Monday, September 28, 2009

Sunset at Naxos, Greece - Day 6


Since the night we walked by the harbour on our way to the pub and saw the sunset, we figured we should all go check that out.  So off we went to the hill side, which Apollo´s Temple sits, to watch this act of God in person.  WOW is all I can say. This was by far one of the most amazing shows nature has ever placed in front of me. We were all holding hands with each other Clin d'oeil, since this scene was full with nothing but lovers/couples/newly weds and what. So we all felt a bit left out.

Here is a view of the Harbour of the island of Naxos at dusk.  I had camera issues with the night pictures of the harbour?? But these will give you an idea.  My camera assistant that day was still hungover from the night at the pub. OKAY.



 I think this is a cool shot of the jetty at dusk.  OSTIA !!!!  Sourire


This is the Temple of Apollo.  It´s a pretty awesome site. Both standing in front of it or from the view at the bottom.






 And here it is..........Drum roll please.......................








 VOILA !!!!


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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Naxos, Greece - Day 4

So tonight we decided to all go out for beers.  And as well to welcome our new neighbors, Monica & Elena. Who are from Zaragosa, España. Vale!

Here is the sunset on our way to the pub.  All the lovers/couples were heading over to the hill to check out the better view.  Too bad none of us had a special some to hold our hand while this act of God occured.


 Here is Fares ( it´s pronounced Ferris ) and I chatting about Lyon & Paris.


OK, here is the line up:  That´s Elena on the phone. Monica & Gweneth back´s are facing us.  Me, Julie & Thao.



Voila!!  Theres Monica, on the far left. 


 Now you can see Gweneth.


Here we are munching on Nachos and sucking down some Corona´s.


Here I am being told the fine ingrediants in Vegimite. ( ) No thanks!  I´d rather have "Pico de Gallo" on my tortas instead of a heavy salty paste.


No Gracias!!  Criant  Notice how Africa dark my tan is.





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Naxos, Greece

DUDE!!!  That ferry ride over to the island of Naxos was super long. 5 hours!!!  Though I´d rather be stuck on a large boat for 5 hours, like the one I was on, rather then an airplane. Anytime.  Well, I finally arrive at the island of Naxos and very pretty.  Most of the people got off here, so that was a good sign. Again, I arrived here blind folded. I ended up talking to this Russian guy out by the port and he informed me of the hotel´s hostel????  I was like WTF???  Apparently this nice hotel on the beach has a small hostel in the back.  Basically 50 yards to the sand!!!  And again.........CHEAP!!!!! So I tell the guy " I DEFECT " and takes me there. Very clean dorm and roomy.

Naxos turned out to be a treat.  I was in a 6-bed mixed dorm and met my first flat mate. Julie.  She´s also a Yank from Reno, NV. Then an hour or so I met my other two flat mates; Fares ( it´s pronounced Ferris ) and Thao. Both from Paris, France.  The other two beds were empty! Cool Beans.  Another awesome thing is non of these guys smoked!!! Sourire  They were all very social as well. We all hung out pretty much every night and all pitched in to make dinner.  Except one night.  Julie had this itch for Mexican food, so we all went for Mexican food. The place was called "LA ESCOBA".  I was like why the bleep would you call your restaurant that??  La Escoba translated in Mexican spanish is a broom.  I do know of a card game played in Spain called la escoba, but it clearly states MEXICAN Restaurant. Whatever.  Their food was NOT impressive. Though Ferris loved their Fajitas.  I told that guy he needs to come over to LA one day and I will take him to the real deal.

Here is a giant ass piece of rock in the middle of the ocean.


 And here are two little one´s as we get close to the Island of Paros.


 This is what you first see when you arrive to the island of Naxos.


 This is a view from the top of the ferry as we start to set up for disembarkment.  Pretty awesome eh?



 This is a shot of everyone jumping ship. If you´d see this in person, it´s actually quiet amazing.  At least 4 big ass trucks came out of there and tons of cars. And all the peeps, including me.  OKAY!







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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Piraeus, Greece

So I get up at 5:00 am to head out to the Port of Piraeus. I was super tired and still a bit krunk! I attempted to crash out early the night before when all of a sudden I get a new room mate. This was at 9pm.  He offers me a beer and that lead to several more and ended stayed up pretty late. He took off to go clubbing and never came back!??  Any hoot, got my gear ready, said my good bye´s to the Super Pervert and off I was to the train station to make my way to the port.

It was pretty amazing to see SO many people on the same train heading in the same direction with their gear and so early in the morning. It reminded me of when I had a job Clin d'oeil and took the Metrolink commuter train to work. Though my destination was not going to work, rather to go play. OKAY.

Arriving at the port and seeing these giant ass ferries was a pretty amazing site!!  I could not believe how many people were going to the islands and how they all fit inside these massive ferries. Cars, buses and transport vehicles were all inside too!  The view on top of the ship was cool as well, though my excitement took over because I had NO idea where I was going ( I did know the name of the island ), where I was going to sleep and who I was going to meet!!??

