Thursday, March 11, 2010

Quarterly Report Card - "A" for effort.

Truly spoken by someone with clean hands. OKAY! Here is Linda's Day 11 progress report. I think this kid is on his way to a great report card. Linda definetly gets an "A" for effort.

" Well, the "To-Do" list is growing rather short for what I can do without 10 Foot's help but I still managed to get some small stuff accomplished today.
Doug said the hood pin needed to be adjusted in so I got that done right away and it closes more closely now.  I also detailed and installed the original jack and jack rod ("Jack Rod!" said in the voice of Beavis).  The semaphores were in good shape but the joints were dry so I lubed the hell out of them and worked them endlessly till they moved more freely.  I also took the lenses off, cleaned them up really good to get the dirt out of them, and polished up the old German Osram 6 volt/3 watt bulbs so they shine more brightly.  Next I detailed and reinstalled the semaphore switch assembly.  After that I took the horn button out, cleaned it up really good, and cleaned the contact it makes with the wire coming out of the steering column so now it works even better and is quicker to sound than before.  The shifter had been painted over black at some point so I carefully wiped it down with some lacquer thinner and got it back to the patinaed original ivory paint.  The interior dome light was also on the electrical to-do list so I pulled it out, detailed it up, cleaned all the contacts, polished up the bulb, oiled the contact screws really good, reinstalled it and now it works too.  It even works off the door jam pins just as it should!  I also spent some time detailing small stuff around that nobody will likely ever notice but I know it's that much cleaner, serviced, and getting closer to be done.  I can't believe how nice it's coming out. "

Linda 1

Linda 2

Linda 3

Linda 4

Just imagine if these puppies were dropped off at CRG RESTORATIONS for a little TLC!!??  BTW, if any of you readers out there ever need your semi-fours restored?? Have CRG RESTORATIONS do them up!! They will look like new once they are done!! REALLY!

Linda 5

 Linda 6


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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 10

Both Linda and Dougie are in full force with this mug!!!!

" Today I pulled the headlights off, disassembled, cleaned, polished, and installed new rubber seals in them.  I replaced the parking light bulbs with some new ones, one had come loose from its socket, and reinstalled them.  Low and behold, one of the parking lights has come back to life.  The other one still isn't working but we're down to just 1 parking light and the interior dome light on our electrical "to do" list.  I also got the door handles back on in their proper places and everything works perfectly.  The car locks up safely and everything works on 1 key!  How often can you say that about a 51 year old car? "

Headlight 1

Headlight 2

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Gamble House, Pasadena

On the way back to my temporary residence from sorting out both Matisse and my new home, in Pasadena, I drove by The Gamble House. Sorry for the CRAP pictures but today it's been raining like if Cali was the UK and the days mood kept changing every minute. And not to say that I was parked on the red zone and right smack in front of a fire hydrant!! YIKES!! But being the risk taker that I am, I jumped out of GRAVE DIGGER (my truck) and took a few shots of this gorgeous house.  I won't go into details about this property because once the sun returns and the lighting is allot better, I will come back to take some good shots and give a full report on this historical landmark.

Pasadena's pride and joy.

Bungalow 1

Bungalow 2

Bungalow 3

Bungalow 4

Bungalow 5

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Monday, March 08, 2010

On a mission !!

Since the water was flat (no waves) and all the rain, the Dynamic Duo continued working on their 1959 European Beetle. As we can clearly see, these kids have definetly got mad skillz!!

................................. " Yesterday I headed up to LA for the majority of the day but I still managed to place an order for some new European Bumpers and Guards and some other miscellaneous rubber seals we'll replace.  Today, 10 Foot Doug showed up with his tool box and color wiring diagram so he cleaned things up, made some proper connections where somebody monkeyed in a American style flasher unit so that the rear taillights and semaphores all flashed when you hit the switch.  He corrected it so that it's all stock again, true European, like me when I wear black socks.  We got everything dialed in electrically with the exception of the front running lights and the interior dome light.  The radio has power and crackles a little bit at times but no tunes so far!  I think I might just "Fonzie" it with a sledgehammer to persuade it.  The original drivers door handle was also a bit sticky but after a little love from Doug, it's working perfectly and smoothly now.  We worked till just before dark and it was raining half the time, too!  Hardcore. "

OKAY Clin d'oeil

Linda 1

Linda 2

Linda 3

Linda 4

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Sunday, March 07, 2010

I must have dirty hands!!??

Linda has GOT to have dirty hands by now!!?? OKAY!!  Here is what he had to say about Day 8 of his cleaning process.

" Alright, my hands are aching and I've got blisters on my fingers.  The paint has now all been cleaned and it already has a shine.  Keep in mind that it hasn't been fully polished or waxed yet.  10 Foot Doug is printing up a copy of the wiring diagram today so we can get some of the non-working electrical stuff dialed in this weekend.  It's looking pretty damn good now and will only look better from here on out " .

In all seriousness, this beetle is turning out to be gem. It's really amazing when you put a little elbow grease into your ride and stare at amazement at the out come.

Clean 1

Clean 2

Clean 3

Clean 4

Clean 5

Clean 6

Clean 7

You gotta LOVE that license plate frame.  I know I do!!

Clean 8

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Saturday, March 06, 2010

Patina Prophet, Linda

A Prophet is a person who has been contacted by, or has encountered, the supernatural or the divine, and serves as an intermediary with humanity, delivering this newfound knowledge from the supernatural entity to other humans.

Word's according to the Patina Prophet Linda............

