Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The final product

Well folks, after 4 days of this, I'm done! It was a lot of work but well worth it. You will have to see it in person to form your opinion. I think it looks great. Since I've gone this far, I'm going to rub the paint out on both the inner deck lid and the spare tire tray. This Panel's exterior isn't the prettiest. The front cab is pretty nice, the cargo area needs some major cleaning and metal work attention is needed as well. Aside from the mentioned, its a pretty solid bus.  I hope at one point the engine compartment will be the highlight of this bus. OKAY. And eventually I will get to the major stuff and finish it off.  Just takes lots of time, money and effort. Wish I had more money Smile

Day Four -1.JPG

Day Four -2.JPG

Day Four -3.JPG

Day Four -4.JPG

The infamous " QUE PASA MOTOR "

Day Four -5.JPG

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Monday, April 11, 2011

Clean up continues ............

Day three was the day for smiles. All that bullshit finally came off! Geez, that was a lot of work. I'm still high from all of the diesel fuel fumes. Now its all about cleaning up the mess and what ever spots I missed?? But she did clean up pretty well.  I went as far as cleaning up the wiring and those tabs holding them in place. Now that was a SUPER bitch of a job.

I now plan on rubbing out the og Dove Blue paint on the backside of the deck lid. Might as well.

Day 3

Day Three -1.JPG

Day Three -2.JPG

Day Three -3.JPG

Day Three -4.JPG


Day Three -6.JPG

Day Three -7.JPG

Notice the Volkswagen of Canada badge (red arrows pointing at it)

Day Three -5.JPG

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Friday, April 08, 2011

Day 2 of the cleaning process

DUDE!!! This is A LOT of work!!! Last night I sprayed TONS of diesel fuel all over this crap and allowed it to soak up really good. This process really made this junk a lot softer, whick makes it much easier to scrape off. That engine compartment is LOADED with original paint. The cool thing about this engine compartment is that it came in grey. All commercial Barndoor engine compartments were sprayed Dove Blue, like the rest of the bus. Canadian commercial Barndoor engine compartments were sprayed grey. It's pretty much all there.

Day 2

Day Two - 1.JPG

Day Two - 2.JPG

Day Two - 3.JPG

Day Two - 4.JPG

Day Two - 5.JPG

Day Two - 6.JPG

Day Two - 7.JPG

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Thursday, April 07, 2011

Engine Compartment Clean Up

Well, as most of you may know, I've been going back and forth about cleaning up and remvoving that nasty ass undercarriage shit inside the engine compartment of my Panel. I finally gave in and went to town on it, with a little encouragement from my Wolf. I spoke to several people about what would be a good product to use for removing this stuff??  Not much good advise was given. Until I was pointed in the right direction and read an article within the AirMighty Megascene Magazine, issue # 02, ( http://www.airmighty.com/ ) by Mr. Marco de Waal. One of the TECH TIP guys. Mr. de Waal gave short briefing on the removal of the original factory underseal, without damaging the original paint underneath this goop stuff. Diesel fuel. Yup, diesel fuel was the secret ingredient. He wasn't kidding when he mentioned this to be a super messy task, and that it was! If you ever decide to use this method??? Where some old ass shoes and beat down clothes.

Mad props to Herr Marco de Waal and big shout out to Niels Timmerman .......... for the AWESOME work they do for AirMighty Megascene.

If you link on this link ...... http://barndoormafia.skynetblogs.be/archive/2010/10/index.html, then scroll down towards the bottom of the page, you will see that crap sprayed all over the engine compartment. Who knows why they sprayed that shit up in there??  The images will give you an idea of what was in there.  It took me about 5 days to complete the removal and clean up of this stuff. And what a Dirty Bird I was after each session. But in the end, it was totally worth it. That's for sure.

Day 1

Day One - 1.JPG

Day One - 2.JPG

Day One - 3.JPG

Day One - 4.JPG

Day One - 5.JPG

Day One - 6.JPG

Day One - 7.JPG

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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Crank Start Handle

I just finished up my Crank Start Handle for my Panel. Looks good!


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Thursday, March 24, 2011

More GOODIES !!!!!!!!!!!

I was digging up a part for a buddy when to my surprise I found some small bits for my Panel. I was super stoked!! I thought I was going to end up paying the over priced current market value on this stuff!!!  YIKES!!!


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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Raise your pint and cheers to the Irish, because on ST. PATTY'S DAY, everyone is Irish!!!!

Now, I'm off to the pub .....................



