Thursday, April 03, 2014

15th Annual Spring Picnic

May 04, 2013 - Spring Picnic hosted by Orange Empire Bus Company
Yorba Linda, California

As Everett mentions above ....... Don't miss out on the 15th Annual Spring Picnic hosted by The Orange Empire Bus Company. Come out and enjoy the day parked on grass under large trees. Gates open at 6:30 in the morning. The day will be packed full of fun.

-Hot-Dog Fred will be on-scene grilling up his legendary Bratwursts and Hot-Dogs.
-Our swap meet is expected to be full to capacity.
-And we will once again be running SLOW-DRAGS. Slow drags are free to enter with two classes (type 2 and all other VWs) The winner of each class wins a $200 Gift Certificate donated by Wolfsburg West.
-Bring family and friends and enjoy a truly unique Volkswagen event in a truly unique park setting.
- Admission is free to drivers of aircooled VWs. Passengers and spectators pay a low $5 each
-ALL-Aircooled VW campout starts Friday, May 2nd at noon.
-All Aircooled VW "drive-in" will be set up Saturday night again, compliments of Jebus with free popcorn served by Wolfsburg West.

Email for more info.

May 02, 2013 - Spring Picnic Campout
Yorba Linda, California

Bring your friends and family and come out for the Pre-Spring Picnic Campout. The fun starts at Noon on Friday and continues until early Sunday morning where the even-more-fun Spring Picnic begins. Bring your barbecues and ice chests and enjoy camping on grass with LOTS of other VWs. Saturday at dusk we will once again be setting up the big screen and showing a Volkswagen extravaganza on the big screen compliments of "the Jebus" with free popcorn from your friends at Wolfsburg West. Campout is open to AIRCOOLED VWs only. $20 per night/per vehicle. No prereservation is required.

Email for more info.


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Monday, March 31, 2014

Reverse light clean up

I thought I lost these reverse lights but found them in a box I has other parts stashed away. So I figured I'd give them a proper cleaning.




And VOILA!!!





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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SBOM #3 ............... Mataró (Barcelona), Spain

If any of you have nothing to do on the weekend of May 3rd or you will be on hoiday that weekend ....... head on over to Mataró (Barcelona), Spain. Xavi Cervera is the main man behind this event, pretty much a one man show. Split Buses Only Meet #3 is a pre 1967 Bus meet being held on the port town of Mataró, which is located in the out skirts of Barcelona. With the support of several organizations (including Cuñado Wear, The Samba, OCTO and the BDM) within the world wide VW community, Xavi was blessed with lots of gifts and prizes of this event.

So make it out for the weekend ........ enjoy a Paella or tapas while chilling and checking out all the buses. Then you can always head into town and visit La Sagrada Familia or la Rambla for some more Cañas?? Smile



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Friday, March 14, 2014

Fender beading and running board rubber replacements


Yesterday I spent the entire day working on the beetle! It was one long day. I was tightening up loose ends here and there, then I removed the running boards and started to remove the fenders. Having all of this off I tapped and dyed ALL the threads, nuts bolts, hardware, etc!! What a chore! But what a difference it is when you screw everything together without breaking your wrist!  I mounted one of the fenders  with new fender beading, 3 more to go. I’m also in the middle of replacing the rubber on the running board.


Check out how dry it is where the area strip is where the running board mounts on to. ZERO RUST! Gotta love that freaking So Cali weather. This beetle was bought at Trans Ocean dealership in Pasadena and has remained within the family until I got my grubby little hands on it. OKAY Wink  Once I clean the running board mounting area and the bottom end areas of the fenders, where the running boards fasten to .......... I will then polish the paint from the running boards up.


DAMN! Look at how dry this area is as well! Mounting the fender back on after cleaning up the body threads and all the hardware made this a piece of cake.


Stay tuned ............... Wink 

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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Engine clean up

Yet another chore. This engine was filthy! I’ve had this motor for a very long time and now I will be putting it to use on a project. Lucky for me I had all the engine tin powder coated a few years back. You just never now.


I do have to say this engine cleaned up quite well.