" Big day today.  I started off early taking the front bumper blade to 10 Foot Doug's shop to have him work his magic on it.  I also had some touch up paint matched up so we can touch up the many small chips all over the car.  I provided a sample, the original paint dash ashtray, they photograph/scan it into a computer, and it makes the match automatically.  I also finished up painting some small parts which are now ready to go back on the car.  I couldn't resist so I took to the paint with my magic polish and I think the results speak for themselves.  From dull and lifeless to a full on shine, it cut down the dullness and stains and brought out the nice paint that is hiding below.  Several neighbors stopped and freaked out about it, complimenting how nice it's looking.  I also touched up the wheels with some CLR and got a lot of the surface rust off them, they are looking far nicer now ".

Linda 1

Linda 2

Linda 3

Linda 4

Linda 5

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Friday, March 05, 2010

Day 6

" Today I removed the bumpers, fully disassembled them, polished them up, sanded and painted all of the brackets, and the backsides of the chrome bumper parts got a new coat of silver hammertone paint.  I also removed the petrified remains of what used to be a hood seal and polished around that area as it won't get touched when we buff the paint.  I also started removing and detailing some of the small parts that need to come off before we polish the paint up so we get a really great result without interference.  The side mirror, antenna, and wipers came off, got cleaned up, polished, and painted.  They are already ready to go back on after we buff and wax the body.  I'll be bringing the front bumper blade to 10 Foot Doug the Head so he can put it in a press and get that ugly dent pushed back into shape.  It's gonna be behind the front license plate so it won't need to be perfect. " OKAY!

Linda 1

Linda 2

Linda 3

Linda 4

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Puck's 1954 Panel

During Yohann Veipeau's ( ) visit to VascoCalifornia, he managed to take several shots of Puck's 1954 Panel, while we were in the process of transporting it from the P-Town grave yard to Hera's compound. On hand with the help were Dougie, Linda, Puck, Hermansito and the Cambodians.  Mad props to all these guys for helping out!! The bus runs, but the brakes needed some tweaking. So Maurice hooked it up with the Tow Truck.

Any Hoot, we got the bus over to Hera's shop safely, then headed back for a fiesta.

Panel 8


Panel 1

 Panel 2

Panel 3

Panel 4

 Panel 5

 Panel 6

Panel 7

The line up: Linda's 1954 Standard, my 1954 Kombi, Dougie's 1955 Deluxe 23 Window and Sai's 1966 Panel.  Check out Linda holding a bottle of Yak!!

Kickin it 2

Kickin it 1

The Posse. That's Dougie and me with the Cambodians, Maurice & Sai. They were in town for the Big Wave event ......... DOUG WOULD GO

Kickin it 3

Here's Yohann...............

Kickin it 4

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Day 5 of the cleaning processs

Today Linda spent some time cleaning inside the engine compartment, polished up the jams, the rear apron, and the underside of the decklid, all of which are original (first) paint!  He also cleaned up some of the engine pieces just a bit but didn't spend too much time on it as the engine will likely come out to fix the clutch/pressure plate/throwout bearing. He oiled up the side view mirror, it was frozen, and was able to carefully flip it around the right way.  Also took apart the license plate light, cleaned up the contacts on it, and got it to work now, too.  He also spent a little time trying to see if he could get the original Motorola radio to work.  Cleaned up some of the connections, checked and cleaned the fuse, and still nothing.  We've seen old tube type radios come back to life after a long hibernation so he absolutely has hope for it still.  

Linda 1

Linda 2

Linda 3

Linda 4

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Progress in the making

Linda is virtually done detailing the interior.  He cleaned up the seats, rear panels, seat frames, rear floor and mats, underneath the rear seat, battery area, rear carpet, etc.  He also pulled the horn off, extracted the rusted remains of one of the contact screws, found another original screw, fixed one of the wire ends that had broken free, reinstalled it, and have a working horn.  He also went around and relubed everything that moves, door handles, door strikers, door hinges, decklid hinges, semaphores, hood prop joints, vent wing latch (one had snapped off and needs replacing) choke knob and at the carb, accelerator connections, etc.  Linda mentioned that everything was super dry as it literally had not been touched forever.
Tomorrow he will move to doing some cleaning in the engine compartment.

Linda 1


Linda 2

Linda 3

Linda 4

Linda 5

Linda 6

Linda 7

Now that is one really nice detailed hubcap.

Linda 8

Linda 9

Linda 10

Linda 11

 Linda 12


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Monday, March 01, 2010

Rain or shine !!!!

Words according to Linda ..............

" It poured rain today but that doesn't stop us, we're just like XXX porno, hardcore.  Today my trusty assistant, 10 Foot Doug the Head, reported for duty and we went down to my favorite tire shop and got the new Firestone 5.60-15 whitewall bias plies mounted.  Good thing I know Spanish cause those guys sure as hell don't speak any English!  "?Que honda Jose? The new tires are a miracle better than the wasted and cracked up old bias plies that were on there for the last several decades.  I had already done up a very nice set of hubcaps I had and those are now on as well.  Stay tuned ........... "

Doug 1

Front Wheel

Doug 2

Rear Wheel

Doug 3

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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Going to town on this mug!!!!

Here is what Linda had to say about his 3rd day encounter..........

" I got a lot done today, cleaned up the spare tire well area again with CLR this time, scrubbed up the front floors and mats, cleaned the parcel shelf, detailed the shit out of the whole dash, rear view mirror and visors, glove box, door jams all around, polished up the window winders and handles and knobs, and wiped down the front door panels which look retardedly nice.  It's gettin' there, and quickly ".


Linda 2

Linda 3

 Linda 4

Linda 6

Linda 8

Linda 9

 Linda 10

Linda 12

Linda 13

Linda 17

Linda 18

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

The cleaning continues.........