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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More of $Mike's .................

The fiesta continues .......................

$Mike #18.JPG

$Mike #19.JPG

$Mike #20.JPG

$Mike #21.JPG

$Mike #22.JPG

$Mike #23.JPG

$Mike #24.JPG

$Mike #25.JPG

$Mike #26.JPG

$Mike #27.JPG

$Mike #28.JPG



$Mike #31.JPG

$Mike #32.JPG

The last guys standing .............. Puck, El Mers and Ron Padua!!!!!

$Mike #33.JPG

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

BBQ at $Mike's House

The Drag Day show was cool and the meeting point for all of us to hook up, because off we went to $Mike's house nearby for an AWESOME BBQ. Come noon we gathered everyone up, packed our stuff and got the cars rolling.  The coolest thing about this was our caravan cruise over to $Mike's place. Once we got there, we got the cars sorted out, unloaded and started the fiesta.

This is what its all about here in Beautiful Sunny Southern Califoria. Cool shows with beautiful weather, awesome cars and fiestas/bbq's with friends. DUDE!!! We had SO much food!! You name it ........ pork, beef, pollo/kip, sausages, beans and Windy's ($Mike's wife) AWESOME salsa!!! One of the best!!

Many more of these gatherings to come ........................

GFK rolling DEEP!!!!!

$Mike #1.JPG

$Mike leading the pack in his all original low milage (34K) 1957 Single Cab.

$Mike #2.JPG

$Mike #3.JPG

LoNotch's Low Light Ghia rolling hard with its new face lift.  (Looks Good Neil)

$Mike #4.JPG

$Mike #5.JPG

one big tight Familia ............... BDM, The Cambodian's and the GFK!!!!  Homies por vida!! Cool

$Mike #6.JPG

$Mike #7.JPG

$Mike #8.JPG

$Mike #9.JPG

$Mike #10.JPG

Here's Earl Carter Junior lll's og paint 15 window 

$Mike #11.JPG

$Mike #12.JPG

$Mike #14.JPG

$Mike #13.JPG


$Mike #16.JPG

$Mike #17.JPG 

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Monday, March 14, 2011

Drag Days, Irwindale, California

So I get a phone call from the Cambodian's to see if I'm hitting up the Drag Day Show ........... wasn't feeling it. But after a few days I got calls from several other buddies hitting up this show, I decided to venture on over. Not only was the turn out good, but we also managed to have really nice weather. Both the Wolf and I got sun burned. Another plus for this event is I don't have to get up at 4am!!!

Lots of cool cars showed up and as always, my homies, The German Folks, saved me a prime spot in one of the best locations on site. The plan was to all meet up at the show and afterwards cruise on over to $Mike's house for a bbq (pictures to come).

This event is a smaller version of the Bug In. Lots of fast cars racing down the strip, a HUGE swap area and tons of cars on display.

Here's a shot of CRG's 57 Deluxe, my 54 Kombi and $Mike's ALL original 57 Single Cab (BAD ASS).

drag day #1.JPG

drag day #2.JPG

drag day #3.JPG

drag day #4.JPG

Endless Swap Area full of Traders!!

drag day #5.JPG

This was one really nice Oval in original condition.

drag day #6.JPG

drag day #7.JPG

drag day #8.JPG

drag day #9.JPG

drag day #10.JPG

drag day #11.JPG

drag day #13.JPG

drag day #14.JPG

drag day #15.JPG

drag day #16.JPG

drag day #17.JPG

drag day #18.JPG

Cool Razor!

drag day #19.JPG

drag day #20.JPG

 This Beetle was sporting some bad ass Patina.

drag day #21.JPG

drag day #22.JPG

drag day #23.JPGdrag day #24.JPG

drag day #25.JPG 

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gas Cap

This cap turned out way better then I expected. It did take some time, but in the end .......... it was worth it! I can just picture it now!

Gas Cap 1.JPG

Gas Cap 2.JPG

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Friday, March 11, 2011

Sanding job ..............

Went to town today on the Crank Start Handle. Gave it a good sanding and got it ready for a coat of paint. The weather is perfect for spraying.


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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Gas Tank Cleaning

A few days after I brought the gas tank home, I busted it out to give it a good washing. The Wolf asked what it was and I explained it to her. She offered to clean it!! (She's a keeper)  So here is first stage of the cleaning process.






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Monday, March 07, 2011

Gas Tank Removal

The time is getting closer for me to getting Señor Panel on the road. It's been at least over 5 years since Señor Panel has been on the streets of Los Angeles.