Czech out the flying engine !!!!!!!!!








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Monday, March 10, 2014

Hawk's Build

Few weeks ago or the weekend it rained, a bunch of us got together at Daniel's place up in Victorville to help out fellow GFK member, Mario - aka Hawk, with his beetle. Super nice beetle and in the process of being put together. Lots of fellow members from all corners of the greater Los Angeles area were on the spot to give a hand. Even the San Diego chapter, Neil and Cuñado Earl, made the voyage as well. It's good to know your homies have your back!

Here is Hawk and Neil figuring out the game plan.


Fresh paint


Here is Luis Ruiz handling the fender beading job.


Look at how clean it looks underneath there and with nice new hardware.


Alloys ........ a GFK must!


One of the homies from Las Vegas, Eric, brought this over for Hawk. I have never seen one like this???


Here's Daniel's Sealing Wax Red Crew Cab, awaiting a new transmission.


GFK had their personal chef on site ....... Cuñado Earl. Think he wasn't!?


Daniel getting the table ready for the grub.


Earl getting his grill skills on!


The food tasters.



Even Larry Reno showed up in his cool patina's beetle.


This was my view heading back home, the back side of the San Gabriel Mountains all covered in snow.


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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Joshua Tree National Park

As many of you know, following the story of my Westfalia, I finally got my 1971 Westfalia Bus up & running and made its maiden voyage to the Joshua Tree National Park this past weekend. What an adventure! The least to say. I’ve planning for many years or all the times the Campbodians offered a spot for me at their annual Joshua Tree campout. The main reason for me not attending was the weather. It can get really cold up in the Yucca Valley. But with a Camper, that’s a different story. Come Friday morning I getting everything sorted out for the trip. Basically all my supplies as I didn’t have to worry about a tent or those other necessities one needs to bring when camping. My Westy had everything I needed for that weekend! So off I left the Slam Gabriel Valley making my way towards Palm Springs. The meet up point was the 10 Freeway and Highway 79 in the town of Beaumont. Come 5 minutes upon my arrival the Campbodians arrive and off we went on to Highway 62 heading into the Yucca Valley.


On a side note, I had no idea these Bay Window Westfalia’s were so heavy! Mine was a slug going up hills. I mean really bad! But oh well, it’s got all that camping interior in there so deal with it! Right.


Upon arrival at Joshua Tree, we headed into the back side of the park, Indian Cove Road to be exact. What an awesome drive this was. Visiting the Joshua Tree National Park is one thing, but to roll in and camp in your bus is a whole different experience. Once parked, we all started setting up our campsite and rides, getting ready to get our drink on! Friday night was the chill day/night. Come Saturday off we went for a hike, and what a hike that was. We climbed one fairly large rock with an impressive view of the Yucca Valley. Rock views for days. The evening was the main event for the day. Non stop bbq’n with cocktails and beers on hand. Something really cool to see are all the stars up in the sky. Being a city boy, we don’t get this type of view very often. We have to venture out pretty far for something like this. One night I saw one shooting star, come Saturday I saw THREE shooting stars. No joke!


In the end, this was a major treat for myself. I was geeking for a solid year about taking my Westfalia out on a camping trip. This was a much needed adventure. If any of you ever get a chance to visit the Joshua Tree National Park, DO IT! I highly recommend you do the camping

thing as well. You will not be sorry.


Here is a shot of my first break down. Actually the spring on my carburator busted. A minor modification and off I went. This was also the ralley point, Beaumont.



The Campbodian's arrive. Maurice in his 1960 Walk Thru Kombi, Ronnie Jiménez in his 1960 Panel and Cirilo Gangoy Jr lll in his 1966 Panel. Also riding with Ronnie was his girl Liza and her little, Joanna.


On the 10 Freeway just about to jump onto Highway 62.








JT 10.JPG 


Upon arrival at the Indian Cove station, we had to sort out our passes and spots. Friendly Rangers on hand.

JT 12.JPG 

JT 13.JPG 


Rolling in. What a sight!!!