Here is a view of the ferries lined up for embarkment from the Train station bridge.




 This is the view of the train station from the top deck of the ferry.


 Taking off!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here is a shot of most of the ferries leaving the port.  The big ass red and white ferry is one of the speed boat/ferries.  Those things HAUL ASS!!!!



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Athens, Greece

Here is a good one to start off this post.  It only cost me 8 Turkish Liras ( 4€ ) to get to the airport from my hostel, within an air conditioned bus. HUTZPAH!!!!!! 

Any Hoot, got into this superr small propelled plane and off we were to Athens.  Though I was a bit worried on the take off.  It took the plane the entire runway to take off. YIKES!!!  On a side note, serveral people, including Lupita, ALL told me to book EVERYTHING, including accomodations & ferry transfers, WAY in advance. Because in the past from all of their experiences, EVERYTHING was sold out or booked. Well good thing for me this global economical crisis which is currently on full effect. With a little effort and some serious leg work, it all got sorted out. REALLY!

I arrived in Athens early in the morning and rushed into town via the public bus. The fare was CHEAP!!! (€1.80) Once I got into town I checked out a hostel my German buddy Michael had stayed at prior to arriving at Istanbul.  I got my own room and again, CHEAP!!! The counter guy running the place was a treat on his own. Super Duper Pervert.

So I had the entire day to do whatever I wanted. I saw the Acropolis from behind and figured I´d hit there first.  Pretty freakin awesome. The down side it was 105 degrees that day!!!!  There is lots of history on this site.
























Here is a view over looking the city of Athens. Pretty amazing site.












 These were some ruins across the main street from my hostel.



BLOGGERS NOTE: Aside from the Pervert´s awesome stories and the Acropolis, there´s really nothing to write back home about Athens. If any of you guys ever decide to come to Greece?  Skip Athens and go stright to the island hopping gig. This is just my opinion.

With this said, I went to the Hostel Travel Guru and purchased a ferry ticket for the next day, to the first Island I wanted to visit.


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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Istanbul, Turkey

So I decide to go some where totally different. Turkey! I´m off! I remember hearing the many stories told by my old buddy Frankie " 4 Fingers" Glionna of how awesome Turkey was, so I had to go see this place for myself. INCREDIBLE!!!  But first off allow me to elaborate on the mission itself to sorting this all out. As most of you know I don´t have a concrete itinerary as to where I would be going or visiting.  I had a small idea of where and what I wanted to see and visit.  So no accomodations or an idea of what I was getting into???, the journey goes on. Remember, I´m on the run! On the go! On a mission! To see what the world is about. All of this traveling malerkey, shenanigans, rubbish or poppy cock is all spontaneous. So basically what I´m trying to say is all of these journeys were not planned!!!

So with this said I arrive at Istanbul airport around 10:30 pmísh?? YIKES!!! After spending an hour or so talking to fools about sorting out transfers into town with everyone with borken or bad engish, I took matters into my own hands. I ended up taking the train into town. Fools were asking €50 for a ride into town. FU*CK THAT!! In the end I ended up paying the equivilant of 2 tacos & an ice cold Corona at a taco stand in Ensenada. Sourire  Finally made it into town though another task awaited me, Accomodations.  In the past I´d sleep in a patch of dirt but not tonight.  Most of the hostels were booked though I ended up finding one within a 6 bed dorm. 2 constant drunk Aussise and 3 super cool German guys. Though I didn´t see my German flat mates for 4 days??  Prior to meeting them I hooked up with 2 girls from Valencia, España. Rosa & Eva. Super cool chicks!  So the first day of being a tourist, off we were to the GRAND BAZAAR and litterally watched all the Turks perv over them. The Turks are very aggresive guys!! Seriously!!  I thought the Mexicans & Italians were.  Nope, these guys take top honors.  Any hoot, I hung out with them for two days and woulnd´t you know it.  The day they left I finally got to run into my flat mates. The Germans!  Stefen, Dieter & Michael. The leader of this pack was Dieter. This guy took us to all the super cool and crazy places which I would have never seen if it weren´t for him.




 The Grand Bazaar.










 Trip out on this chick jumping into my shot!!




 Here is Rosa, Eva, me & the cook, having lunch on the terrace.  After the cook found out Rosa was single, he felt obligated to joining us for lunch. Though very tasty, so good thing Rosa was single.




 This is the entrance to the roof terrace place we ate at.



Later on that evening we went to an authentic Turkish Bath House. WOW is all I can say. This was on the top 5 things I have ever experienced in my life!!  It´s really hard to explain or go into details about this one. But is was an AWESOME experience. After being all relaxed from our massage we headed over to a Turkish pub where we experimented with the Hookah pipes. ( )


SUCK IT!!!!!!!!!!