Linda is going out of control with his toothbrush!!! What a difference within the few days its been in his possesion. JODER!!  Here are a few before and after shots of areas he went to town on.

Linda 1


Linda 2

 Linda 3

Linda 4

Linda 5

 Linda 6

Linda 7

 Linda 8

Linda 9

Linda 10

Linda 11

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Friday, February 26, 2010

Preserving an original 1959 VW Beetle

I'd have to say the biggest score in owning a Volkswagen would be to own an original condition Volkswagen. The "PATINA" look is finally receiving the respect it should have had all along. The masses are finally getting that any one can restore and have a super shiny ride, but not every one has a ride sporting the original paint of the car.  Even though this beetle had a one time exterior repaint, same color, it still sports that faded patina look.

What we are looking at is a 1959 European Deluxe Beetle in L14 Mignonette Green, a cool 1959 only color that is said to be the same as the "Reseda" Green that came on earlier Split Convertible Beetles.  It's had a 1 time exterior repaint in the original color decades ago, all original door panels, seat covers, and paint inside, original pan, stock running great, original 36hp, and just 90,000 original miles. Yes, it runs!

An actual "Barnfind", as most like to claim they either found or have. This is the real deal folks, as you can see how preserved this beetle is. It doesn't get any better then this and what patina perv would love to get their hands on this baby! Speaking of Pervs..........this gem belongs to my buddy and fellow BDM member, Brendan "Linda" Finn.  ( )  Linda has been involved in the VW Bus scene for the past 20 years and has had numerous encounters of these types. So needless to say, he is the guy to come to for advice when it comes to preserving an original condition ride. 

The story goes..........the beetle was discovered about 6 years ago in a barn out of Idaho. Prior to that, it sat for a longer time up in Montana. Now any of you guys out there who know old cars know that there is NO WAY a vehicle in this condition lived it's life out in the open, in Montana.  After a few emails and phone calls, the beetle ends up in the hands of Linda. OKAY!!

Well here we go.........Here are pictures of the beetle as it was pulled out from the barn in Idaho and onto the trailer to make its way to the North Shore of San Diego, Pacific Beach.

Linda 1

Linda 2

Look at that interior!  Not bad for a 50 year old ride!! Can't wait to see how that turns out??

Linda 3

Yup! That's the original 36 horsepower motor to the beetle.

Linda 4

 Getting loaded and heading to the North Shore of San Diego, Pacific Beach.

Linda 5

Here is a shot at night when the beetle arrived at Linda's shop.

 Linda 6

Now the following shots are the beginning of the preservation process.

Here the beetle sits in the same condition as when it left the barn. Dirty!!

Linda 7

And these are after a good car wash and prepping for resurrection. And NO folks! These are NOT photoshop tricks. This is just after a good scrubbing.

Linda 8

Linda 9

Linda 10

Linda 11

Linda 12

Linda 13

That is one NICE license plate frame. Clin d'oeil

Linda 15

Linda 16


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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Redwood Forest, Klamath, California

I've driven by the Trees of Mystery a few times but never felt obligated to stop and do the typical tourist thing..........take a picture with Paul Bunyan and Babe! So this time I did!!!!  Once I jumped out of the car and ran straight to these giant characters to pose, I turned into a little kid!!! Like every time I visit the happiest place on earth. DISNEYLAND!!!!

The Trees of Mystery ( ) is located in Klamath, about 20 miles north of Eureka. Basically right smack in the middle of the Redwood National Forest. I strongly encourage any of you readers to come visit these friendly giants. What a site to see!!! The Redwood trees are enourmous!! In some cases as big as a house!!!!  I was even given a seed to plant one of these giants. When the time comes and I purchase another home, you can bet I will plant that Redwood seed in the back yard and one day build a tree house on top of it. Maybe when it matures to a bigger tree.........I will build a pub on it!! OKAY!!

 Redwoods 1




 Paul Bunyan is one big ass dude!!! But I like his side kick, Babe, allot more. OKAY!


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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

OCTO Winter Meet

Let's open this posting with a big WOW, because this day by no means had anything to do with the winter season!!! Not a cloud in sky and in the low 80's.  In my demented head it seems as if I was gone for a few weeks only. But being back for this short period of time, I got into the rhythm rather quickly and jumped right in. We left Hera's house in P-Town about 6:00 am!!! YIKES!!!  Yank events differ from Euro meetings. No one is in a rush to get there and they are 3 day events. Here in VascoCalifornia, they start super early and end at mid day!! JODER!!  Any Hoot, off we went to collect "PUCK". His 54 Panel is in the process of getting it road worthy so he needed a ride out. On the way as well we hooked up with Hermansito and his og paint 66 Standard.

Finally we arrive at the event with a 55 Panel, 54 Kombi and a 66 Standard. BOY what a line up!!!  Once at the entrance we are greeted by none other then Mr. Ed Economy. This guy can charm the birds out a tree and have them collect the funds from entering fans while he relaxes and sips on his favorite poison. But I think not! This guy has responsibilities to perform.  Once inside we are personally guided by the man himself!! Really no introduction is necessary..........CHUCK D!! aka Charles Hamill lll.  Of course he's popping wheelies on his vintage bike which he's probably owned since childhood?? 

