Monday, December 02, 2013

Dino's Bomb Squad Toy Drive

If you are down for bombs, low riders, VW's, Viclas and a good time??? Hit the Dino's Bomb Squad car shows! Any of the shows these guys put on is a good turn out. Best of the best, and for a good cause.

Dino #1.JPG

Dino #2.JPG

Dino #3.JPG

Dino #4.JPG

Dino #5.JPG

Dino #6.JPG

Dino #7.JPG

Dino #8.JPG

Dino #9.JPG

Dino #10.JPG

Dino #11.JPG

Dino #12.JPG

Dino #13.JPG

Dino #14.JPG

Dino #15.JPG

Dino #16.JPG

Dino #17.JPG

Dino #18.JPG

Dino #19.JPG

Dino #20.JPG

Dino #21.JPG

Dino #22.JPG

Dino #23.JPG

Dino #24.JPG

Dino #25.JPG

Dino #26.JPG

Dino #27.JPG

Dino #28.JPG

Dino #29.JPG

Dino #30.JPG

Dino #31.JPG

Dino #32.JPG

Dino #34.JPG

Dino #35.JPG

Dino #36.JPG

Dino #37.JPG

Dino #38.JPG

Dino #39.JPG

Dino #40.JPG

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Sunday, December 01, 2013

Polishing the original paint

This morning I decided to get up early and throw down with the engine compartment to getting it ready for the engine installment. This this beetle is original paint, I figured the engine compartment should clean up fairly well. So I did some experimenting and this is so far what I came up with. I figure the engine compartment should get this type of treatment since everything else is. It would be a shame to open up the engine decklid to see this super bad ass and detailed engine with the outer pars all dirty. So I will sort this out.


bug #1.JPG


bug #2.JPG

 I also cleaned up and polished a few other spots. Looks like this beast will clean up nicely. But lots of work still ahead.

bug #3.JPG

bug #4.JPG

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Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Westfalia

Most folks spent their entire day stuffing their faces during Turkey Day. I spent most of it mounting the rubber inserts for the pop top and mounting the rear luggage portion of the pop top. Boy, what a bitch this was. Yeah, yeah ....... I complain but remember, this is all foreign to me. But do able. Oh, I also installed the new reproduction Wolfsburg West side mirrors, until I find some super cherry ones or NOS ones? But these will work just fine for the time being. I also gave the original antenna a major cleaning and it turned out super nice.

SHIT!!!!!!!! This thing is coming along.

bus #1.JPG

bus #2.JPG

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Friday, November 29, 2013

40 Horse Power Engine

After several months of collecting pieces for this engine, cleaning and what ........... it's done! George Schmidt of the World Famous BUTCHER SHOP, has out done himself yet again! The engine turned out WAY nicer then what I expected. This guy is the best due to his skilled craftsmanship and detailed work, he is also known for not cutting any corners. A majority of the heavy hitters use George for either their vintage or fast engine needs. Needless to say transmission and front end work as well.

Now that I have this bad ass super clean engine, new transmission with powder coated axles, all new brake components (all powder coated & hardware plated), brake lines and the Porsche Alloys. Now I need to sort out the front beam. This little 1963 Beetle will most likely turn out nicer then what I'm thinking?? Smile

Engine #1.JPG

Engine #2.JPG

Engine #3.JPG

Engine #4.JPG

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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mooneyes X-Mas show

Mooneyes has one in Japón and one here in Sur Califas. The show held in Southern California is out doors and at the Irwindale Speedway. Hopefully it doesn't rain, but it does get a bit of cold. Anyhoot, I registered a while back and just received my entrance ticket and information. This is a very cool show to attend. Some of So Cali's nicest American metal show up. Worth attending. I will take tons of pictures and post them up in here.



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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Der Bus Haus

Went over to my buddy Heri's shop to pick up some parts I needed for my Westfalia and figured I'd share some pictures with you guys. Heri is a pretty low key guy. He's the guy who's been showing up to shows super early in the morning and buying up all the cool rare shit ......... he's been doing this for the past 20 years. So needless to say, Heri has A LOT of crazy, rare, cool shit! I believe he owns 7 or 8 Barndoors?? Lost count. He's got a shit load of 23 windows and buses everywhere. He also has one of the most impressive collection or rare NOS early bus parts, with an emphasis of Barndoor parts. I can go on and on about what he has but you won't have an idea unless you see it for yourself!!!


Here is an old VW Rabbit from Mexico!? Don't know how that got there??


1967 Beetle, one of the few on the property.


Here's an early 60's Westfalia.





Here's a 1954 Double Door Panel and an early walk thru section. Believe from a 1958?



Here is a pair ...... 1953 Standard and a 1952 Single Cab. Yes, a smooth gate!





Pressed bumpers for a Single Cab


A 1960 Double Door 23 Window and a 1952 Deluxe 23 Window. What a pair!


Here are some shots of the 1952 Deluxe.








Yes, that is a rear & corner section from a 1952/53 Deluxe someone cut up many years ago!


Here is some one vintage wall art. BTW - those emblems are all the real deal.



Now this is one of my favorite of his buses ....... a 1966 Walk Thru Sunroof Standard. Awesome bus! 