 Here is Eva taking a crack at it.


 And here she is taking a break.


 In the end Rosa was the expert and schooled the both of us!!














 Here is the local Taquieria.



 Here is my Turkish TortaSourire


 THE BLUE MOSQUE. Here is an interesting story: As I walked up to the front of the Mosque, you are required to remove your shoes, so which I was doing. Though while removing my shoes I noticed the head Muslim guy was shouting in his native tongue to the ˝white folks˝ to go around the other side. I figured they were closing the main entrance and re-directing traffic to another entrace?? Didn`t know what he was saying?? It wasn`t in Hebrew nor Yiddish. Well, I`m inside chilling checking this amazing place out, leaning up against one of the giant pillars. I hung out in there for a good 45 minutes because it was Afrika hot outside and it was nice and cool inside. Again the main Muslin guy came in and shouted in his native tongue for ALL THE WHITE FOLKS TO GET THE F*CK OUT!!!! It was prayer time. Well, he didn`t say one word to me nor look at me nor kicked me out!! I was like WTF!!?? Does this guy think I´m part of their posse??? So I hung out and watched first hand what they do in there. WOW!!!! I walk outside towards the front and notice a sign in the front entrance stating ˝THIS ENTRANCE IS FOR MUSLIMS ONLY!!! VISITORS & TOURISTS PLEASE ENTER TOWARDS THE SIDE ENTRANCE˝. OY VEY!!! They thought I was one of them!!!! Being there several days exposed to the very hot sun I got very chocolate.  This was a very interesting excursion.  Also, any time I bought something or at a restaurant, I was spoken to in Turkish.





















 One Day Dieter took Michael and I to The Basilica Cistern - Yerebatan Sarnci. ( )  This place was INSANE!!!  It was Roman built and all underground.  The pictures I took do not give this place justice. You need to go to their website to check out their pictures and read about this place.  The best part about this place are the two stone heads of Medusa!!!








Turkish  BaklavahEveryone was raving about it so we had to try it. SUGAR HIGH!!!





Turskish Food.  YUMMY!!!


 The SPICE BIZAAR.  This place was also very colorful.








 This is our hood and our last night in Istanbul.












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Sunday, August 23, 2009

London, England

 OKay, So while I was in France I get an email from me old English Pikey mate Martin, to see if I´d be interested in leaving the beautiful land scapes of France for the UK?  I thought to my self........." well the weather sucks! It rains allot..........but on the other hand.....Fish & Chips, pints, dry British Humor and Allen Scott lll is from the shire. F*ck it!!!"  So I talked myself into it, wasn´t too difficutl.  I finally had to cut the cord wtih my French adoption session and I figured Chris would be happy for me to leave the nest. Cuzorn that is. OKAY!!  So I said Au Revoir mon ami et France and off to Bergerec airport I went, via Antione and Charlott, via Ryan Air. ( Note: Ryan Air charges for EVERYTHING!!! Rumor has it they will soon be charging to use the toilet. REALLY)  Oy Vey!


Prior to departing one of my mates, Danny Toms, caught whiff of me coming over to the UK and offered not only to come and collect me from Stansted airport, but also put me up for the night.  This was awesome because by Danny sorting me out I totally avoided the hassle of getting from the airport to my original destination.  So COOL BEANS on that one.  Sourire 

Once I arrived I made a mad dash to customs to get cleared and run out to meet Danny. NOT!!  The customs chick totally interrogated and asked me silly questions on my visit  to the UK? WTF!!?? I have NO idea why this chick drilled me??  The only thing she didn´t do or forgot, was to give me a cavity check!!??  After she stamped my passport I told her I had NO desire to reside in the shire. REALLY!

Any Hoot, right on time, Danny Toms was there. Off we were to his village of Soul Drop. Literally, this place is a tiny village.  We went straight to his watering hole for a few pints and meet up with James.  His partner in crime. Clin d'oeil  Didn´t take too many pictures of Soul Drop, as we turned in early and had to get up early to take off to Santa Pod. The next day I was met by the most powerful man in the Shire, Allen Scott lll. REALLY!  Off we went camping to Santa Pod.  Though no pics of Santa Pod as this is a family orientated blog. C´mon, Rojito reads this blog everytime its updated.  The highlight of Santa Pod was having a proper Tea Session with Libby and Damon. Never had tea with Brits before. Also more fun were all the fiestas, bbq´s and hanging out with Scotty and his crew (Bear & Andrew).  Big THANKS to James for letting me sleep in his cool og 56 Panel.


 This is Danny Toms´ Crib. Nice!


