" and is one mean ass mutt!!!  REALLY!!


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Monday, March 29, 2010

Working while on Spring Break!!??

I need to get back down to PB!! White Booty!!!  EEEEYYYYEEEEEE!!!!!!! JODER!!!!

" Today Doug came over and we shouted obscenities at each other for about 10 minutes, threw insults at each other for a few more minutes, and then he got to work while I watched.  At the end of about 6 hours of focused work and 1 hour of cruising in his Barndoor Deluxe checking out all of the hot White booty on Spring Break at the beach, we had new axle boots, all new gear oil, an adjusted clutch, all new German fuel lines, a properly functioning fuel reserve system, a properly adjusted and lubed shifter assembly, freshly adjusted valves, a more finely tuned carburetor and idle setting, and a cleaned and painted brake fluid reservoir with a new reservoir hose.  We will tear into the brakes next weekend and should knock them all out in 1 day.  They already work well but we don't know when they were last touched so as with any car we will actually drive further than around the block, we'll tear everything out and replace all of the wheel cylinders, rubber lines, master cylinder, axle seals, bearing seals, repack the bearings, and clean up and sand the drums and shoes as we know they are good and round already. "

If I were there, I would have quit working early and went out to the beach. FOR SURE!!!!


Progress 1

Progress 2

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tires, but for what!?

Linda leans towards G_d! ...................

" I'm not sure what the next project will be but I already have 5 NOS US Royal 5.60-15 blackwall bias plies for it.  It's gonna have to be a Beetle or a Ghia, that's what they'll fit.  If God wanted it to be a Bus he'd have landed me some 6.40-15's. "

Tires 1

Tires 2

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Photo session

Here is the finish product. The Slam Gabriel Valley's Pride and Joy. It was a really nice day with lots of sun, so I brought the bus out for a mini photo session. The Rose Bowl is one awesome place for this.  I'd love to ship this bus out to Europe and do a summer show tour.

Baboon 1

Baboon 2

Baboon 3

Baboon 4

Baboon 5

Baboon 6

Baboon 7

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Friday, March 26, 2010

Clean or too clean!!??

Linda had to throw in a little "teaser". Joder!! Aside from that, this beetle is too clean! It makes me want to drop a bucket of mudd on it!!! OKAY!!

" Today I gave the Beetle an oil change.  It had some murky old black oil in there and is now topped off with fresh golden 30W.  I also pulled the sump plate and screen and cleaned up all the parts with gasoline and a bristle brush so everything is nice and clean now.  I even took it for a spin around the block and got thumbs up from a couple neighbors.  I got a couple pics of it outside as well so you can get a long distance glimpse of how it's looking ".

Siempre hay sol en el Pais Vasco de California. Clin d'oeil

beetle 1

beetle 2

beetle 3

beetle 5

beetle 6

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Beetle gets new bumpers!

Here is what Linda had to say about his latest progress .............

" I spent several hours today very carefully touching up tons of small paint chips on the Beetle.  The paint is at least 30 years old and had lots of little stone chips all over that are now a bit less obvious. I also took a minute to mock up the front bumper and I mocked up a NOS German license plate on the back just to get a glimpse of what it must have looked like so many years ago before it made its way to America. "

bumpers 1

bumpers 2

bumpers 3

bumpers 4

bumpers 5

bumpers 6

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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Baboon goes to the Butcher Shop

The day finally came when George Schmidt of the BUTCHER SHOP committed to doing up this mug. I don't recall the countless hours I spent at this shop sanding, scraping and what on this bus!? But it was allot of work. This bus needed very little welding. The body work was also very minimal as well. After all the sanding was done it got sprayed a few times with primer then with single stage flat paint. After this task, George installed a new wiring harness and went to work on lining up the front beam (which is narrowed 4-1/2"), the motor (2180cc) and the transmission ( type 1 short axles with type 3 brakes).  As well the installation of all new German brakes/lines/parts/drums.

