Friday, June 19, 2009

Delft, Holland


Probably the high light of the tour of Holland was visiting our dear friend, The Duke of Delft, Air Vin Von Stok lll.  Delft is a really cool old city and is the home of Johannes Vermeer and as well, it is famous for it´s Delft Blue pottery. OKAY!

Check out the pictures and you tell me if Delft is not beautiful Sourire  I doubt that.





Here is the crew at the entrance to Air Vin´s garage and you can see as well he´s working on his 66 Panel. OKAY!


 erwin, johnny & Doug

Here is a shot of the front of Air Vin´s crib.

Erwins crib

After a few hours of lectures from non other then Professor Linda Fanucci of the Museum of Contemporary Barndoor´s on the different color schemes choosen between 1950 through 1955, we headed over to the pub for some really badly needed pints of Belgians.  And take a wild guess who made a pit stop at the local coffee shop................

at the  pub

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Purmerend, Holland

We went over to Purmerend to sort out some electrical stuff on Mike's Caravan. Our buddy Bart-Turo offered us lunch from a lunch wagon. Boy were we in for a treat. A different one as well.  It turns out this lunch wagon is a mini market on wheels!!  We were all trippin. Being Yanks, we don't get this sort of service...............check it out!

Here's Linda attracting attention.

mobile store

Here we are getting our selection on. Though no carnitas En pleurs

truck store

AWWW.......nothing like fresh fruit!!!


Holy Smokes, they even had Belgians on board. I ended up making friends with the owner and he ended up offering me a job.  Of course after he read what it said on my baseball cap......NO CERVEZA, NO TRABAJO!!!


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New Arrivals

Mike and I headed over to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam to collect Linda & Dougie. Boy, those guys stunk!!!

doug & Linda

The Crew.............


The crew

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Rotterdam, Holland

Well, after an 11 hour flight, 4 hour train ride, 20 minute tram ride and countless hours of walking?? I finally made it to Rotterdam, Holland. OKAY! 

Map of Holland at the Breda train Station.

map of Holland

 While at the Venlo train station, I got flash backs of Japan. They had food vending machines here. So I got a Kip burger and frites! OKAY!!!  Gotta love the Dutch.  I also met some Dutch peeps on the train ride who just flew in from Dubai. YIKES!!  Suppose to hook up with them??

vending machine

 mmmmmmmm, a Kip burger!!!!

kip burger

Here is one of our hosts, Leon. He's originally from Paris, France, but moved to Rotterdam.  This is the reason for the pink shirt. OKAY!

leon & Johnny


Here's Mike and I hanging out in Leon & Romy's computer lab (Mike refuses to wear clothes in Holland), which is also the gato's toilette room as well.

 Mike & Johnny2

Mike & Johnny

Here is Mike's Bay Window right outside of Leon's crib. Leon's bus can be seen as well. OKAY!

Mike & Johnny3

One more day and both Linda & Dougie arrive as well. So Amsterdam, hold on to your chonies!!! 


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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Made it!!!

I finally made it here. Dusseldorf, Germany. And let me tell you, what a long ass flight! Now I got to get to Rotterdam, Holland. OKAY!



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Friday, June 05, 2009

Barndoor Mafia European Tour Dates

The tour dates have just been announced for the first leg of the Barndoor Mafia's European tour. Budel & Amsterdam, Holland & Hessisch Oldendorf, Germany are SOLD OUT!!! ( in less then 15 minutes) Future tour dates for Eastern European cities are to be announced in the near future. Tentative countries are Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece and Turkey.

Hurry, shows are selling out like free government cheese!!


BDM European Invasion final copy

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Dutch Colony In Seattle

While in Seattle, Washington, I visited the Dutch colony of " Capital Hill ". Clin d'oeilApparently, most of the Dutch who live in this pocket of Seattle come from Utrecht, Holland. OKAY!!  Even the art's supply store is named after their home town. 


Utrecht # 2

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Introducing My Sponsors

During the entire time I was thinking about going off on this adventure I kept asking myself as to how would I go about this?  Where would I get the funds? So I started to petition for some sort of financial assistance to all and any non profit organizations. Luckily for me I was approached by several generous philanthropists, Corporation's, CEO's and X entertainers.

First on my list whom I would like to thank is Teen Idol ® (shown below). Sir Elton John mentioned to me that underneath that robe he has a white fanny pack (full of cash from all the royalty checks he's cashed from when he was a younger Teen Idol ®).  ) to match his socks. And those are limited edition Tony Montana shades on the table. I'd mention what those shades are worth, but very doubtful anyone reading this could ever afford them. He now does his act in Vegas with Danny Bonaducci and Leif Garrett, at Circus Circus. Any hoot, hats off to this generous gent.  Even though he's currently involved in the most disturbed scenario, which I will elaborate, he managed to sort me out. Teen Idol ® is in an ongoing legal battle with Simon Cowell and the creators of American Idol.  Teen Idol ® believes his trademarked and copyrighted name is being infringed upon by American Idol as it is so close to his.  The lawyers for American Idol dispute this claim and point out that Teen Idol ® is Hispanic and no Latino has ever made it into the finals. 