LONDON: Finally hooked up with Martin and we made our way into town. London that is. I´ve been to London before spent most of the time in pubs.  See I´ve been to London in the past with Gibbs and we all know what a boozer that kid is. REALLY. Clin d'oeil Though this time I did the tourist thing and since Martin is originally from London, he knew the town like the back of his hand. REALLY, not taking the piss. See below for yourselves:













Here is me Pikey Mate Martin, next to me. REALLY!


I thought this was a funny shot.  Only Lupita will get the real meaning.  But it was also funny stumbling across a Mexican joint in London.  Yeah Right!!!













This bloke belongs in the Emergency Room. See what I mean about Dry English humor!!??  Clin d'oeil


 Here is the famous BIG BEN.





 You gotta love Pub Food. Eating Fish & Chips made me miss LUCKY BALDWINS!! ( )



This Pikey mute scarred the sh*t out of me!  This is WRONG!!!  This mutt got upset cuz I took his picture and didn´t throw him a bone.





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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Villeneuve-sur-Lot, France


OK,  this is the town Stephanie ( Chris' wife ) is from.  Stephanie and her brother Julian gave me a private tour of their town.


sur lot


Here we are having a typical 3 hour French lunch at their favorite eatery.  I love how the French take their time eating. So enjoyable.  Here is Julian, Julian's son, Stephanie, me and Chris Junior.
















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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Pujols, France

Pujols is a tiny medievel village up above the town of  Villeneuve-sur-Lot.  This was a pretty interesting village. Very old with lots of history as well character.  The best part it was an empty village. OKAY



This kitten was knocked out and probably tired of being harrassed by tourists, or chasing the village mice. Any hoot, this kitten did not more at all.





















 Here is a view of Villeneuve-sur-Lot from the top.


Now here I am doing my best impression of Hemmingway while I write my thoughts and have a cup of strong ass French coffee.  It's really awesome to sit down and relax in a cafe where the staff will not hurry your ass off the table so they can get the next paying customer seated. REALLY!!


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Friday, July 31, 2009

The Village of Bonaguil

What a majestic little village this was. It reminded me so much of the village of Givernay, where I did my conservation and as well had the pleasure of getting aquintented with the great artist, Gibbs Patrick Connors lll. ( )


 This old building belonged to a local artist. He had some really cool stuff in there but wouldn´t allow me to take pictures of the inside. Cool, I can respect that because he had some really nice pieces on display.






Typical French village; small narrow cobble stoned streets, ancient architecture and friendly faces.










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Chateau de Bonaguil, France

The Chateau of Bonaguil is located on a hillside of the tiny village of Bonaguil,  not too far from Cuzorn & Fumel.   This castles first known document of it´s existance dates back to 1271, YIKES!!! And relates the taking over of the Agenais region by Philip lll the Bold, King of France.  I must have spent 3 hours cruising around this castle and the village right below. Lot´s of history there. I also must have taken over 150 pictures of this site as well. Once the tour is done, these images as others will go on exhibit. The site of the exhibit will be announced in time. REALLY.

Here is a link to their site if you´d like to know more about this awesome castle.




























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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Montayral, France

Viva La Prise de La Bastille!!!!!!  

I'm in the tiny village (literally tiny) of Montayral. I don't think this village is even on the map? Maybe a French map?  Any hoot, I'm celebrating La Prise de La Bastille, a national holiday here in France.

Here is more information if you would like to know more about Bastille Day.

This is me getting started.  NO JOKE, the wine here in France, especially from the Bordeaux region, is really awesome. I for one am not a win drinker, but that has changed since I arrived in France. Oui. Clin d'oeil

That green bottle is a Portugese wine from 1966.

VIVE LA FRANCE ......................


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Monday, July 13, 2009

Dune of Pyla, France

This place, La Dune of Pyla, reminds me of "Close encounters of the 3rd kind" or some other sci-fi flick?  It doesn't look real at first, but once you climb's real. Clin d'oeil  Ready for this.............This sand dune formed through accumulation of Aeolian sand on a transverse dune. Each year the dune covers about 8,000 square meters and at this rate, in 40 years the camping area behind it (which is a very large campsite) and the road at the bottom of the slope will be completly covered by sand.  YIKES!! 

La Dune de Pila, as the French call it, is the largest sand dune in Europe. It's located in the Arachon Bay, 60 kilometers from the city of Bordeaux, and it is a very popular tourist attraction in France.  The dune is 3 kilometers long, 500 meters wide and the height is about 117 meters above sea leverl.  Nature truly at it's best.














Christophe and moi.

chris & me

This guy was setting up his gear though no one really knowing what he was up to? It took him a bit of time to sort it out but once he exposed his parachute/glider, everyone was awaiting  anxiously for him to lift off. What a site.





I thought this was funny, Chris agrees.  This is me, Sleeping Beauty, waking up at our campsite. Check out our caravan.




Our Caravan.


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Cuzorn, France

This is Christophe's palace.  His back yard is a river.  More pictures to come as I update this portion of the blog.

This is the view from my room.