The assembly process was as well on its way. I would have to say that 90% of the parts used on this Kombi are NOS. YIKES!!! But back then one wouldn't get boned so badly when purchasing the parts and there were lots of options. All 3 correct seats are present within this bus. They were all sand blasted, had some minor welding repair done to them, placed new springs/coils where needed, then off they went to get powder coated. Then they were fitted with that "Horse Hair" type padding, then fitted with their new skirts. Very Pretty. 

Aside from the intense labor ...... sanding, grinding, lining, adjusting, mocking and what, it turned out better then what we expected. Though mad props and credit go to George Schmidt of THE BUTCHER SHOP!! ( )The finished product is the shop's signature style of work. Once the wiring harness was installed, the drive train was fastened in, then all the electrical was sorted out. The semi-fours were restored by CRG RESTORATIONS.

Here is a rear shot of the bus, during the sanding process and the covering of the extra holes, as taillights.

Kombi 2

Kombi 1

Kombi 3

Now .......... is that a clean nose or what!!! Puck's Panel's nose is like this one!!

Kombi 4

Here's an inner shot.

Kombi 5

Here are a few shots of the day George sprayed it with single stage flat Dove Blue paint.  Allot of people ask me from to time as to why we didn't remove dents or did major body work. Example, that dent on the top left corner of the drivers door??  Aside from the cost of going all the way with body work and the fear of getting it scratched, dented or what, I felt those dents were the bueses Battle Scars. Just like the one on my face! So Fuck it!! I left them there.

Kombi 6

Here's a Booty shot.

Kombi 7

How the heck did this character get in there!!??

Kombi 8

Here is the front beam. A Barndoor beam ( it was an extra I had laying around, I have the original one put away, just incase I decide to raise it), narrowed 4-1/2 inches, adjusters and dropped spindles.

Front Beam

The Transmission is a Type 1 short axle with type 3 drums/brake set up. It also sports a Super Diff kit, and the hardened side plate.


The motor is a 2180cc with dual Weber 44's. The insides are pretty Knarly too. It also sports a 2-1/2 quart oil sump, as well the stock oil cooler and the added cooling system. This mug runs cool and I can drive it anywhere. Long trips are no problem. All the tin metal was sand blasted and powder coated. No bomb canning done on this mug. The finish touch is George's 36 hsp spark plug wire tube. Dresses the motor up nicely and doesn't look crowded.


Here is the parts stash. Parts I've been collecting for years. Like I mentioned prior, 90% of the parts used on this bus were NOS.  Most of these parts came from Holland and Poland.

parts stash 1

parts stash 2

 Parts stash 3

parts stash 4

The assembly process. What a Bitch!!  Here is George ordering lunch ......... " can I have a extra large Animal Style Pizza with little pizzas on top of that as toppings. "

Kombi 9

The front wheel set up are 15 x 4-1/5's and the rear are 16 x 7's Alloys. The rear tires are pretty beefy, for torque traction.

Kombi 10

This is what the bus looked like the day we assembled all the exterior. Not much was needed inside.

Kombi 11

Kombi 12

Not because it's mine, but I LOVE this bus!! It drives really well and is an eye turner.  It's also an awesome feeling to pass modern day cars on the highway, rather then having them tailgate you and honking at you as well. 

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Malibu, California

During my stay in EL PAIS VASCO, I received an email from an old high school buddy of mine and was wondering why I didn't attend our 25 year reunion. Yes, I am that old. I told him ......... FUCK THAT!!!  Besides, everyone already knew I invented the POST IT!!  When I returned to the US, he put me in touch with another friend who is in the movie industry. This guy has made name for himself. YIKES!!  He asked me to come over to his beach house for a small gathering. WOW is all I have to say. I was left speechless.

Any hoot, I got to hangout with my old high school buddy, chat about the Punk Rock days and all the Shenanegin's we got into during high school. The view was great. It got better at sunset.

Must be nice ...........  Clin d'oeil

Here is the GONZ with a $500 bottle of wine!!!

Beach 5

These two equal trouble!!!