JT 16.JPG 



Czech out our camp spot! Surrounded by pure natural beauty. Que furgo tan guapo! Wink 


Here is a shot of our campsite all set up. Made sure them coolers were loaded with supplies and drinks.


Maurice's spot.





Hitting the Hookah. Czech out my cherry hair!! 





JT 27.JPG 



Let's go hiking! Here is a shot of Cirilo Gangoy Jr lll, basically ......... Maurice's son, Ronnie Jiménez and Rondy!


These views from up on top were amazing! The Yucca Valley is a pretty impressive sight as well. See for yourselves.











Getting my grill on and my hair still looks cherry!!



Sunset is setting in.





KK CAMPBODIANS!!!!!!!!!!!  The Joshua Tree Posse.

JT 45.jpg

All packed up and just about ready to leave the park. For sure I will be back with these guys come next year. But many more camping trips are coming up.





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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Wookie Kitty

Sorry, but I HAD to post this picture. Too awesome! I need to dress Chewbacca like this for Halloween.


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Monday, February 10, 2014

Campbodian road side assistance

Who needs AAA when you got Campbodian road side assistance. After OCTO the posse headed over to my crib and sort out the motor situation for my Westfalia. It was a bitch of a task but in the end it was all good. Big props to Cuñado Earl, Maurice Gangoy, Luis Ruiz, Jeremy Metzger and Serq Vasquez. It’s good to know I have friends like this ( who aren’t always thinking of how to make a quick buck off their friends )




Czech out Earl's Mascara. He looks like his Txakurra Zeus! Surprised


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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Vintage Classic Specialist. Orange, California

This past Saturday I visited a good friend of mine, Rafael Gutierrez of the infamous Vintage Classic Specialist shop in Orange, California. I haven’t been to Rafa’s new shop and what a surprise! I got rubber neck from just walking in. His shop is the average VW gear head’s dream shop. Seriously.  The first thing I noticed when I entered were the original paint pre 1963 rear hatches, and one super patina’d Barndoor Deluxe rear hatch. As I kept walking I’d discover something new. So this kept going on each time I walked about 4 feet or so. He also has signs hanging all over the place, and lets not  forget all the small nostalgic trinkets laying around. During my visit he had a few customer vehicles on site, but his personal rides were more impressive. My favorite was his original paint with logos, 1957 Palm Green / Sand Green European Standard. That is one beautiful bus. Sitting right next to his impressive 57 Standard is yet another Standard. A 1960 Double Door Sunroof Mango Standard. This thing also had the original double flipper seat. RARE! Another of Rafa’s personal projects is his early 1956 Low Light Karmann Ghia with tons of NOS parts awaiting to be mounted.


Rafa is the main guy at West Coast Classics. He assembles all the major restorations taking place there. Rara is known in the industry for his detailed craftsmanship. A true artist on a league of his own. Rafa is all about perfection and not cutting any corners. He told me every car he assembles, he does it as if it were his ride. Chances are if you love a certain magazine featured ride, Rafa had something to do with it. Rafa’s doors are always open, whether it be for a specific job or just to come and visit his shop. Visiting his shop alone is worth it.  So if you are an out of towner, come by Rafa’s shop for a chat, or a beer.



This is my favorite part of his shop. 






























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Sunday, February 02, 2014

Barndoor in the Desert

Just a random shot I took of my 1954 Kombi on the side of road, highway 177 to be exact.


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Saturday, February 01, 2014

BBB video

Here is a very cool video created by Jehu Garcia.

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Friday, January 31, 2014

Dove Blue Posse

Found these shots of a 1955 Walk Thru Panel, 1954 Kombi and a 1955 Single Cab.

Dove Blue 1.JPG

Dove Blue 2.JPG

Dove Blue 3.JPG

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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Cleaned Hurst Shifter

After an hour or so, managed to leave this shifter in nice condition. It cleaned up pretty well. All I need to do now is find that rubber piece that covers that opening? Once mounted on the bettle, it will look like a race car. Smile





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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

More images of BBB ..... By Comrade 10 Foot Doug

The images keep rolling in for this fun event, BUSES BY THE BRIDGE. View the event from the lense of Comrade 10 Foot Doug.