Found my way to the wine cellar.





Here I am having a meeting with the French VW Mafia Clin d'oeil Breaking up the territories amongnst the 5 families within France.  From left to right: Christophe, Moi, Pepe, Antione, Charlett, Pascal, Sylvie and Pascal's wife.


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Château de Castelnaud, France

Another castle Clin d'oeil  Wow is all can say about Château de Castelnaud ( This 13th Century castle is pretty impressive and the village below has really no words to describing it? It's like being in Disneyland or something to that sort?  You guys should click on the link and read about this place. This is just one of hundreds of castle's surrounding this region.






















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Périgueux, France

Pepe decided we'd go down to Périgueux and visit Pascal's Duck farm. Pepe refers to Pascal as "The Duck Killer".  As we entered the country side of the Périgueux region, Pepe pointed out all the Duck Killer farms. Too funny.

Pascal and his wife hosted a nice lunch/bbq on their farm. We ate what they call "Foie Gras". It's basically duck liver pate. Pate is like spam, only fancy. It's made with organ meats ground up and mixed with other things. It is expensive because raising the ducks the way they do it is expensive. I'm still all for the fresh French bagguette.






Foie Gras on Bagguette.  They also had some awesome wine from Bordeaux. Viola!


This region surrounding Périgueux, is full of castle's. Literally, every &( minutes or so you see a castle.  The actual town outside of Pascal's farm has a castle.




Oh, Rivers are everywhere too!


Spotted this place less then a mile away from Pascal's place. Nice.




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Limoges, France


Here is the charm and awesome architecture of Limoges. This is Pepe's home town. Where he saw the movie ET and fell in love with BMX.














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Oradour-sur-Glane, France


On June 10th of 1944 the village of Oradour-sur-Glane ( ) was destroyed by the 2nd Waffen SS Panzer Division. 642 men, women & children were killed. Apparently what happened is the SS went to the wrong village, on a tip of La Resistance ( ) being there, and destroyed it.

A new Oradour-sur-Glane was built right next door to the old destryoed one, as a monument and also as both a tribute to those who fell into the hands of the SS and as a reminder of what kind of brutality & cruelty passed through this once quiet/peaceful village.

As Pepe and I walked through the inside entrance, old photographs are hung on the wall with both pre destruction and in the process of the massacre ones. The sad part of these photographs is you can clearly see this village was once a happy one.

I've been to a few Nazi death/labor camps, but this site was much more different. I can only say the two things in common this site has, like the camps, is the weird feeling present and death.  I'd have to say most people when speaking about massacres during WWll, they think of Nazi death camps. This act of crime was carried out on the innocent French.



















 the church

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St Victurnien, France

Here is the entrance to the town of St Victurnien, Where Pepe, Sylvie, Louie & Speedeux live. A very small town with lots of country. Very relaxing. The town is about 20 kilometers west of Limoges.

town entrance

 The village river, which over looks the village.


This is the only hotel in town.  Cute center too and an awesome bakery right across the street.


 This is their super cute house where it sits on top of a small hill over looking their shop/business.


 The front patio was the perfect place for home cooked meals. Breakfast, lunch & dinner. Boy was I SPOILED!!!!  When it came time for me to leave, they had a tough time getting rid of me. Sourire

house 2

 That's Louie making sure the grounds are safe for Speedeaux. Clin d'oeil



Louie spent all afternoon preparing lunch. What a hard little worker. Clin d'oeil



This Chateau is the town post office.

post office

 Holy Smokes!  This castle was just around the corner from their house. These things are all over the place. It's insane!!







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Sorry for the delay, I'm still in the digesting process, because the French country side is FREAKIN AMAZING & BEAUTIFUL!!! Once I got my gear sorted out with my favorite English mate, Scotty, I was out seeking my other buddy Pepe ( for the journey into France.

The orginal plan was to drive down into France with my friend Chris (the mas cabron Frenchman in his country), but he needed to sort out some crises at his shop ( Never the less Fabian (TFABS) sorted it all out for me. GRACIAS CABRON et je suis de Cuzorn!! Sourire

I got my gear into Pepe's wife's (Sylvie) 69 Transporter and we were to France. The French border was only 10 kilometers from Chimey. I noticed instantly once we crossed into France. It's just so freakin beautiful. And this is not to say Belgium isn't, they are different in their own ways. I'm guilty of being a bit bias due to me being here for 2 weeks. Anyhoot, Pepe and his buddies, Pascal (the duck killer Clin d'oeil) and Pierre got in the bus as well as his son, Louie (Speedeux Junior) and off we went on our 700 kilometer or so journey towardes Limoges.

I was exposed to some of the most amazing country side I have ever encountered, as well to tiny to mid sized villages. Wasn't able to get lots of shops due to being constantly on the road and didn't make of an effort either. Was too tired and awaiting a 7 hour ride. YIKES!!