Once the parking is sorted out, off we venture to see what treasures lurk and await for our discovery.  I don't need much, but Puck is missing a few trinkets for his 54 Panel. Everyone is out if full force, especially the swappers. Tons of enthusiasts walk up and down the swapper's isle in search of that one missing link to their beloved project. Speaking of beloved, today happens to be Valentine's Day in the US. So lots of guys either are in a rush to do their thing and get back to their loved one?? Or are in the Dog House!! OKAY!!! Also at hand and pimping rare parts and vintage motor treasures was George Schmidt of the world Famous BUTCHER SHOP in Slam Gabriel, VascoCalifornia. ( ) Geez that guy is SEXY!!!  He's cleaned up his act as well. Shaved and got a hair cut!!!

This was by far one of the coolest OCTO's I've been to. Why you ask? Well, I just returned from a long journey and everyone was eager to hear all the interesting stories and the weather was AWESOME!!!! There was not one cloud in the sky and typically it rains on this event. Linda was also in full force giving lectures and educating enthusiasts on why YOU need to own a pressed bumper bus and at the same time attempting to convince you that he is NOT Flipper!! OKAY!!  Seeing all my buddies was a good time.   

All in all, tons and tons of cool buses showed up and lots of bus people as well.

Here is my bus with lined up with Hera's 55. We arrived at 7:45 am, the gates closed at 8:00 am, so no other buses were allowed in until someone left the lot.



Here's PJ's really beautiful original paint 1966 Deluxe 21 Window. BTW, he is also the new appointed head hancho of OCTO


Esteban Salcedo's 1959 Kombi. 


Beautiful original paint Sealing Wax Red Crewcab in the Swap row.


 Cool early Panel with logos and Hurst Bumpers.


1967 Westy.


Another shot of the front row. This is where the pick of the litter gets to park.  You can see Buddy catching Linda snatching off one of his hubcaps!!! Clin d'oeil

 OCTO 11

 Low Rider Mike's 1955 Single Cab. " hello, hello ............... oh, hey Mike ".


Abel's, aka Mers, Slammed 1960 Panel on air bags.


 I liked this one allot. Original paint 1966 Deluxe. The patina on this mug was INSANE!!!


Another Monster Patina ride. 1965 Standard. Imagine this beast in the hands of Linda for a few weeks!!?? YIKES!!!


Flash back to the early 80's!!!!


This is one really nice original paint deluxe.


Here's Hermansito's (my brother) 1966 Standard. I really wish this guy would buff out the og paint and give this bus the justice it deserves.  Any of you out there who know him, tell him to RUB THE BITCH out!!!!   Sourire


An authentic Pikey Caravan. I love this bus! It reminds me of "Señor Camper", God rest his soul.


This is my favorite VW in the world!!  Ed hughe's 1954 Kombi. I LOVE THIS BUS!!!


Just look at that Booty!!!


Here's Buddy Park's 1961 Westy with 31K miles!!!  He's got a really super nice bus right here.  That interior and motor are to die for!!! 




Behold..........yet another Buddy Park's owned Bus! 1957 og paint Standard. 

 OCTO 26

The Swap Rows were heavily packed with almost anything you are looking for on your parts list. Almost everything. Clin d'oeil




Holy Shit! A Parrot Dog!!  Crackers and all. I thought it was a cat at first, but no! I was a dog and this little guy spent the entire day on this guys back.


Sexiest Armenian Alive, chatting up Chuck D. He was MUCH sexier a few days ago. His hair was much longer. Kinda looked like Fabio.  " So, are you going to have any food at your house afterwards??.............Yeah, but you can't eat it all. I have guests coming over. " Sourire 


Yo quiero Taco Bell............


 Nice art work by Tim Leventry.

 OCTO 36

Linda's really nice 1954 Standard. If you look in the back ground, he's lecturing while his chick's inside waiting for her Valentines gift.


Again, a crowd gathering around Linda for a lecture. REALLY.


 Dougie's 1955 Deluxe. BDM REPRESENTING!!!!!



This bus was really KNARLY!!!  Mad props to the guy who took the time and got it on the road. This thing was pretty beat and super rusty, but driving!!?? I looked for the owner to ask questions but couldn't find him/her??  Next time.  Regardless, this was the most talked about bus present and it got lots of attention. It's for sale so maybe it will end up going to the UK?? REALLY.  Clin d'oeil 


 OCTO 44




The aftermath. Parking lot Goons! The BDM.


My favorite bus leaving the show. En pleurs


This Winter event was by far the best one! AWESOME weather with a great turn out! As I mentioned earlier, folks who arrived after 8 am, had to wait outside for other buses to leave before they were allowed in. In the near future it may be possible the OCTO crew may want to consider a larger venue???  Big shout out to the OCTO crew and Mozal Tov to PJSourire


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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Out of Hibernation

It's been a long time since the Mighty Baboon has seen the road. So off I went to my Best Friend's, and most successful friend as well, house..........RICKY!!!  Ricky lets me keep my bus at his mansion. Heck, what are rich best friends for. Oh, BTW, Ricky was also one of my World Tour Sponsors.

Rose 1

It was really nice to pull that mug out and crank it right up!!  I went straight over to CAMP BRICK TOP for a clean up session with Eh Greg, John Pickens, Roger Nang and Scott. Baboon was pretty much super dusty, so a good wash and minor clean up inside was necessary.  Though one thing I did which I have not done in some years............give the engine compartment as well the motor a good cleaning and detail job. Especially since I will be parking next to CRG's bus at the show. That bus is TOO clean!!! YIKES!! 

Any hoot, after a real good cleaning we all decided to head over to the Rose Bowl for some pictures. DUDE, it was a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!  DAMN!  CRG also happened to by in the neighborhood so he got in on the action.  What a line up..............57 Deluxe, 54 Kombi, 55 Kombi and a 55 Deluxe.