Here is a shot of us gasing up at Chiriaco Summit.

doug 1.jpg

Here is a shot of an accident on the 10 Freeway, right at the connection to Highway 62, and entering Palm Springs. This accident delayed us an hour. Looks pretty bad.

Doug 2.jpg

This is when Maurice was having technical issues with his Kombi.

Doug 6.JPG

This is a beautiful shot. The scenary was epic, but this back ground shot, while these great minds collaborating about Maurice's troubles .......... AWESOME!


VIOLA! A spark plug caused this mess!! PUTAIN!!!

Doug 5.JPG

Maurice back on the road.

Doug 3.jpg

I actually took this shot. Comrade is having a cup of Joe while making sure the Campbodian's are doing it up right.

Doug 7.JPG

Here is a ferry going across the Colorado River. Though Cirilo thought it was a ferry heading out towards Angkor Wat, Cambodia Smile

Doug 8.JPG

Campbodian's at the light house.

Doug 9.JPG


Here's Earl updating his Spacebook page.

Doug 11.JPG

Straight from Catalunya, Estrella Damm. After serveral of these I was speaking in català Smile 

Doug 12.JPG

Here's a shot of the night life at BBB.

Doug 13.JPG

The early risers.

Doug 14.JPG

The Dynamic Duo.

Doug 15.jpg

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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


The CRASH UNIT got together over the weekend to help out fellow member, CRG, on a secret project. Wink  Image was taken at CRG RESTORATIONS.


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Monday, January 27, 2014

Rubbing out og paint

This past weekend I spent several hours rubbing out the og paint Mother Nature allowed to stay on the beetle Laughing  Those of you who have done this before, know what I'm talking about. It's pretty labor intense but the outcome is pretty knarly. I'm doing it all by hand as I don't want to burn the paint off or remove little is left. Mother nature sure worked her magic on this little beetle. Each area I rubbed out at least 3 to 4 times. Fuck me this is a lot of work!

As you will notice, I've only done half the side of the roof. I need to pull the beetle out and place it on the opposite side to get to it.




Here is a before shot. I still need to remove the windshield to replace it with a nice clean original one, then get into the inner areas and clean them out. I also need to remove the windshield wiper grommets and hardware.


And here are 2 after shots. The second one has more visual of the front roof area.



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Friday, January 24, 2014

OG Hurst Shifter

Czech out what I just scored at a yard sale for $5 !!!!! It's the real deal and will look nice on the 1963 Beetle, once cleaned up.

Shifter 1.JPG

Shifter 2.JPG

Shifter 3.JPG

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Buses By The Bridge. Lake Havasu, Arizona



FINALLY! After 15 years of procrastinating or making excuses for the cold ……….. I finally made it out to the 18th annual Buses By The Bridge campout / show. Let me be the first to say “ If you didn’t make it out this past weekend?? You missed out!! “. According the to the London Bridge Bulli club members, this was by far the largest attendance BBB, and the best weather as well. Over 401 VW Buses were on site. Apparently by Thursday evening the count was close to 250!!! WOW!!!  Needless to say, I will be attending next year’s event without a doubt.


My original plan was to take my 1971 Westfalia. But due to the generator taking a shit the night before, was not going to happen! So I pulled the Barndoor out and loaded it up with all the camping gear and off we went.  The plan was to meet up with the Campbodian’s somewhere by the 10 Freeway and Highway 78. We all met up at Chiriaco Summit, which is located 30 miles east of Indio. On site was Maurice & his 1961 Walk Thru Kombi, Cirilo Gangoy Jr & his 1966 Sliding door Panel and Comrade Dougie, with Cuñado Earl riding shotgun, & his 1955 Barndoor Deluxe. Also riding along was Jeremy Meztger, aka. Hemet Jeremy, and his side kick Shane. Once gas’d up, off we drove towards Highway 177. Basically, Chiriaco Summit is the only gas station if you take “RICE ROAD” / Highway 177 to Highway 62 to get to Parker, Arizona. That is one long ass stretch to run out of gas! There isn’t shit out there but desert. Though a BEAUTIFUL scenic drive.