Was deciding whether to go to Paris?.....................NAH, I took the country road Rigolant 



road sign

I was asleep when all of sudden I saw a windmill and I was like what the heck!!??  Did Pepe take the wrong road and we ended up in Holland?? OKAY!  Nope, we were in France. Pepe assured me of that by pulling over to the nearest bakery and showing the bagguett's. Oui.  Sourire


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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Chimey, Belgium

OKAY, back on track.................

After spending the night at Pat's ( in Nivelles, Belgium (sorry, no pictures of their shop/house. Some how those images got erased?) we got up super early and off we were to Chimey, for the European Bug In event (






Aqui estoy con mis Tio's de Barcelona. Clin d'oeil  The Panscrapers, ( JODER!!


Mon ami, Yves Saint Laurent, de France Clin d'oeil  (he's really from Belgium,oiu) 

the boss

 Eh Mike, Vanessa and moi, before the Autobahn car club bbq (


Yohann is a bit urked because they won't allow him to DJ at the rave


The rave!!!



Steve, Andrew and I, typical ravers.  Where was Alan Scott lll for this picture??


 DJ Ivan spinin inside a 21 window. How insane is that!




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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Den Haag, Holland

RigolantLeon took the afternoon off and took us to Den Haag. What a treat.  Ive been here before but havent seen what Leon took us to see. Really cool super old town.  OKAY!

Den Haag

Den Haag2

 Den Haag3

 Den Haag4

 Den Haag5

 Den Haag6

den haag7

Here is our drunk tour guide.

den haag8

 den haag9

 den haag10

den haag11

den haag12

 den haag13

 At the end of the city center tour we decided to head out to the beach to see what was going on out there. Very different from So Cali beaches.


 Here is Linda attempting to pull a movida on Leon by boozing him up!!  OKAY!! Clin d'oeil




Believe it or not, the parrot on the right was also named LINDA!!!


Here is a shot of the last supper. This was Doug & Linda's last night with us. They left for the colonies the following morning. Get this, we had dinner at a RIB JOINT!!! The gentleman sitting with us is Bob, Doug's Brother's Father in law.


 On another note, we managed to get pulled over by normal dressed officers of the law.  They pulled up in front of us and had this red light sign in the back of their Volvo first we were like WTF??  Then we pulled over and they went straight for the dark skinned fella. Yeah, ME!!  Lucky Mike told them my parents are from Mexico, but that I was from Spain. Rigolant I almost got deported.  Linda was freaking cuz of warrents, Doug is an illegal from Siberia and Mike had speeding tickets.  In the end it felt like Tijuana, LA MORDIDA.  Mike was the only one who got caught, so he had to fork over some dough to sort this out or the nice police officers told him if he didn't pay they had a nice cell for him with a nice 6 foot 5 inch tall cell mate named Bubba waiting for him.

The next day I got a nice email from HJ, one of the police officers, on behalf of the Dutch Gov., that we had a full pardon.  Because they knew all along what we were up too!!!!   Clin d'oeil


 This is me saying........sorry, no Dutch!!




If you look closely, the rear window of their Volvo says........STOP......then it says ........POLIZIE.  Pretty cool.  The cops in Cali make too much of a scandlal when pulling someone over.  The best part about this experience is when the other officer opened the side sliding door he asked us all if we were from California and we all said yes.  His reply was ............... OKAY!    Rigolant  AWESOME!  Couldn't have been better.  Hats off to Den Haag's finest.



 After the near scarey deportation experience, Dickie came over to my bed to make sure I wasn't too shaken up!  Clin d'oeil  Goin to miss that little critter.



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Renkum, Holland

Today we went to Kieft en Klok's Open House fiesta. ( Boy, do these guy's know how to throw a party. Food, beers and entertainment.  They even had one of those crazy air siren's they used back in the war. INSANE!!!  Speaking of insane, their shop is as well.  Its a one stop shop for just about anything you'd need for you transporter, or VW.   Maurice Klok gave us a private tour of the facility and laid it all out for us. Very impressive out fit. Mad props to his crew, who were also on hand and treated us like the Brits have. Cheers!

Here we are with Maurice Klok, the kid in the orange shirt. A bit on the Amish side? Clin d'oeil  Its good for business. (and why is Linda wearing white socks!!???


 Here are some shots of their facility, which we had no idea what we were in store for.  The crazy part about this is the facility is located right smack in a residential neighborhood. Though cool.






Seeing these surf boards up on the walls sure made us miss the beach Déçu




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Monday, June 29, 2009

Hessisch Oldendorf, Germany


OK, most VW enthusiates will consider this Vintage Treffen the Olympics of VW events. I agree.  I've been to this event before and let me tell you, it gets better each time I come back. This event also left a memorable impression on my crew.  This event is a MUST see for ALL VW fanatics.  I ran into many friends, both from the US and from all over.  I also ran into some familiar faces, which I have not seen over seas before. Regardless, great time and AWESOME cars!!