So I headed out to Hera's crib to pull that bitch out!! That tank is filthy! But worse of all is this ugly ass coating within the engine compartment. It's a real bitch getting that stuff off!!!  It's peeling off in some areas, but stuck really good in most of the engine compartment. Someone recommened for me to use paint thinner to remove this shit!!?? Haven't tried it yet. But if anyone has any suggestions???? Please drop me an email and let me know what can work???

It would look really nice if I could clean off all of that under coating shit out from there, leaving the original grey paint intact, therefore complimenting the QUE PASA motor. REALLY!

Nice and clean unmolested corner eh!






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Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Snow in Dena!!???

The other day I was lounging around ready when something caught my eye!?  I thought last nights Tequila was still in my system??  Nope!! It was ............... it was snowing up in north Dena (Pasadena).  Jumped off the couch, grabbed the camera and took some pictures.  See, it doesn't snow here very often, yet alone ........ rain.  So you can see why I'm all excited about this. OKAY!!!








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Monday, February 28, 2011

Crank Start Handle

I finally got my hands on a Crank Start Handle!!!  I was super stoked as I've have spent lots of time searching for one at a reasonable price, cuz these things are always OVER PRICED!!!  Surprised


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Saturday, February 19, 2011

OCTO MEET - Part 2

I took so many pictures I didn't know which ones to drop in here. So here are more .................. Enjoy.










Turbo'd Barndoor.










This was my favorite bus of the event.









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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


What an AWESOME event!!!  Typically this event gets rained on. Not this time!!! It was in the high 70's with TONS of sun and fun.  According to OCTO President, PJ French, this was yet the biggest turn out for a February show. 184 buses!!!! By 7:30 am the gates had to be closed and other enthusiates had to wait outside for several hours before allowed into the show. Tons of parts showed up, as the swap areas were packed with seekers. Also, several new rides showed up to make their debut.

If you haven't been to an OCTO event???? It is a MUST!!!!  June is the most popular one with Type 2's from every corner.





The party crew!!!


A Custom Binz.


This guy was cruising around the show making sure fools weren't getting out of control. Crowd Control Patrol.






















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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Artig, the Hund

Here is a shot of Artig, my buddies Thomas & Henrik's Hund (German for dog) gaurding their 60 beetle. That is one funny dog!


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Thursday, January 27, 2011

1957 All Original Single Cab with 43K Original Miles !!!!

It's not very often you come across a Monster like this. 1957 ALL original Single Cab. Seriously, it's ALL original.  It also reads 43,000 miles on the odemeter!!!  There is SO much paint on this ride, it's insane!!!  The bumpers are very nice as well the 15" wheels, which sport the original hubcaps to this truck. A true survivor. It still has the dove blue paint in the middle of the front emblem. Most folks don't know this, but this is how they came from the factory.

While checking out $Mike's newest addition, we were both lucky to have The Professor come over for a lecture and a learning session on  the preservation of original paint and original condition cars. We learned a lot for Professor Linda as he taught us all the tricks my Dad had mentioned to me a while back. Any hoot, it was a learning experience and it the end ........ both $Mike and I got THE HOLY GRAIL GARAGE baseball caps.  You can bet I will be sporting mine to the up coming OCTO meeting.  OKAY.

Check out Linda chatting us up on how he's going to take over the world. Though he looks like he was roughed up the night before!!?? Wink

Linda - Copy.JPG




Here's Linda getting all dirty and at the same time telling us ....... " I live by the CLAY BAR! ".






SC #10.JPG

Look at how CHI CHI'S the front bumper and nose (above image) turned out!!!

SC #11.JPG

SC #12.JPG

Yes Sir, those are both the original wheels & hubcaps to this truck.

SC #13.JPG

Notice the paint in the middle of the emblem. That is also og and straight from the factory.

SC #14.JPG

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Monday, January 24, 2011

A vist from France ........... PUTAIN!!!!!

So I get this email from Yohann that he is in LA!? What!!?? He was running around town putting deals together and closing them as well. I asked him why he was SO damn busy?? He told me he joined an up and coming firm who is taking over the VW scene. If any of you guys out there know Yohann, you know he's a pretty calm laid back guy. But he seemed really RUTHLESS during this visit!!??  It all made sense once he put his baseball cap on before seeing his next client.

See for yourself ................  PUTAIN !!!!!!!!!!


Au Revior mon ami et VIVE LA FRANCE !!!!!!!