 Talk about getting stuck out there in the middle of nowhere …….. Maurice’s Kombi decide to take a dump! So we all pull to the side and figure out what was going on?? Turns out the spark plugs were Junk, needed to be replaced, and a good valve adjustment. After a few hours, we were ready to roll.









Once we got to the Colorado River, we crossed the main bridge over and into Parker, Arizona. One more gas stop and an hour drive north into Lake Havasu. Upon arrival we were mesmerized with all the VW Buses scattered all over the camp ground. An endless sight needless to say. It was very interesting cruising in as we were being gazed at. Turns out we were the only 2 Barndoor’s at the event. We got hooked up by other members of OCTO who saved us a premier spot. And a great spot it was. While setting up camp, we were visited by tons of familiar faces. Everyone was basically there. Also in our spot was my Dad, Charlie Hamil of the world famous ……. THE BUS STOP, in Westminster, California. He was there sporting his and Rich Morris’ newly done 1966 Standard which had lots of modifications done for the up coming Mount Shasta trailbash. A really cool bus. Lots of clubs were on site as well. There were grills going off left and right. Beer. Laughs. And what.

















Charlie Hamil & Rich Morris' 1966 Standard, aka, the Shasta bus.



Check this bad boys out!





This is Esteban Guey's Pomona Found 1966 Westfalia, with new shoes.








Here is my spot. Set up my Westfalia Tent behind my Kombi and in front of Comrade's Deluxe. Perfect spot. OKAY.



One cool sight about this event was waking up in the morning and seeing all the hot air balloons taking off right in front of us.








AND AWAY !!!!!! 



After tearing down camp, off we headed towards Cali. BUT ……… when stopping to get gas at Chiriaco Summit, now my bus took a shit! SCHEISSE!!!!   shit! Lucky for me, Jeremy Meztger was on site and was able to load up my Bus and take it back to the Slam Gabriel

Valley. What a super fuckin bummer!! But at the same time, what an adventure!   While waiting around several VW folks stopped by to see if they could help out. Even a Brit (WTF!!??), Mark, and his Israeli wife, offered to help. As well VTO’s caravan stopped to offer some help. AWESOME!









 In the end, this was an AWESOME adventure and we will be doing this event come next year. Though in our Westfalia. Think we won’t!?




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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Zeus in training

Cuñado Earl wasn't kidding when he said his fighting dog, Zeus, was going to be training hard this year.



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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Year end pictures

 Farewell 2013 and welcome 2014!  Any hoot, I figured I would post up pictures I took during 2013 ( and a few from a few years prior) which I never posted and are worthy of sharing with you. I can't begin to count how many pictures I've taken this past year? Too many is for certain, but never enough. These are pictures of shows, peoples rides (some of who I do not know but thought they were bad ass), parts, parties, open houses or whatever the case was. Also included are some random nature shots I took. Remember, aside from the beautiful weather and all the bad ass rides we have out here, there are a lot more things to see and do in Southern California.

Hopefully next year I will start doing some more traveling, both abroad and within the Colonies. So this means more pictures. I will do my best to give a brief description of each photo taken and if I don't and you recognize the image, please ....... drop me an email and give me the 411.

Well I hope you like them and any comments and critique are welcomed. OKAY, let's get this show on the road.


Here is a random shot I took of my rides (ofcourse the first picture will be of my rides!). My 1954 Panel, 1954 Kombi and way in the back is my 1963 Pantina'd down OG Beetle. I wanted to take a picture will all my rides, though I am missing a few in there Wink 

buses & bug.JPG




February OCTO show. Pictured is Poe Tan's original paint late 1957 Standard Micro Bus, Mike Hodgson's 1957 all original Single Cab with NOS hoops & canvas, Doug Gaylord's 1955 Deluxe 23 Window and Cuñado Earl's 1963 original paint Deluxe 15 Window.