Rose 2

Rose 3

 Rose 4

Rose 5

Rose 6

Rose 7

 Rose 8


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Friday, February 12, 2010

CRG's 1957 European Deluxe

Boy was I in for a treat, and what a BEAUTIFUL day too. Yesterday I felt as if I was back in the UK!! It rained all Bloody Day!! REALLY. Any hoot, while on the internet looking for employment, CRG contacts me to see if I wanted to head over to the ROSE BOWL to take some pictures of his bus??? The 1957 European Deluxe. So I dropped my quest and headed over, after all I was only a 5 minute drive away.

Not only is the Rose Bowl one of the coolest places in Southern California, it is also a historical landmark in the city of Pasadena just 20 minutes north of Down Town Los Angeles. It is also a great place to take these types of pictures, because from the south parking lot you have both the stadium and the Slam Gabriel Valley Mountains as the back drop. It really is a pretty site, especially on a clear sunny day. Which is pretty much year round in So Cali. It couldn't have been a better day.

The story on this bus is pretty interesting. CRG was told about this bus 10 years ago, while in the process of doing up his award winning 49 Split Window. Though at the time his main focus was to finish off his 49 and not get involved with any distractions or yet alone, another project.  The cool part of this story is all along the previous owner held on to the bus, moving from house to house and dragging the bus along with him. The guy still held on to it keeping in mind CRG??? About 6 years ago CRG runs into a guy who knows the owner of the bus and told the guy he'd give him $100 if he got the owner of the bus' phone number. A few days later the guy comes back with the phone number. CRG calls the owner of the bus and he's still got it!!! He heads over to the guys house and works out a deal and BAM!!  The bus is in CRG's possession.  He asked the previous owner why he held on to it and wanted to sell it to him???  He said he knew he would fix it up and do it the justice it deserved. WOW!!!

I got to see the bus a few days after he got it home. It was basically a rolling shell. ALL the hard to find parts were missing.  I recall all the countless NOS parts he had been collecting and all the research that goes along with this type of project. Knowing CRG's reputation and when he told me he was going all out on this one, I just knew it was going to be a top notch finished project.  He's been working on this bus for the past 5 years and is now enjoying his finished pride and joy. I got to ride in it a few nights ago and what a tight ride. Smooth and comfortable. This is totally a head turner, no matter where you go!! Store, gas station, In & Out or just driving around. People flip out when they see it. CRG has also told me that people have freaked out and asked him to pull over so they can take pictures with it. 

Here is the link to his bus from beginning to end:

This Sunday's event will be the first OCTO the bus is present and the first time CRG drives a bus to this event. I told him to have his sharpie ready cuz he's going to get famous. If you are in the middle of a an early deluxe restoration?? I highly recommend you come by the bus, check it out and pick CRG's brain. This guy has set the bar really high for his fellow GFK members who own a deluxe!! Clin d'oeil That reminds me, I need to pull BABOON out of hibernation and clean that mug up too for Sunday's meeting.

This bus is really beautiful, it speaks for its self. You be the judge...........

And NOPE!! these are NOT fake license plates!! These are the REAL DEAL!!  Frank the Tank found them on the American side of the last Pomona Swap Meet!! CRG had to have them, and they match perfectly with the license plate frame. HIGHLAND PARQUE CONTROLA!!!!!!!  Cool


Here is the Maestro himself, CRG, regulating the parking lot with Mini CRG sitting in the back mad dogging fools. To make this a perfect picture??? He should have gotten his Fade on!!!  En pleurs

 CRG 2

What a sight!


 BOOM!!!!!!!!  Surpris

 CRG 4





CRG 10


CRG 11

 CRG 13

CRG 14

CRG 15

 This has to be my favorite shot!!!!!

CRG 16

CRG 17

I SPY tons of NOS goodies in this one..............Coat Hook, Ambulance Fan, Horn Button, Sun Visor, Dome Light and ????? Rigolant 

CRG 19

This is one beautiful cock pit. That Hurst shifter gives it the finish touch.

CRG 20

CRG 21

CRG 22

CRG 23

This is also one of my favorite shots.

CRG 24

As the followers of Abraham say, MOZAL TOV to you CRG!!  I for one cannot wait to see everyone's expression when they see it in person come this Sunday's OCTO event.  And after seeing this restoration process from start to finish.........I'd love to see you get your hands on a BARNDOOR!!!!!!!  Cool 


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Many of you may know by now or have heard or know of the following............The Panel Van Mafia, The Oval Window Mafia, The Bay Window Mafia or perhaps the Black Sox Mafia???  Or what about The Westfalia Mafia!!??  I, being someone connected, have NEVER known of any of these organizations being legit?? I can place these make believe groups right up there with Linda's imaginary friend, Leroy. BUT, yes there is a but, The Westfalia Mafia does in fact exist. It's fearless leader is a character known to the BDM as BRICK TOP!! But also goes by Eh Greg Bjorsen Williams Noble lll.  But to anyone lurking with in The Samba, he is known as "CAMPING BOX". 

While on my way to a job interview I see from the distance what appears to be a split window bus, as it gets closer I got excited noticing it was an early pressed bumper original paint bus!!!  YIKES!! But hold on to your knickers, it was EH GREG!! Though this kid is from Olympia, Washington!!?? What is he doing in Pasadena!!??

Well Eh Greg is also a slum lord and had to come down to kick some tenants out and replace them with none speaking English tenants.  I was about to bust a Uie (U-turn) but went on towards the location of my job interview.  Though after  I was done I went to "Camp Brick Top", which is a Labor Camp up in northern Pasadena. Caught up with Eh Greg and had a chat with the kid.  He also schooled m3 on the wonderful world of Westies.