 A freshly painted 1960 Single Cab. One of three on the property.


Check out all the doors, rear hatches, cargo doors and what on the rafters!!! Lots of original paint parts bought many years ago.


Here is another gem. A 1953 Deluxe 23 window stashed away in a container awaiting to be restored.



Another freshly painted 23 Window Deluxe! WTF! These things are all over the property!? OKAY.


 And another 1960 Single Cab.


In the end, a pretty impressive "private collections", without a doubt. This is the Louvre of VW's in So Cali, meaning you can spend an entire day and not see it all!! No joke. Next time Heri is going inventory, I will take pictures of his NOS stash and other rare parts he has.

Oi Chris (ROCK STOCK) ...... on your next visit to the Colonies, let me know in advance. I can arrange a private tour of this establishment.  Though I say you bring an extra pair of knickers cuz  you will shite on yourself after the first hour or so.  REALLY Wink


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Monday, November 25, 2013

3 prong center caps

Found the center caps for the recent score of my alloys. aka fuchs.


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Friday, November 22, 2013

1959-1961 Deluxe 15 Window

Found this bus near the house just chillin. Wonder if it's for sale ?? Laughing


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Thursday, November 21, 2013


I need your help ........... I'm looking for a pair of original tention clips for an early rag top. If you know of any for sale, PLEASE contact me.

Tension clip.jpg

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Doheny State Beach, Dana Point, San Diego, Euskalifornia

Here are some shots from Cuñado Earl doing some weekend camping after his Bulli Brigade camping. Talk about coast to coast camping. This kid sure does know how to live it up, and the weather makes the difference.

earl 3.jpg

Earl was a gourmet chef back in Cambodia, reason for his awescome cooking skills.

earl 1.jpg

earl 2.jpg

Czech out the view. Typical So Cali weather Laughing

earl 4.jpg

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Sunvisor Replacements

Figured I'd change out the old sunvisors and fastners with new ones. Boy, what a difference that mad.





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Tuesday, November 19, 2013


This chick, Melissa Bachman, is a coward !!!!!  Why the fuck would you kill these cool animals for fun!?




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New wheels

Just picked these up and they were SUPER cheap!!!  I couldn't believe it when I got them. The rear tires are new, never been on the road. I also tracked down the 4 three prong center caps. Score of the year for me.


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Monday, November 18, 2013

Meeting of the minds .......

This past Friday I got together with the heads of the Doy Drive for this coming weekend. Finishing up the final details while at Buca di beppo in old town Pasadena. Don't forget to come out for the show!

Roll call ................. 80's LA, BDM, CRG, RHD Marcos and Nelson.


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Friday, November 15, 2013

Toy Drive

Don't forget to come out for the cause ........ this Saturday.


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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Last of the Bulli Brigade pictures

I believe the last visit to the Bulli Brigade was back in 2003? Not sure. But what I do know ......... I missed out on this one. I will be working something out with Cuñado Earl for heading out there next year.

Mad props to Chad Carter Jr lll ............... everyone I spoke to about the show pointed the finger towards this guy.

Here is a shot of Chad Carter Jr lll with his twin brother, Earl Carter Jr lll and their body gaurd and the body gaurds beer cup holder.


THE LAST SUPPER. Here's Brother Bill giving his blessings.





Now this image is confusing? Is "Touching my Thing Nick" holding hands with Russ or the Knee Grow???? WTF!!??


Cuñado Earl doing up some Barndoor action!!



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Saturday, November 09, 2013

more of Bulli Brigade Camping


Earl 1.JPG

Earl 4.JPG

Earl 5.JPG

Earl 6.JPG

Earl 7.JPG

Earl 8.JPG

Earl 9.JPG

Earl 10.JPG


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Friday, November 08, 2013

Bulli Brigade Camping - Florida

Here are some shots taken by Cuñado Earl and friends of the first day of camping, prior to the Bulli Brigade held in Florida. I'm going for sure next year!!

J-Ville point is OUT OF CONTROL!!!!!!

Sloan and Earl

Bulli 1.jpg

Matt Cuddy with the sophisticated mountain man look.

Bulli 2.jpg

With the Knee Grow

Bulli 3.jpg

Here's a shot of Cuñado with his body gaurd, Sloan and his twin brother, Chad Carter Jr lll.

Bulli 4.jpg

Here's Earl with Manolo and some poor guy Manolo is doing something too!?? Laughing Looks like he got pinched?

Bulli 5.jpg

Here are some shots of some of the rides on site.

Bulli 6.JPG

Bulli 7.JPG

Here's a shot of John Picken's newly done up 1960 Sunroof Swivel Seat Kombi. A serious MONSTER!!! That's John in the shot.

Bulli 8.JPG

Bulli 9.JPG

Barndoor on Campsite

Bulli 10.jpg

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Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Photo by Alex Arredondo:


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Tuesday, November 05, 2013

J-Ville Point - España

JODER!! It was a matter of time ........ the J-Ville point made it's up to the northern part of Spain, Asturias!!!

Mejitano Fer


Borjo and Jandro's boy. Start them off young.