Beach 7

Beach 1

Beach 2

 Beach 3

Beach 4

Times like this makes me wish I was attached, married, going with someone or involved. It's just such a shame to experience this alone. Isn't it freakin BEAUTIFUL! Reminds me of the sunset at both Naxos and Santorini islands of Greece.  Though the Greek sunsets were much more beautiful. But in the end, I'm glad I'm not involved and a Player!!! OKAY!!  Clin d'oeil

Beach 6

NO! It's not what you think. She is one of his "ladies friends". Not mine! I'm posting it because it was a cool shot of the sunset and the back ground. I actually told him to take it that way. Must have been the KRUNK JUICE talking?? 

Beach 8

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

The making of ........ BABOON.

Not to take away the spot light from Linda's project. But I figured from time to time I should be featuring certain vehicles up in this mug. CRG's Deluxe was the first. Actually it wasn't. My first featured ride up in here was my 1971 Westy which I shipped out to Europe for my trip.  Most of the rides I will feature up in here have either been around for a long time or aren't shiny enough to be placed in the magazines. So I felt obligated to expose some of the gems which roll around in So Cali and other corners of the world.

Here is one of my rides .......... BABOON!!!! A September 1954 Kombi which out of from Bologna, Italia. You can tell by the red stripe painted across the front nose, this indicates for commercial use. The story behind this bus goes like this ................ A Brit pulled it out from Italy with a dream cruising around the UK in a BD and off it went to the UK, where it actually and sadly sat for a period of time. Though if it was today, someone would have jumped on it and got it on the road. It then got sold to a Yank, whom he sat on it for a while as well.  I remember seeing the bus for the first time on a trailer at the Pomona Swap Meet for sale for BIG MONEY!!  The best part of that day was listening in to a conversation which the previous owner had with a certain very small person full of major attitude who sports the WORSE hair do in the world!! This Munchkin pretty much mocked the guy attempting to sell it. I would visit this guy, whom is a real good friend of mine, from time to time just to see the bus and attempt to working something out with him. I pestered this guy for a very long time until we finally came to a mutual agreement. Back then it wasn't BARNDOOR MANIA and everyone wanted either a Split Window beetle (don't know why??) or a 23 Window Deluxe. BD's were still somewhat expensive, but a bit more affordable for the common Joe, and less of them were around for sale.

I had a smile on my face like the same day I tried Booty for the first time! OKAY! On a good note I had tons of NOS parts for this mug and a few other stuff as well. The bus remained in the "Scolio" stage for a few years. Oh, Scolio is an Italian slang word for an ugly little rock!? Go figure, Italians! I wasn't too worried of the condition of the bus because I already had the vision of what it would end up looking like, and it did!!

The name Baboon. Well, most folks don't know how this name came up or where it came from or what!!??  Only old school early 80's VW enthusiasts would know this. It's really silly but I will share it with you guys. You've read the rest of the junk, why not continue!?  Back in the early 80's lots of guys were placing murals or names on the sides of their beetles, just like VW racers have been doing for even a longer period of time.  One guy had this ugly ass hot pink 61 Rag Top with a pearl paint job, on Centerlines with a crazy ass mural of a Baboon on the side with a club in it's hand while smoking a cigar. Actually the word "Baboon" was on there as well though the lettering was made up from the smoke of the Baboon's cigar. The mural and writing looked CRAZY and too insane back then. I like to say this guy was way ahead of his time. OKAY!!  So with this said, it was a tribute to not only that ride but all the other countless rides during the 80's with Murals on their sides. My favorites were: LITTLE DREAMER, BAD TEMPER, RAG BERRY, BABOON ........... Just to name a few. And I wanted to do this bus up in the typical East Los Angeles Fashion. Everything chrome, on Alloys (now day's people refer to them as FUCH's), primer (this is why I used flat paint) and LAID OUT!!  Back then a majority of the people ran alloys on their rides. The most common and best looking set up was 4-1/2's up front and the early style 6-1/2's in the rear. Very typical.

Here are a few shots of my Kombi before I got it and when it was on the trailer to head out to a few Pomona Swap Meets in the attempt of selling it off. Sorry for the little images, but those were the only ones I could get my hands on of that period of the buses life.

These first pictures are of the bus while its short visit in the land of the Pikey's. You can tell by the 3rd picture.