This is his July 1955 Kombi with the Westfalia Camping Box interior. Drove it all the way down from Olympia to So Cali, then over to Lake Havasu for the Buses By the Bridge event, then back to his Pasadena crib. Gotta love that Patina. Let's all hope one day Eh Greg buffs that bitch out!!??

Disclaimer: Please note photographer was drinking and did not have a steady hand. He also forgot his tripod.

Greg 1

 Greg 3

Greg 4

Greg 6

 Greg 7

 Greg 8

Check out the Bakelite Dome Lights. Since this is a Wolfsburg bus, it has a handfull of the Barndoor characteristics on it, like the 3 piece dog legs.

Greg 9

 Greg 10

 Greg 11


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Monday, February 08, 2010

The Butcher Shop

With less then a week to prepare for OCTO's Winter Fiesta and the possibility of going up north for a requested "HIT"!!!!  Don't know if I will have the time necessary to getting all this stuff sorted out. REALLY.  So rather then taking the easy way out and turning tricks on the corner...........I put my booty to work!! JODER!!!

BTW, my hair slicked back looks Cherry!! Bad Ass!! Though I am contemplating my appearance?? Now being a professional blogger. I'm up in the air whether to stick to the "FONZ" look or go back the the "GEORGE CLOONEY" look, which I have been sporting for some years now?? The Clooney look gets me all the young chicks, but the Fonz look makes me super cool looking!!??  Don't you think? If not, SIT ON IT!!! OKAY!! Clin d'oeilAny hoot, this is my 5 seconds of my swelling of the head process.  Feel free to leave any feed back, comments or if you just want to make fun of me????? In the Commentaries option up in this mug. OKAY.

Los Vascos somos bien trabajadores! OSTIA!!


This coming event should be an interesting one. Hopefully the rain doesn't catch us. It WAS raining pretty hard out here in Sur Califas. Oh, any of you outsiders/foreigners reading this and have been watching "YANK" television/news???? Don't believe the hype.  8 out of 10 times the weather forecasters are wrong and when ever it rains for long periods of time, the news goes OOC (out of control), because they have nothing better to report on. OKAY!  It's all Cool Beans out this way. So no rain dances please.

Keep an eye out for OCTO's WINTER FEST report. OKAY.  ( )


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Thursday, February 04, 2010

Tourmaline Beach, San Diego, California

 This is one of the coolest beaches in So Cali.  Great spot for Long Boards and a bike ride from Linda's crib.  This place during the summer time is loaded with hot hussies!!  Especially during the long holiday weekends. OKAY!! 

San Diego 1

San Diego 2

 San Diego 3

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Sunday, January 31, 2010


As I promised, I will be keeping you guys posted on what is currently going on in the Sur Califas Car scene. 

I met up with my really good friend, John Solana. An avid car guy who is in the middle of restoring both a 1966 Riviera and a 1957 Deluxe Micro Bus. We met up with other fellow enthusiasts: George Schmidt of the World Famous BUTCHER SHOP, ( and George's side kick, Abel. The best part of this event is I got to go in here before the general public was allowed. Thursday night. JODER!!!

John is good friends with the guy who does the show so we got to get in there while the show is setting up.  This event is taking place within all the hangers at the famous Pomona Fair Grounds. Yes, were the Pomona Swap Meet's are held. Each hanger has its own theme. From Nostalgic hot Rods to Customs to Low Riders to Muscle Cars.

Lots of shiny cars with tons of chrome to cars with history and the daily drivers. My favorites are the Customs with flat paint or with original paint. This scheme just gives it that vintage touch and stands out from the rest. One really cool thing the promoters set up within the Nostalgic Hot Rod hanger was the surround sound speaker system.  Just imagine you drooling over So Cal Speed Shop's rides and in the back ground you can hear hot rods from the speakers hauling ass, and from each corner!  At first I kept thinking someone outside was happy to pull their ride out from their trailer??  But nope! It was the surround sound speaker system. Too cool. (BTW, if any of you ever come down to So Cali and would like a private tour of SO CAL SPEED SHOP??? Let me know ahead of time and I can arrange this for you.)

There were tons of clubs, individual owners, shops and what, setting up for this weekends show down. Chip Fuuse was there too.  For me, the coolest rides were in the Suede Room. This are considered the lower end cars?? But I beg to differ because there are rides in there most folk's wish they had. Like me!! There was a really AWESOME chopped 40 Merc!! JODER!!  Era la Ostia!!!

I even had a stand and a ride at the event. OKAY!  Clin d'oeil

Grand 1

Grand 2

Grand 4

Grand 3

Grand 5

 Grand 6

Grand 7

Grand 8

Now this is what I call BOOTY!!!!! I was asked the silliest question while drooling over this ride. The question was.........if I had the choice, what would I choose??  This ride?? Or a one nighter with Monica Bellucci??  DDUURRR!!!!!!  Rigolant

 Grand 9

 Grand 10

 Grand 11

Grand 12


Grand 13

Here is the Nostalgic Hanger. This is the HISTORY HANGER!!! JODER!! 

Grand 14D

And here is the legendary SO CAL SPEED SHOP Bonneville record breaker.

Grand 15

Grand 16

 This was something very interesting but yet super cool. A 1956 FIAT race car trailer. From what I read it was set up to hold 2 cars and the middle compartments were loaded with the race equipment.

Grand 17

Grand 18

Betty Boop was getting her groove on!

Grand 19

 I would LOVE to show up to a RAIDERS game and throw down a mean tail gate fiesta in this Caddy.