Teen Idol

The next gentleman I'd like to take my hat off to is Mr. REEKY, The President and CEO of "CJI" (Coin Jar Investments) contributed a total of $0.41 to the BDM world tour.  Here he is calling his wife to make sure that she was "cool" with the advance.  As you can see from faux mahogany, particle board excuse for a desk and the CostCo artwork hanging on the wall....this guy is GENOUROUS!  I had to promise to return the investment (postage stamp) to Mr. REEKY by placing it on a postcard and mailing it to him.  Apparently he sprays scotch guard on the top of his stamps so that the post office cancellation ink can be removed and the stamp can be reused.  This is also the same guy who told Donald Trump.......YOU'RE FIRED!!!  And took off with his chick, Ivana.


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Friday, May 15, 2009

A Proper Pikey Caravan, 1971 Westy

Here is a shot of Linda and I on the 10 freeway, on our way to deliver the Westy to the shippers. 04/03/09. It's on the boat on it's way to Rotterdam, Holland.  (Yes, Linda is on the cell phone. Like always) Look at that Patina!! Sourire The motor is brand spanking new! Thanks to Spudtricio Restorations. He also went through the transmission. All the tires and shocks are new, as well the brakes. New canvas pop top & seal. All the panels and seats were redone. All turn signal lenses and reflectors are new too. Mad props to eh Mike Linarelli and Linda for helping me out with buffing out this mug and giving it that Slam Gabriel Patina look. Also big thanks to CRG of CRG RESTORATIONS. He got his hands dirty on this mug as well. OKAY!!

And big thanks to Heri (Gary Bonsangue) of DER BUS HAUSE and Rich Morris & Haggis of Wolfsburg West, , for hooking it up with the parts needed to get this mug on the road.

71 Westy #6


Here are some shots of my 1971 Westy Camper awaiting to be loaded.

71 Westy

 71 Westy #2

71 Westy #3

71 Westy #4

 71 Westy # 5

A true Mejitano!! ( Mexican Pikey ) Just an FYI, though the Euro's and Mexican's know this..........Ireland is the Mexico of Europe! The shirt and air freshner on the rear view mirror says it all. REALLY!

Mexican Pikey

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Welcome Pikey's and Mejitano's !



I'm Johnny and welcome to my blog!  This blog is basically for all the look-ee-loo's who want to know what I am up to, where I am and what sort of shenanigan's I got myself into!!??  YIKES!!!  ( That's me below. Pretty blunt of me eh )

Here is my story...............I'm off to see the world!!?? Off'd the house, left the job and temporarily left behind my beloved ones.  This is something I have been either putting off, procrastinating, dreaming of or making every excuse up in the world to put off. Come Monday, June 15th, this will all change. I depart for the first part of my once in a life time experience.

The first leg of the trip will be in Europe. Luckily for me I will have a few buddies with me on hand to help out with the navigating, holding my beer cups and making sure I don't get into any sort of trouble??? Though this will only be for the first few months.  Dougie, my Tovarish from Siberia, and Linda, my $2 trick friend with clean hands.........will be on hand for the first few weeks of the trip. Eh Mike Linarelli will be around for about a 2 month period.  (It's really too bad he doesn't speak much) OKAY! 

As far as I know, the first few weeks have an itinerary. First off I land in Dusseldorf, Germany. From there I catch a train to Rotterdam, Holland and meet up with mon ami Leh Ohn. He's originally from Paris, France but moved to Holland. Je ne sais pas? Any hoot, I will meet up with eh Mike there and within a few days Dougie and Linda will show up.  The plan is to depart to the Budel event ( ) down in southern Holland early Friday morning. Spend the weekend like a bunch of drunk guys who just graduated or as if we were in spring break.  From there we will head over to Bruges.  It's in Belgium.   ( watch the movie  " IN BRUGES ", then you will get my comment Clin d'oeil) Since Dougie is a photographer for the Siberia Bureau of the National Geographic, he will go ballistic with his camera. After Bruges we will spend a few hours in Antwerp, then head over to Beh Beh Teh (BBT ) for their Flemish Fiesta. OKAY!  Later that evening we are off to Rotterdam to spend the night at Leh Ohn's place. Then get up really early in the morning and head over to the village of HESSISCH OLDENDORF, in Germany ( ) for the Vintage Treffen event. YIKES!!!! 

After 3 days of solid Vintage Volkswagen mayhem, we will cruise up into Denmark with our mates, The Andersen's. Thomas & Henrik are the two guys who come once a year to the "Colonies" and bring the craziest vintage parts known to VW fanatics. REALLY!  They live in the outskirts of Copenhagen and live, literally, blocks away from the forest and a 17th century fortress. The Andersen's will also be taking us to a "grave yard" some where in Sweden???  So that is something to look forward to. We plan on staying in Denmark for a week or so?  During our stay, we will be visiting Mr. Tonny Larsen of the Barndoor Dk. .  Once Dougie and Linda leave, eh Mike Linarelli and I plan on heading into Sweden, then making our way to Norway?? Air Vin gave me this really cool map/route of a holiday he took up there a few years back.  Or we just may come back down into Germany and go camping on the Rhine River?? Either way, we have nothing to loose but plenty to gain.

Also, on another note.  While in Holland, we plan on visiting The Duke of Delft, Air Vin Von Stok lll. Who is a close personal friend of mine.  And as well, the most powerful figure in all Holland, Oskar Schindler. I met these two cats prior to the Invasion of Poland!!!  OKAY!  And if plans sort out properly on our way up to Copenhagen, we will make a pit stop and visit our favorite Comi buddy, Mätti, in Münster, Germany. Yes, the same town the Panzer Tank Museum is located. He's also a curator at this museum. This kid LOVES The Dukes of Hazzard???















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