We left Rotterdam, Holland about 10am (someone made us late Clin d'oeil) to head over to Amersfoort to meet up with Oskar, Kai & Hoops.  From there we made our journey over to the Greatest Show on Earth!!!!  REALLY.

Here is the line up of our rides.

line up

line up2

 Here we are hanging out with Mr. Tonny Larsen of the Barndoor DK. A very well respected individual within the Barndoor world. We are standing in front of his kick ass 1950 Panel. Amazing!  Also in the shot is none other then $Mike. UUUURRRRR!!!

Shot of the Barndoor line up.

BD line up

 $Mike and Linda standing behind Tonny Larsen's 1950 Panel.

$Mike _ Linda

The BARNDOOR MAFIA representing.

BD _ logo

 Something interesting we noticed was that Hebmuller's were EVERYWHERE!!!  They are SO played out!!!  Surpris

Heb line up

 Heb line up2

I couldnt believe this when I first saw it. I had to take another look. And YUP, a Cholo Hebmuller was present. Though I thought I was the only Mexican there!!??

cholo heb

Here are some random shots of the town. 




Here is a candid shot of $Mike and his wife Windy. Boy, she was a trooper. Rigolant 


 Here is a gay man lying in front of a gay man's car. Man, it's hard turning these tricks!!!!

Gay man

Being sexy is one tough job!! Sexy time.  DISCLAIMER: Please note that I cannot be held responsible if you end up getting pregnant from staring at this photo for too long.  OKAY!  I'm getting a bit randy looking at myself in this photo. REALLY.  If you look closely outside of the white bus, you will notice Linda is in there negotiating my next performance. OKAY!! Clin d'oeil



 Not a very good shot of the posse, the camera got was a bit pissed and did not have his camera on the correct controls/camera features.  Clin d'oeil


Here we are again with the man himself..........CHUCK D! His muscle was there too, Matt Devine, just in case someone got stupid, out of hand or wanted an autograph. Chuck was a bit krunk and explaining to us that his little son was seen in town somewhere but didn't make an effort to go see nor talk to his dad??? I just think there is some concern about an adoption attempt? In the end we were all hoping we'd here on the loud speaker the famous Peaches & Herb song......."REUNITED".  But it didn't happen!!!

 Chuck _ beers

This is Axle, the owner of this newly restored 1950 Panel.


50 BD

50 BD2

HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!  Another RAVE!!!  Though this one went down right smack in the center of town.



 Chucho, Annika and me. Getting it on at the Rave!!!


This is us with Linda's twin brother, Chris Carr aka Rock Stock. Top bloke this kid is. REALLY!

stock rocks

Here is Scotty and his posse rolling deep.

Scotty posse

 Here I am. Lost.  But in reality........I'm KRUNK!!!!!!


School's open!  Chuck D regulating yet again!!!  This time with $Mike and Windy present.

Chuck and crew


This has NOTHING to do with Hessisch Oldendorf.  I just wanted to drop in a picture of Leon & Romy's computer lab companion.........DICKIE.  OKAY!! Rigolant




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Sunday, June 28, 2009

BBT fiesta

After leaving the city center of Antwerp, we headed over to Sint Job in 't Goor (yes, this is the correct spelling of this town) for Bob Van Hyst's, of BBT, pre Hessisch Oldendorf fiesta. Boy, what a sread. Beers, food and tons of cool cars & awesome folks!

Here we are with the one and only CHUCK D of the Bus Stop in Westminster, California. This guy cut us some slack that day, after going Hollywood on us. Clin d'oeil You want to know anything related to type 2's, he's the guy to talk to. (hopefully he adopts me?)


Here are some shots of Bob's cool private VW car collection.




Here is CHUCK D regulating inside our camper. He's actually schooling Dougie not to be no $2 trick wtih clean hands.

chuck & Dougie

 This is Matt Devine.  One of Chuck D's Hitmen.  Ruthless Huntington Beach character.  Watch out, this kid will gulp up your pints when your not looking.


Here we are with the most powerfull Brit! SCOTTY!!!  He's one top bloke (regardless if he's a Pikeyy)  Clin d'oeil

with scotty

 Here we are sucking down some suds after the Mayhem. Taking it easy for the BIG ONE..............HESSISCH OLDENDORF!!!!

 crew beers


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Antwerp, Belgium


After departing Bruges and making our way to Sint Job in 't Goor, we decided to make a pit stop in Antwerpen.  Another cool old centrum.








 cool sign

Check out the beer signs outside of the pubs. YIKES!!!!

beer signs


Triple Karmelite

 Here I am being all Euro.  I think the beer did it.  Clin d'oeil

Me euro

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Day 2 of Bruges, Belgium

Yes, there is more to Bruges. One day wasn't good enough.  And besides we had to recover from a night hanging out with the Monks! YIKES!!!  Bruges is truly one of the most beautiful cities I have been to.  So much to say, but I will assume the pictures below will do all the talking.  Clin d'oeil

Here are some shots taken from the tower of the church. INSANE!!!


view 2


 Here is a shot of me making my way up. This was a work out!!

view stairway

 After this work out, we needed a break and why not go back to the Garre for another pint!  And cheese too!