Grand 21

 Grand 20

Grand 22

Grand 23
Grand 24

Grand 26

 Grand 27

 Grand 28

 Grand 31

Grand 29

Grand 30

 Grand  32

This HAD to show up!!  Every time I see her, I miss her!!  I miss my MERC!!  I would always yell out........GREASERS FOR LIFE AYE!!!!  What a let down!!  En pleurs   Definetly on the top 5 of the crowd!

Grand 33

Grand 34

Grand 35

Grand 36

Grand 37

Grand 38

Grand 39

Grand 45

Grand 46

Grand 47

Grand 48

Grand 40

 Grand 49

Grand 50

Grand 41

Grand 42

Grand 51

 Grand 43

This is some nice BOOTY!!

Grand 52

Grand 53

Grand 44

I'd have to say one of my top favorite cars there was Pascal "Bugs" 35 Ford. By the way, Pascal is a pretty well known artist and he is super cool. PUTAIN!! Clin d'oeil ( This ride was not spared to what it came to be. Every corner, crack and what was done up!!  Seriously, this car was a Monster!!  Just have a look for yourselves.............

Buggs 1

Buggs 2

 Buggs 3

Buggs 4

Buggs 5


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Friday, January 29, 2010

Look who's back!!!!

Well folks, this segment of the journey has ended.  I say this because I will never quit from Traveling, exploring and experience new things abroad. This by far was the knarlyest thing I have ever done in my life and without any regrets. Joder! I'd have to say the most memorable encounters are all the amazing people. Either if they were cool or jerks. Some times crazy! I can write up in this mug all the unreal stories I have to offer, but that would take too much space and it would be much better to told in person. This way you can buy me a beer. OKAY!

I am sorry about not blogging and posting up images of the other crazy places I've been, but let me tell you what a bitch it is doing this when your key board and programs are in either other languages or in different characters.  Hey, you tell me............would you rather be drinking beers in an internet café staring out to the beach and watching all the Booty walk by and get away!!??  FORGET THAT!! I'm a pirate and you know pirate's love!!!  BOOTY!!!  AARRRHHHHH.  But on that note I will be working on my website and sort out all the unseen pictures as the ones placed in here for all of your viewing pleasures.

Now the real journey continues.............I get to start all over from scratch. EVERYTHING!!  So if any of you readers out there feel sorry for me?? (which you shouldn't)  Invite me for a pint and some pub food. Or better yet, keep an eye open for me, I need a JOB!!!  JODER!!

I will also continue blogging. Now that I have a fan base, mostly European, and these guys are all part of the car culture and appreciate it as well.........why not! I will keep everyone posted on what is REALLY going on in the So Cali Car scene, and within the same day or the day after. It's not the same reading about it in magazines, especially magazines writing staff aren't present or nor live here!!?? What the fuck!!  I say get the inside story straight from the source's mouth.  This is how I figure........why spend 20 Euros on a magazine and get the "shiny" pictures and stories from guys who DON'T live here!!??  Now that is straight Malarkey!  Am I bagging on the magazines??  YES and SO!!??  Besides, why spend that money on advertising rags when you can come in here and get it for free and laugh while you are reading it!!  Besides, the writing is all legit with a cutting edge twist!! I live here, am around the scene, have history, am very well known (OH MY GOD, THERE I GO AGAIN BRAGGING ABOUT MYSELF) and will be amongst the scene for a very long time!!  Bottom line............forward me the cash rather then the publications and laugh while you read it.  It's not about the magazines, the life style or the scene. It's about being here and living it!  JODER!!

Any hoot readers, I'm stoked to be back, gonna be hitting the waters with my Rhino Chaser and hooking up with all my homies!!


Stay tunned.................OKAY!!  (Damn I look pretty)  Clin d'oeil



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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Barcelona, España

La Despedida. Muchisimas Gracias a mis amigos, Los Panscrapers, especialmente a Carles! Ese Tio es un Crack!! Gracias por todo y pasandola a puta madre conmigo. Mi visita a Cataluyna era la Ostia. Joder!!  No vemos pronto en el Pais Vasco de California. Venga.

After spending some serious time in Spain, it's time to say LAYDO! I'd like to give mad props to all my friends who put me up and showed me around. I am a firm believer that a travel experience is much better when you know someone at the destination. And this was the case. Soccer games, Paella, beaches, wine, pintxos and this list goes on, Endless, was an awesome experience.

Any of you first time visitors to Europe want a good experience........Go to Spain!!

Any hoot, this was my last day and all the guys threw me a farewell fiesta at Jordi's house, while we watched Barcelona play. I went out with a bang because we got SUPER POLLO to go. I said it was a catered fiesta. It was kinda sad but allot of fun knowing I made more friends for life.  The main guys where there: Carles, his girl Gisela, Mark Eastwood, Xavi, Smooth, Jordi, Rey and Ferran ( The Everett Barnes of Spain ).

Good Times.

Super Pollo


The croquettes was the SHIT!!!!


Here I am pretending to be Linda giving these guys a lecture on color charts Volkswagen offered during the early 50's.


 Mark Eastwood doing the honors with the pizza.


Check out Ferran, the Everett Barnes of Spain, giving Carles the evil look. 



Hey!  Who ate all the Croquettes!!!


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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Bilbao, The Basque Country, España

Ahi va la Ostia!!! JODER!!!

Regrese al Pais Vasco!!!! 