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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pomona Swapmeet continues ....................

Just wanted to drop some more pictures of this past weekends event.  Oh, that recently done RHD Convertible ......... it's the "REAL DEAL".  It's not a fake nor fabricated RHD.

P-Town #25.JPG

P-Town #26.JPG

P-Town #27.JPG

P-Town #28.JPG

P-Town #29.JPG

GFK CONTROLA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P-Town #30.JPG

P-Town #31.JPG

P-Town #32.JPG

P-Town #33.JPG

P-Town #34.JPG

P-Town #35.JPG

Straight GREASER ramfla!!!!!!!!

P-Town #36.JPG

P-Town #37.JPG

P-Town #38.JPG

P-Town #39.JPG

P-Town #40.JPG

This is a real RHD vert!!!!

P-Town #42.JPG

P-Town #41.JPG

P-Town #43.JPG


P-Town #44.JPG

Funky looking 56/57 Kombi. But very cool.

P-Town #45.JPG

P-Town #46.JPG

P-Town #47.JPG

Saving the best for last .............. 1951 Mercury. Who cares its a 4-Door.

P-Town #49.JPG

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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Pomona Auto Antique Swapmeet

What a way to start off the new year. Haven't been to a P-Town Swapmeet since the June event. The weather was incredible!!! While in other parts of the world its freezing ass cold, in Sur Califas it was in the low 80's with plenty of sunshine. Great day for a walk around the entire event. Which I did.

This event usually gets rained on or it's freezing ass cold. I've been there when its so cold, your feet hurt!! JODER!! But not this event. This one was full with lots of cool cars and displays. Not much at all in the VW swap area, as its been like this for the past 15 years or so. This is more of a social gathering and a get together bbq with friends. As always, the GERMAN FOLKS had the fiesta going and loaded with tons of food (hmmm tacos) and beers!

Good Times.

P-Town #1.JPG

P-Town #2.JPG

P-Town #3.JPG

P-Town #4.JPG

P-Town #5.JPG

P-Town #6.JPG

P-Town #7.JPG

P-Town #8.JPG

P-Town #9.JPG

P-Town #10.JPG

P-Town #11.JPG

P-Town #12.JPG

P-Town #13.JPG

P-Town #14.JPG

P-Town #15.JPG

P-Town #16.JPG

P-Town #17.JPG

P-Town #18.JPG

P-Town #19.JPG

P-Town #20.JPG

P-Town #21.JPG

P-Town #22.JPG

P-Town #23.JPG

P-Town #24.JPG


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Saturday, December 18, 2010

That's a wrap!!

These are the final images of what went down in the 1st Annual DOUG WOULD GO surf/camping adventure. Congrats to Poh Ghel Stah Dougie for taking top honors!! Mad props to Maurice for sorting this event out and big shout out to all the participants. Even the "one" who should up for the afternoon and worked the entire time!!!!  Next year it will be bigger and better!!!  Word has it that Billabong & O'Neal want to sponsor this event!!!

In the morning when we got up, Cirilo found a small KROH LECK inside Dougie's tent. YUP!!  It turned out to be a Mah Len Keh Kroh Leck!!!  See for yourself............

bch #1.JPG

bch #2.JPG

Hooking up the Kabob's!!

bch #3.JPG

bch #4.JPG

bch #5.JPG

Here is the Master Cambodian Chef, Cirilo, getting ready to grill up Earl Carter Jr lll's famous pollo.

bch #6.JPG

bch #7.JPG

bch #8.JPG

The Wolf !!!!


bch #10.JPG

bch #11.JPG

bch #12.JPG

bch #13.JPG

bch #14.JPG

bch #15.JPG

THE CREW!!!!!!

bch #16.JPG

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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The fiesta continues ...............

Way too much went on this weekend for just one posting, so I will sort out a few more. Besides, there are TONS of pictures.

The next day we all got up and seriously hooked up with some huevos con chorizo, which Mexican Surfer, Linda brought out from his farm in Oxaca. The Cambodians made their own style, by adding white rice. After the first few heats/eliminations ........ the fiesta started up again. The bbq grill got lit up and off we went. Of course while beers were being passed around, as well the Tequila.

Check out this awesome sunset we got to see at the days end. Most of us went up on the cliffs with some beers and watched the sunset go about its business. Pretty Knarly if you ask me.

bch #1.jpg

bch #2.jpg

The surf patrol on a break.

bch #3.jpg

The Wolf checking both the waves and the sunset.