2014 #9.JPG

Picture taken at the historic Tommy's Burgers parking lot on Rampart in the Mid City area of Los Angeles. Pictured is my Kombi, Maudy Vargas' 1958 Karmann Ghia, Frank "Play Dirty" Caseras' 1955 Oval Ragtop and Marcos' 1954 RHD Convertible. This location was one of the pit stops during the 80's LA cruise.

2014 #14.JPG

The picture was taken during this past October's OCTO show. Pictured are just a few of the rare items my two buddies, Henrik & Thomas Andersen from Denmark, brought over to sell. Pictured is a super rare 1950/1951 Barndoor glass lense taillight, Barndoor mirror arms, Barndoor large diamond reflectors, VW touch up paint canister and in the back ground the Westfalia cups.

2014 #10.JPG

Paul Salinas' 1954 RHD Oval with Paul Fonseca's 1954 Sedan in the back ground. Photo was taken at the Glendale Volkswagen Dealership.

2014 #11.JPG

This picture was taken out in the hills of Julian, California during the KQ Ranch campout and trailbash. This is another one of my favorite events to attend. Pictured is Dan Bruanche's all original 1959 Westfalia.

2014 #16.jpg

GFK at the Glendale Volkswagen Dealership.

2014 #13.JPG

The morning of the ClassicS. Slam Gabriel meeting point for the Campbodian's and the BDM. You got Earl's 1963 Deluxe 15 Window, My 1954 Kombi, Comrade Dougie's 1955 Deluxe 23 Window and his old 1954 Panel, Ron Padua's 1961 Panel, Cirilo Domingo's 1959 Original Paint postal Yellow Double Door Panel and Serg Vasquez' 1964 Double Door Panel (with a Westfalia SO-42 Camping Interior.

2014 #21.jpg

Little Carlos' 1954 Deluxe. June OCTO.

2014 #15.JPG

Booty shots. Stadium Way, downtown Los Angeles.

2014 #7.JPG


Here's a shot of one of my favorite rides at this years past VW ClassicS, a Zwitter. BEAUTIFUL RIDE!!!

2014 #22.JPG

Photo was taken on the North 710 freeway heading towards the Slam Gabriel Valley. Pictured is Paul Salinas' 1954 RHD Oval Ragtop and Not My Richie's 1962 Notchback. 

2014 #8.JPG

This photo was taken at Featherly Park during the OEBC Spring picnic.

2014 #6.JPG

This photo was taken during the ClassicS. Pictured is a line of the Der Blitz Kriegkafers. Beautiful rides!

2014 #5.JPG

This photo was taken on Sunday, Cinco de Mayo, during the Orange Empire Bus Company's Annual Spring Picnic. This is definitely one of my favorite shows and a must to participate. Pictured is Harvey's original paint 1959 beetle with the Campbodian's buses in the back ground. Grey/White Panel belongs to Ron Padua (aka Ronnie Jiménez), Postal Yellow original paint Panel belongs to Cirilo Domingo (aka Cirilo Gangoy Jr lll) and at the end is Maurice Gangoy's 1961 Walk Thru Kombi. 

2014 #4.JPG

This photo was taken out front of the Type 2 Guru, Charlie Hamil, after the June OCTO show. Sunny skies, palm trees and VW buses. Typical Southern California. Pictured is Comrade Dougie's 1955 Deluxe 23 Window, Cuñado Earl's 1963 Original paint Mouse Grey deluxe 15 Window and my 1954 Kombi.

2014 #3.JPG

This photo was taken at the infamous Stadium Way, basically the entrance to the Dodger's stadium, during the recreation of a typical cruise from back in the 1980's in So Cali. Pictured is Marcos' 1954 RHD Convertible, Not my Richie's 1962 Notchback and to the left, the grey beetle, is Jojo Garcia's 1954 Oval Rag Top. If you look into the reflection of the black beetle, you can see Maudy Vargas' 1958 SUPER SLAMMED Karmann Ghia.

2014 #19.JPG

ALLDan Braucke's ALL original 1959 Westfaila. Photo was taken in back hills of Julian, California.