After spending some time in both Cantabria and Asturias, I went back to where I left my heart. Or I should say my stomach.  Since this journey started, Spain without a doubt has the best food!!! Now this is just my opinion. The food in Cataluyna was the bomb! But I have to come clean and just say the food in the Basque Country is to die for. I did not have one single bad food incident. I must have gained easily 5 lbs while here.  Add another 5 while in Cataluyna. YIKES!! I know, I know are all saying how is this possible to know, especially if you haven't been to Spain!!??  All I can say is take my word for it. Or you can watch the Anthony Bordain : No Reservation's episode of eating in Spain.  I just happened to catch that episode and came to the conclusion that I wasn't making this up in my head. Before the episode he spoke to his crew about how Spain being the best in Europe. Through out the entire episode he was raving about all his meals. He only visited The Basque Country and Cataluyna regions, but he spent more time with the Vascos. Joder!!

Any hoot, talknig about food is just making hungry, so I will leave after writing this for some pintxos. Joder.!!

I also came back because I missed Borja, Bea and Juanmi. (los estrañe)



Look!!! @ @ ......... A Gaudi building.








Here is something cool I discovered while in the Basque Country. KUKUSUMUSU. It will take some time to explain what this little place is all about. It's basically a t-shirt company with some funny ass stuff on them. They also make other stuff. They started out by making t-shirts making fun of The running of the Bulls in Pamplona. The correct pronounciation is: Koo Koo Shu Muuh Shu. Which means in BasqueThe Kiss of a flea!!??  It's as silly as it's name. Check it out for yourselves.  (


Look at the look on my face. Clin d'oeil













AGUR!!!!  ( Good Bye in Basque )


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Friday, December 25, 2009


Merry Christmas to all of you and your loved ones.



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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Oviedo, Asturias, España

Hung out with my Asturias posse before heading back to El Pais Basco! Fer and I went to Oviedo for the day. Lots of stuff to see there. Especially the giant JC on the top of the hill and the Roman building on the way up!!




This giant JC statue over looks the city of Oviedo.  It's really big!!


This is the view from way up here!!





Yes, this is a statue of Woody Allen, for the few films he's done in España. If you haven't seen his latest film: VICKY, CHRISTINA, BARCELONA!!??? Go see it!!












Later that night Santi, Fer and a few other buddies went over to Gijon for some Mexican food and beers. My farewell fiesta from Asturias.

Fer y Santi.......muchas gracias por pasando tiempo conmigo y por los Helados. Sourire   JODER!!!! 




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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Santillana del Mar, Cantabria, España, Day - 3

The fun continues..............










 I found this Sidra mechanism in the city center..............


So I put it to use!!!!!!  OKAY!!! Sourire 












 Here is the farewell luncheon. Awesome seafood!!!


Here is my posse. OSTIA!!!!



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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Santillana del Mar, Cantabria, España

A week prior to arriving here, the Basque's coordinated a weekend get together with the Asturiano's in the Medieval Village of  Santillana del Mar. Santillana del Mar is located in the western coast of the Cantabria region.  It was about a 2 hour drive from Bilbao to our destination and we were to all meet up at a campsite right outside of the village which also had small cabins on the property. Very cool. Our posse ended taking up all 5 cabins. And the walk into the village was less then a 2 minute walk. Also on the way to town was an Irish pub! Gee, what a surprise!!!

Once we all met up, sorted everything we went  for some Tapas then to the pub!!  There is an old saying that Santillana del Mar is The Town of Three Lies, since it is neither a Saint (Santo), nor flat (llana) and has no sea (Mar) as implied by the town's name.  (

Here is Borja & Bea at the entrance to the village in their original paint 57 Kombi!! OSTIA!!!


Here we are sorting out who gets what cabin!!?? Guess who ended up with the first one with the best view!!?? Clin d'oeil


Here is one of my Cabin mates, Gorkah, after winning the drawing of the straws!! 


Here is the view from our little porch.


Here is a shot of the rest of the Cabins and all our buses lined up against them.


 Here is another shot of our view.


Here are a few shots of the inside. Very tiny, yet comfortable. Sleeps 3 just fine. These are the bunk beds, there is a tiny room on the other side with a double bed.


Here is the tiny kitchen. That mechanism on the top right is the heating unit!!  Out side at night it got to as low as 23 degrees!!  YIKES!!!


Here is Javi twisting one up! But it's not whacky tobacky! Apparently smoking cigarettes is a very expensive habit out in Europe!? A pack of cigs will cost you $8.00!!!! FUCK THAT!!!  Well, it's supposebly cheaper in Spain?? But it is still expensvie for the Spaniards. They say it is allot cheaper to buy a bag of tobacco and roll them up yourselves.  I'd have to say that most of them do this. There is nothing sexier seeing a hot Spanish chick twist up a cig and suck it!!! Sourire





















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Monday, December 21, 2009

Guernica, The Basque Country, España

This morning Borja tells me that he was taking me to the most import town of The Basque Country, Guernica,  which also happens to be the historical capital of the Basque's. The town of Guernica is well known for a few reasons. The first was the bombing of the town during the Spanish Civil War (Apirl 26th, 1937) carried out by the German Luftwaffe and the Italian air force as well.  The Basque Government reported that 1,654 people were killed.  The bombing was also the subject of a famous anti-war painting by Pablo Picasso. Rumor has it that Franco was the guy who gave out the location and gave it the go, due to the strong Basque resistance during this era.

What was interesting was after the smoke cleared, after the Germans turned this town into an empty parking lot, the only thing standing was an Oak Tree.  Which is still there and the Basque's refer to it as "Gernikako Arbola".  So much sad history there. But on a good note, this is a very beautiful and now full of life town full of proud Basque's.  The really neat thing about Guernica is EVERYONE spoke Basque!!

This is Pablo Picasso's GUERNICA (1937),  the original oil on canvas is on permanent display at Museo Reina Sofia in Madrid.











Here is "Gernikako Arbola".  






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