Garre Beers

 I like this picture allot.  This is a sort of Dali knock off..........if you'd call it that. Rigolant


Can you say HOLY SHIT!!!!  The beer selection across the street from our Hostel was amazing. WOW!!!

beer selection

 beer selection2

After our Beer Run, we decided to loiter in front of our place. We made SO many friends by just sitting there. Clin d'oeil

Oceans 14

 This us after our loitering session. Straight Labor Camp style bunks!


 Here are some cool shots of the main square at nite.

square at nite

 square at nite2

 square at nite3

 square at nite4



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Friday, June 26, 2009

Matisse update

First off, I'd like to thank each and one of you personally of your concern for the Great Matisse Lefebvre. She's doing fine. When I departed for this excursion, Matisse attempted to flee back to Lyon, France.  Though she was detained then quarenteened at the Charles de gaul airport. She has Skinfold Dermatitus.

On the good side, Matisse in now recovering in a rehabilation center in Seattle, Washington, under the supervision of Dr. Guadalupe Consuelo Jimenez lll.  The Dr. says Matisse is up to a full and quick recovery and will be painting in no time.  OKAY!!!  Clin d'oeil




The Dr. told me that after her first session of therapy Matisse mumble......VIVE LA FRANCE!!!!


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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bruges, Belgium


This is our first day in's in Belgium!!!  Clin d'oeil This city is SO freakin BEAUTIFUL!!!!  This medevil town remained in tact due to being spared by both the allies and nazis.  This town is called the Venice of northern Europe.  I say Venice is the Bruges of southern Europe!  No comparison!!!  OKAY!!!

If you have never seen the movie, IN BRUGES, go see it!!!!


Here are shots of day one. We will be here for a few nights.  Hopefully we find another rave and coffee shops. Though I'm stoked with all the awesome Belgians here.  OKAY! Rigolant










Here are some shots of our crib!



Looks like a prison cell eh. Linda and Dougie had lots of cuddling sessions. Clin d'oeil




Here we are at the entrance of the GARRE Pub, which was highly recommended by a well known world traveler and travel lecturer, Brandi C. Richmond lll. This pub had this one specific beer, Garre, which you can only get there. It was AWESMOE!!!  Though you need to watch your head.

Garre Pub

Garre Pub2

 Garre Pub4

 Garre Pub5





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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Amsterdam, Holland

last walk
First off let's say what happens in Amsterdam, stays in Amsterdam!!! Cool OKAY!!    We left Rotterdam about noon and hopped on the train to the European Sin City. Dougie was very anxious to arrive. Wonder why? Linda was overly excited about the Red Light district and of course, Mike didn't say much. I just wanted to cash in on my coupons. YIKES!!!

train sign

Here we are in front of Amsterdam Centraal. Too Excited, or at least Dougie was. We were seriously fish out of the water in this place. Everyone knew we were from So Cal by the way we dressed.  The best part about this excursion was the whores were calling me into their dens assuming I was my twin brother, George Clooney!!  Too Awesome! You guys have to take my word on this. Neither the whores, pimps, dope fiends or dope dealers want their pictures taken.

train station

Holy Shit, there are SO many bicycles here!!!

Bike Station

Bike Station2

 train station3

 train station4

 train stion5

 This is the main drag.

main road

 Mmmmmmmmmmmm, is all I can say.  Kinda like a Pavlov's dog thing.

Belgium brew

 Cool little walk way.

walk way

Here we are eating some grub candidly on the main square. Check out Dougie's new pet on his shoulder.


 Main Square

main square

 main square us


 square statue

 The canals here are AWESOME!!!





 Here I am standing next to a statue in tribute to Anne Frank, our fallen comrade.

Anne Frank

 This one is for you Rabbi.............Rigolant Minorah's R Us.


 The Rijk Museum, home of Rembrandts "THE NIGHT WATCH". OKAY!




 Rijk group

 I am Amster

 Here is another cool museum, The Van Gogh Museum. Very impressive, though his best works (In my opinion) are in Paris and the East Coast of the US. REALLY.

Van Gogh-me

 Group van G

After gettting our culture on, we hung out at an Irish pub on the canal for a proper pint of Ireland's pride, GUINNESS


 Amsterdam was a really good time.  I've been here several times, though each time here I have a different experience. This one was probably my best return trips here.  I spent it with a group of awesome friends. OKAY!!!

 last walk


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