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Monday, November 04, 2013

Old Town Pasadena

This past Saturday night, Pück and I went out to Jake's Pool Hall in Old Town Pasadena for some beers to celebrate his 23rd birthday. Later on that evening we met up with CRG, Alex, Marcos and Nelson ..... and their sons. They were out cruising Old Town Pasadena. The entrance to Jake's is on an old alley drive way surrounded by cool old brick buildings. My good friend Alex Arreedondo took this shot of us hanging outside with CRG's 57 Deluxe and Marcos' (in back ground) 1954 Original RHD Convertible.

Dena - Copy.jpg

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Sunday, November 03, 2013

Windshield installed ......... FINALLY!!!

FINALLY ............ after such a long time of procrastinating and installing the inner and outer part of the dash. I finally finished it! Yohann helped me with the installation of the windshield wiper motor ...... I did the rest ......... installing that windshield was a BITCH!! It took me three tries till I finally got it installed. It's really cool to see clearly now. 

Almost there. Just need to install the brake booster, master cylinder and adjust the brakes and it is ready for some camping.





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Friday, October 25, 2013

Agua Caliente, Anza Borrego Desert, Southern California

Serg and posse headed over to the desert for a weekend of camping at “Agua Caliente”, which is located in the “Anza Borrego Desert”. A very beautiful region of Southern California. If you ever get a chance to visit Southern California, make a day trip out to this region. Well

Worth it.



serg 4.jpg



serg 1.jpg



serg 2.jpg


And here is a shot of Maria's famous fried rice dish. This stuff is DA BOMB!



serg 3.jpg


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Friday, October 11, 2013

New shocks

Today I installed the driver's side shocks and the alxes for the transmission. Previously the rotors, brakes and flexes hoses were installed. They don't seem new, but they are. Need to clean them up a bit.








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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beltline trim clean up

Earl is on a mission to getting his GFK bus on stance! No joke!

Earl #7.jpg

Earl #6.jpg

Earl #11.jpg

Earl #12.JPG

and ............ VOILA!!!!

Earl #13.JPG

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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Deluxe bumper trim clean up

That Cuñado Earl has lots of tallent. I should sent him my polishing work. Even my son, Ronnie Jiménez, was there to lend a hand.  Earl had my boy lift the bus in order to install the moldings, it made it easier. Check out those GUNS!!!

earl 2.jpg

Bumper Trim 1.jpg


Trim 2.JPG


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Monday, October 07, 2013

Luggage Rack for the 1971 Westfalia

Well, I finally got the boatman hooks back from  the plating shop. Also had the small metal plate which fastens the table pole to the floor. They all came out pretty nice. Now I don’t have to worry about them rusting away, even though it doesn’t rain out this way nor is the winter conditions any threat. Just early morning moisture. So I washed the rack portion, it was filthy as was the rear roof section. They both came out nicer then what I expected. Some patina as well, though you really can’t see it. But it looks cool from on top. The actual rack section, in these images, is not fastened on. I need to sort out the hardware and where exactly it will sit. Both the bars and the hooks were fastened on, though with nuts & bolts. They originally were riveted on but that method was not cutting it. After several tries, FUCK IT! I used nuts, bolts and washers. They look nice and will serve their purpose.


So with this said ………. Here are some pictures.








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Friday, October 04, 2013

Yard fixtures

The other day Cuñado Earl comes by the shop asking for a spare beat up rim?? So I give him one and asked him what he needed it for? His response was ......... "It's a surprise". And it was. He created a waterhose stand. Really cool.

Earl #1.jpg

Earl #2.jpg

Earl #5.jpg

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Thursday, October 03, 2013

Barndoor video

You guys gotta see this video. Too cool for school is just putting it lightly. Florian George of Lyon, France put this video together of Ken King's 1952 Sunroof Standard, his posse at work, rolling shots and the adventures in the rides. A very well put short film on Ken and his stable. (his posse too) There is also footage of the Canadians, Ken & posse, making the voyage to Southern California for last year's Barndoor Gathering. Florian is the guy who found, bought and shipped back a 1952 Deluxe 23 window which he found in Canada. He also made the voyage to Southern California with the Canadians. If Florian's metal work is as good as his camera work!? Watch out! This bus of his will turn out to be a monster!!!

Again, thank you Florian for sharing your art with us and the world. Props to you too Ken, and your posse.

Ken King's 52 Sunroof Microbus - MOVIE from AirMapp on Vimeo.


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Sunday, September 29, 2013

Euskal Herria in Euskalifornia

Buen pasajé a mí tíerra, Euskal Herria. Espero que lo pasarón genial en Euskalifornia y muchísimas gracias por la visita. Pronto lo pasamos aquí o en el Pais Vasco. Recuerdos para todos mis amiguetes y un abrazo para mí familia.



Una Buena pasada por Disneyland. Bea, no se te olvide tomar tus pastillas! je je je je




Despues. MOJADOS!!!!! ha ha ha ha  Pobre Borjita.





Siempre listo para los golpes!!! Como un buen Mejitano. (Fer .... Te bañas tio Wink)


Al final, regreso el Borjita a trabajar como un buen Gitano.




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