2014 #2.jpg

This was taken in my drive way. $Mike's ALL original 1957 Single Cab and my 1954 Kombi.

2014 #1.jpg

 This shot was actually taken May of 2012, but it's cool. It's my bus when it was lowered (which BTW - will be lowered again in the near future) and Cirilo's original paint postal yellow 1960 Panel. This was taken after an OCTO show.

Kombi & Panel.JPG

Now here is an artistic shot. This was some random beetle at the Classic with a glaring front turn signal. The lighting was right so I took a shot. Just a clean detailed shot, nothing more.

turn signal.JPG

This picture was taken during one of the Pomona Swap Meet shows. Pictured are Big Joe's 1958 Single Cab, Justin Anson's 1957 Kombi and CRG's 1957 Deluxe 23 Window. There are always good cars out at P-Town to make good pictures.


Now this is a cool shot. How often will you see a 1950 (upright spare tire) Standard Micro and a January 1953 Deluxe? This picture was taken at Matt Devine's driveway in Huntington Beach, California.


Typical Southern California late afternoon. Lots of sun, palm tree and a VW Bus!


This shot was taken during the 80's LA Christmas Toy Drive in East Los Angeles.


Photo taken during October's OCTO show. A nicely restored 1954 Panel, not sure who the owner was? But a very nice bus.

IMG_3991 - Copy.JPG

This photo was taken during the 80's LA Toy Drive in East Los Angeles. Pictured is Russ of the infamous "Russ' Recycling", Split Window beetle and Carlos "CRG" Guzman's street terror ..... Bad Temper ll.


Jeremy's Corner. A well know trader, Jeremy brings out some of his stash during an OCTO event. A mere fraction of what this guy has.


A 1950 four door Mercury. Picture taken at during the 80's LA Toy Drive.


Cirilo Domingo and Ron Padua out on the trials of Julian, California in Cy's original paint Postal yellow double door Panel.



Here's a bonus ...... This little guy lives in the garden eating up all the bad bugs. This guy is pretty big.


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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Historic Old Town Pasadena, California

 How often do you see four magazine cars cruising your neighborhood?  
Richie's Notchback "Airmighty" 

Alex #1.jpg

  Ray Mejia's Chopped Ghia "Hot VW's January 2001"

Alex #2.jpg

 Carlos "CRG" Guzman "Hot VW's and Airmighty" and Henry Lewis '57 Samba "Hot VW's ...

Alex #3.jpg

Here is a beautiful shot of CRG's bus with the typical southern California back ground. 


These photos were taken on Historic Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena, California by Alex Arredondo

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Saturday, December 28, 2013


Carlos Sanchez' creation of his 1957 RHD is far more the an uprising of what we call a resto-call. It is the epitome of what you call a resto-call!! This ride in all reality has no words to describe it. A Picasso, A Matisse or maybe a Tomayo? This ride surly is a one of a kind without a doubt!!!

Czech out the Txakurra making sure no one is hating!




These are random shots I took of the GFK during a Pomona Swap Meet show. Don't ask me which one???These are random shots I took of the GFK during a Pomona Swap Meet show. Don't ask me which one???







Here are some shots of the GFK at the Glendale VW dealership. That was a good time.





 2014 #24.JPG

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Friday, December 27, 2013


These are all random shots I took during OCTO and the ClassicS. PUTAIN!!!


Here is a shot of my bus and Comrade Dougie's 1955 Deluxe 23 Window

BD's #5.JPG

Here's a shot of my 1954 Kombi and Comrade Dougie heading out the to North Shore of Cambodian for some big wave surfing. 15 feet plus!! The Rhino Chasers are inside the buses.

BD's #4.JPG

This is a shot was taken at OCtO. Matt Devine's 1952 Deluxe 23 Window, my 1954 Kombi and Comrade Dougie's 1955 Deluxe 23 Window

BD's #3.JPG

This shot was taken at Charlie Hamil's house after the Classics, 2012. Picture are Matt Devine's 1952 Deluxe 23 Window, Peter Alberian's 1954 Deluxe and Clara's all original 1953 Standard.