Italy Bus 1

Italy Bus 2

Italy Bus 3

These next pictures are of when it arrived and started its life in the "Colonies". REALLY.  The guy I got it from got ants in his pants to see what was underneath that primer/paint.

54 Barn 1

54 Barn 2

54 Barn 3

54 Barn 4

54 Barn 5

Now these are the pictures of the bus on the trailer being taken to the Pomona Swap Meet in the attempt of a sale. But all along I was using the JEDI MIND TRICK on this guy!

54 Barn 6

54 Barn 7

54 Barn 8

54 Barn 9

Back then for the average eye, it was an Ugly Duckling. But I knew back then my vision would become a reality in my possesion. A Monster. 


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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pacific Beach, California

After a solid day of lectures and demonstrations the day before, Linda took a small break from his busy schedule to give me a private tour of his shop and his "Private Collections", as the Dutch say. Sourire OKAY! Linda's office is like if you walked either back into the past or into a vintage antique shop.  Or I should say a vintage sports shop. Old Bicycles, skate boards and surf boards.

This is the sign you see as you exit off the Garnett off ramp on Interstate 5, going south.  I got goose bumps and felt my board shaking in the back bed.

PB 1

According to Linda, this bicycle is from the early 1940's.

PB 2

This set up reminds me of the Kieft and Klok shop back in Renkum, Holland. OKAY! Though here its the real deal and there are actually waves. Oh, none of this stuff is for sale.

PB 3

I donated this board to the cause. An early 80's G & S surf board. Elephant in a Can.

 PB 4

PB 6

This fan actually works! After a hard day buffing out some paint, Linda sits in front of it sippin down some Corona's.

PB 5

Here is a Booty shot of Linda's og 54 Standard.

PB 7

PB 8

Linda's collection of hub caps. Those are not for sale.

PB 9

Pressed bumpers EVERYWHERE!!??

PB 10

OK, here is something interesting. Linda's super old medicine display cabinet. According to Linda, the guy 2nd from the left (in the picture) was his grandfather back in Yugoslavia.  I like the Dutch cleaner stuff.

PB 11

PB 12

Here is Linda's 36 hsp engine collection. Just incase one of his other rides break down. OKAY! Clin d'oeil

PB 13

After our "BONDING SESSION", Linda and I went over to our favorite Mexican White People food Restaurant. FRED'S.  Though I have to admit, they have the BEST Lobster tacos around. And all the chicks working there are super hot with big Booty's.  So needless to say, this is my favorite place to munch down when here. The other attraction at FRED'S is this sign hanging over the girls restroom!? WHAT THE FUCK!!?? Though very funny, because most folks who frequent this place do not speak nor read Spanish.  Just look at what I'm pointing at.

PB 14

Afterwards I met up with Poh Gjehl Stah Dougie for a few beers (it was his big FOUR OH birthday) and a cruise down the coast on his 55 Deluxe. DUDE! It was AWESOME driving down the coast and at the same time people are flipping out when they see the bus. Dougie told me that folks trip because they assume it's Brad Pitt & George Clooney driving in it. I told him it was more like the characters from CHIPS ........... John Baker & Frank Ponchorelo. Clin d'oeil  

PB 15

PB 16

Here is Dougie's Bus Lounge area.

PB 17

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Friday, March 19, 2010

A visit to the Maestro

There comes a time and point when you get tired of hearing and reading myths, legends and fairytales. I did!! So I wanted to see first hand how the Maestro really and truly works his majic. Patina Preserving. So I jumped into GRAVE DIGGER and headed down south. NO, not to ADELITA'S. Clin d'oeil(Not this time) But rather, to the North Shore of San Diego, PACIFIC BEACH.  Head quarters of THE HOLY GRAIL GARAGE. Basically, Linda's garage.  BTW, when Linda was on the hunt for a cool name for his gig, I told him to call it LINDA'S GARAGE!! But NO! He listened to him imaginary friend, Leroy. OKAY!!

I specifically asked him to hold off and the cleaning of the spare tire because both and the "followers" ...... Readers of this blog .......... weren't too convinced about his majic. So low and behold, Linda busted out his bucket of majic and gave that wheel a proper cleaning. Linda is " El Maestro ".