Buddah is getting ready to chow down!!

bch #5.jpg

The famous Wig Burning Ceremony.

bch #6.jpg

bch #7.jpg

Cirilo and Lauren after their heat. They both qualified.

bch #8.jpg

Maurice and Dougie getting ready for their heat.

bch #9.jpg

After the qualifications were done, the fiesta started back up.

bch #10.jpg

Cambodian Style !!!!!!!

bch #12.jpg

Check out Mickey O'Neal from SNATCH, creeping out from his Pikey tent.

bch #13.jpg

Mickey's ride, a 1959 Low Light Karmann Ghia. This thing is pretty bad ass!!

bch #14.jpg

Here's a shot of Linda lecturing to all the contestants on the do's and dont's when it comes to original paint. For some reason he kept introducing himself as "Chris Carr" ????  WTF ????  Wink

bch #15.jpg

 Here's a shot of Mickey walking away after 5 minutes of Linda's lecture. REALLY! 

bch #16.jpg

Here's Linda updating his advertisement's and ignoring the original paint conversation. JODER!! What's up with the Elphant??

bch #18.jpg

The organizer of the event, Maurice, got a little ticked about Linda doing his VW crap while on the clock so he put him on cleaning duty. If you know Linda, he's really good at cleaning stuff. OKAY. (look at the top left corner)

bch #19.jpg

bch #20.jpg

Here is when Dougie asked Mickey O'Neal from SNATCH to kick Linda's booty. Mickey's response was ............... " FUCK IT!!! I'LL DO IT FOR A CARAVAN !!!!! "


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Monday, December 13, 2010

DOUG WOULD GO - North Shore San Diego

HOLY SHIT!!!  Where esle in the world is there mid 80 degree weather, awesome swell, loads of sun shine and all of it taking place on the beach. Southern California. I bet all those wanna be So Cali kids out there wish they weren't in there sub zero weather conditions.

Welcome to the first annuel DOUG WOULD GO surf invitational. Prior to this weekend it was pretty cold, for Californians. Then a few weeks before we all met up at San Elijo Beach, I spoke to Dougie about the weather and he told me NOT to worry about it, that he had spoken to God and God told him it was cool.  His exact words were ...... " Don't worry about it Bro!!"  OKAY.  Well, God was on our side because an awesome swell popped up with tons of surf, the sun was out in full force and the weather couldn't have been any better.

We all met up at the camp site, sorted out our sleeping quarters, had some beers & medication, then headed over and checked on the surf. YIKES is all we were saying. Made props to Maurice for being the brain child of this event and for sorting out the main stuff. We had food from all corners...............Kabobs, Hawaiian pollo, Cambodian style pork, carne asada and Siberian style sandwich meats Wink. Right Dougie.  After each session a nice stack of food was waiting for you with either a shot of Tequila, Yak or a cold beer.  Or both.  After the 3 day elimination process, only 5 waterman were left standing.  In the end, only one man stood proud. But we will get to that later on.  So here is a sneak of what went down this past weekend and more to come......................

Here's a shot heading down to the North Shore of San Diego. Maurice leading the pack.

Bch #1.jpg

The MAIN EVENT ........... the last 6 men standing. From L to R: Maurice (Cambodia), Cirilo (Cambodia), Doug (Siberia/Russia), Earl Carter Jr lll (Laos), Johnny (Euskal Herria) & Linda (Oxaca, Mexico) - not pictured. Please note: the 6th Main Event contestent was not present for the picture, due to the contestant up dating his Samba advertisements.

Bch #2.jpg

Praying for surf!

Bch #3.jpg

Bch #4.jpg

Bch #5.jpg

Bch #6.jpg

The campsites. We also had a real deal PIKEY at our campsite ....... Mickey O'Neal.

Bch #7.jpg

Bch #8.jpg

Bch #9.jpg

Bch #10.jpg

Bch #11.jpg

Bch #12.jpg

Bch #13.jpg

We also had a special appearance from GFK's ....... MICKEY O'NEAL, aka Lonotch!

Bch #14.jpg

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

OCTO - Fall 2010 Show

I can bet everyone was pretty stoked to see the sun shining again after a week of rain. And what a surprise we were all able to get up in the morning for the ride over to this show.  The bon fire was on until 2 am. YIKES! 

Any hoot, off we headed over to Huntington Beach High from P-Town. Nice caravan as well. 175 buses turned out for this fall event. I have to say it's my favorite of the three OCTO shows put on within the year. Always a good time there. Chuck D's crib was also a treat. Chuck turned 54 that day. Happy B-Day Chuck!!

OCTO # 1.jpg

OCTO # 2.jpg

OCTO # 3.jpg

OCTO # 4.jpg 

OCTO # 5.jpg

This was a really nice bus! 1956/57 Kombi with the factory option sunroof. It was cool the owner painted it another color, rather then the factory Dove Blue. Either way, a super cool bus.

OCTO # 6.jpg

OCTO # 10.jpg

OCTO # 7.jpg

OCTO # 8.jpg

OCTO # 9.jpg

This is Edgar Allen Poe's Txakura, Topper.

OCTO # 11.jpg

OCTO # 14.jpg

OCTO # 12.jpg

OCTO # 13.jpg

OCTO # 20.jpg

OCTO # 19.jpg

OCTO # 17.jpg

OCTO # 15.jpg

OCTO # 16.jpg

OCTO # 18.jpg

Here are a few shots out front of Chuck D's, of THE BUS STOP, house.

OCTO # 21.jpg

OCTO # 22.jpg

OCTO # 23.jpg 

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Camp Hera

After a few weeks of scrambling around with Martin el Pirata and away from Dena, tons of work laid ahead in preparation for the Camp Hera fiesta. What a great fiesta this turned out to be regardless of what  the weather conditions were. The Cambodians laid it out with tons of food. Earl Carter Jr lll busted out a heavy batch of his famous chicken. Cirilo did as well. Mers popped up with his 57 flat green panel (which is pictured in just about every VW magazine lately) and a bag full of his awesome but super hot Jalapeno sausages. DAMN THOSE WERE GOOD!!!  All the way from East Germany came the Knee Grow, drinking everyone's Mi Chelada's.  The Wolf and Lauren were busy making "Friendship Braclets" and trading them as well.

Linda was on hand too! Lecturing just about anything to do with VW's. He even ended up pimping out some seats while there. We also had a special guest appearance by a Samba Rock Star, John Foley. Though he asked for his picture not to be taken of the front side. He likes to keep his image a mystery. OKAY.

Good times!!!  These small events get better and better.

Martin El Pirata ............ te lo perdiste Tio! La fiesta y la concentracion fueron la Ostia. Gracias Tronko!!!  Como dice el Hera, " El Martin es un buen perro y sabe morder la cadena"!!  Que si eres un Vasco!!!

Camp # 1.jpg

Camp # 2.jpg

Camp # 3.jpg

Camp # 4.jpg

Camp # 5.jpg

Camp # 6.jpg


Camp # 8.jpg

Camp # 9.jpg

Camp # 10.jpg

Camp # 11.jpg

Camp # 12.jpg

Camp # 13.jpg

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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

1954 Panel

Upon my return I brought back with me, Martin el Pirata, from Asturias. He's Luanco's pride and joy. I figure since he's around and enjoy's wrenching ............ lets jump on that Panel and get that mug rolling!!  Lots of progress.  First off we removed all the brake drums and gave them a full service. Greased up the front ones and replaced the seals on the rear drums. Adjusted all the brakes and sorted out the emergency brake cables. Then we went to work on the transmission. Drained what gear oil was in there. Not much. YIKES!! Replaced the axle boot covers and filled that mug up.  Once all the necessary stuff was sorted out, Hera and Martin dropped the QUE PASA motor in there ......... with out using a floor jack. They used an ice cooler!!!!!!!!! JODER!!!

Now we are doing minor adjustments and some tweaking here and there, then we will have it running on the road. Another task we sorted out was putting on the 16" wheels with brand new bias plys. What a difference it makes and the height went up as well.

Over all, today was a good day. Didn't even have to use my A-K!! Wink

Panel # 1.jpg

Panel # 3.jpg

Panel # 4.jpg

Panel # 5.jpg

Panel # 6.jpg

Panel # 7.jpg

Panel # 8.jpg

Panel # 9.jpg

Panel # 10.jpg

Panel #11.jpg

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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Martin el Pirata

Before heading out to Wolfsburg West, I decided that Martin needed to be educated on the fast food industry in the US. So off to Taco Bell we went.  (FOOD SUCKS there)  Afterwards I took him for a nice Basque meal, though this was a French Basque eatery. 


Basque Rest.jpg

Later that night we went on the piss in Old Town Dena. Ended up at a Pool hall and Martin got played by this hot pool shark!! JODER!!!


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