On another note and it's really one of those things where you had to be there to experience it. Any hoot, Linda takes me to this mexican joint for lunch, but the crazy part about this place is the Juke Box. It's a colaboration of Banda, Classic Rock, Norteños, New Wave, Regeton and yes, RAP. The really interesting part is the volume is SUPER HIGH!!!  It's the funniest shit ever!! When I got there I was like, WTF!? While Linda was laughing of course. He knew I'd get a kick out of this place.  I don't believe there is any other place where you can play "KASHMIR" by Led Zep, then the next song is ME NORTE by LOS TUCANES DE TIJUANA.

Yes Sir, that is Linda himself getting dirty. Notice the unprotection method!? No latex! Clin d'oeil

Linda 2

Linda 3

Linda 4

 Linda 5

Linda 6

Linda 1

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Chilango Barndoor

Every now and then VW owners come across the "REAL" history of their vehicles, whether it be factory or dealership documentation, or information from either the previous owners or original owner. Well this bus has an interesting back ground and is very unique. Now you are probably wondering why?? And asking what the heck is "CHILANGO" ??? 

This Barndoor Panel was first sold on February 8, 1955 in Mexico City, Mexico. Hence "CHILANGO BARNDOOR".  ( For all the non Mexican fans out there ............ any one who eithre resides or was born in Mexico City is referred to as a "CHILANGO". OKAY. )  The bus was originally sold to a business named REFRESCOS PASCUAL. Which was either used as a transportion of products/supplies or was an actual juice vending vehicle?  'Refrescos' can either be juices or some kind of drink/sodas??  These types of vendors on the streets is pretty popular in all of Mexico.  Then in February 2, 1967 a guy by the name of JESUS ZARATE GARCIA bought the bus for some sort of commercial use. Then on Sept 27, 1982 it went over to Pachuca, Hidalgo, where it was used as a produce vehicle for the rest of its life in Mexico.

It was then pulled out of the Cactus Curtain and brought over to the State of Florida by an owner who had a dream of rolling to a VW show with is fully restored show winning Barndoor. Don't know the real story behind this owner, but chances are this person got BARNDOOR FEVER at the time but found out really quickly what a task and money it would take to get this beast to a descent condition ........... changed his mind and sold it off to my buddy, EAST LA EDDY.

Eddy traded a 1954 Beetle and some $$$ for this 1954 Panel. I too would have traded the beetle for this bus. Shit, for any bus!!! Any hoot, the bus is pretty beat. But not like a beat to shit down Colombian bus.  This bus went through the same sort of life style which most buses went through in areas of lower demographics. When it came to improvements, folks would just improvise with what they had at hand. So the modification factor would come to play. This bus is no different, but all modifications are fixable. Aside from the modifications, this bus is pretty solid.

Eddy's intentions are to sand it down to bare metal, fix or replace any metal, then color primer it a Dove Blue. Then sort out the electrical, then jump on to the drive train. Yes folks, this bus will be lowered. He also has been collecting lots of parts which are correct to the bus.

Here is another one in the makes and this guy is DETERMINED to getting it on the road in the near future!  MAZOL TOV EDDY!!

Eddy 9

Eddy 10

Eddy 11

Eddy 12

Eddy 1

Eddy 2

Eddy 3

Eddy 4

Eddy 5

Eddy 6

Eddy 7

Eddy 8

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

More progress

Here is what Linda had to say, though I'm a bit skeptical on this one. Clin d'oeil So I may have to make a few phone calls to make sure this is Kosher. OKAY!!

" Today I rebuilt the original Carburetor, all by myself.  I've got the dirty hands to prove it!  Everything looked pretty good, just a little bit dirty and crusty, and after a thorough soaking in carb cleaner, tooth brushing, and blasting out the jets with the nozzle, it's much better.  There was some dirt inside the float bowl, a bit inside the accelerator pump, and the accelerator pump diaphragm was looking OK but maybe a bit old.  I installed a rebuild kit, now it runs a bit smoother, and a previous hesitation off idle is nearly gone. "

Carb 1

 Carb 2

Carb 3

Carb 4

Carb 5

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