BD's #2.JPG

Some random shots I took of at OCTO.

This shot was taken during the Classics the day after the Barndoor gathering. The first bus is Todd Olmstead, Bus Farmers and Vet Barndoor guy, 1955 Panel ......... Lou Vereli's old 1954 Kombi .............. Troy Palmer's 1952 Sunroof Standard ............ Dean Anderson's 1955 Standard (another Bus Farmer and Vet Barndoor guy) ............. Ken King's 1954 Sunroof Kombi ............. Matt Devine's 1952 Deluxe 23 Window.

BD's #1.JPG 

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Thursday, December 26, 2013

P-Town ......... sometime 2011???

Found some shots of the Cholos rides while at one of the P-Town gatherings? I say this is sometime in 2011?





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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Barndoors in the Holy City of Slam Gabriel

Yes, Yes ......... I know, these were taken about 2/3 years ago? But I never got a chance to post any of these up. I'm going to say these were taken after an OCTO back yard boogie? Cuz both Johnny Pickénez and the Knee Grow were in town. When pulling the rides out, we decided to park them out front and take some shots.

This first shot is of Comrade Doug's 1955 Deluxe, Gibbs Connors 1953 Standard and my 1954 Kombi.


Here are some booty shots of our rides.


In this shot you have Cuñado Earl's original paint 1962 Deluxe 15 window, Ronnie Jiménez' 1960 Panel, the Barndoors and if you look closely you can see a bright ass yellow bus .......... that is an original paint postal yellow bus which belongs to Cirilo Gangoy Jr lll. yup! Maurice's son.







The Mighty Chewbacca keeping on eye on things and making sure no one snatches up any of Cirilo's famous pineapple chicken, and making sure Comrade Dougie's medication is safe..9.JPG

  And here is a shot of Hermansito's all original 1965 Standard Micro Bus kicking it with the older buses. That was one nice weekend.


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Monday, December 23, 2013

Shop shots

Some random shots of parts, motors & trannys for other projects I got going on. I guess I'm bored Smile  It's pretty amazing what you end up finding when you do a litte spring cleaning.




Here is the heavy duty stuff ....... waiting to be mounted on another Barndoor Smile


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Saturday, December 21, 2013

I ended up buying it!!!

First off .......... Mad props to my homie Daniel Wright for not only finding this gem but for hooking it up and making the deal. So after Daniel makes a deal with this guy, I get the OK to pick it up. Good thing is was local and at a very reasonable price. Before leaving, I spoke a little more to the guy. He told me his father bought this Heilite back in May of 1967 and it's been in the family ever since. He told me about all the camping trips they made with this little trailer. It hasn't been used in over 10 years, and it's lived all it's life in a garage. Reason why its not beat down. It does have some wear and tear, but that's normal for a 45 year plus gem like this. He also gave me the original owners manual and some other papers from that era. This thing is in really nice condition and it still sports the original black license plate! JODER!!!!

I plan many camping trips with this trailer behind my Westfalia.


Heilite 1.JPG

Heilite 2.JPG

Heilite 3.JPG

Heilite 4.JPG

Heilite 5.JPG

Heilite 6.JPG

Heilite 7.JPG

Heilite 8.JPG

Heilite 9.JPG

Heilite 10.JPG

Heilite 11.JPG

Heilite 12.JPG

Heilite 13.JPG

Heilite 17.JPG

Heilite 16.JPG

Heilite 15.JPG

Heilite 14.JPG

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Friday, December 20, 2013

1967 Heilite Valiant trailer tent

Found this 1967 Heilite Valiant trailer tent. This is a pretty cool edition to a serious VW camping enthusiast. Ideal for you and your Txakurra Wink

Heilite #1.JPG

Heilite #2.JPG

Heilite #3.JPG

Heilite #4.JPG

Heilite #5.JPG

Heilite #6.JPG

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

1957 Right Hand Drive Oval Ragtop

Big Mazol Tov to Carlos Sanchez, aka ...... DA DOPEMAN! A well deserved feature. I personally don't feel pictures really give this beetle justice. This beetle looks way nicer and cleaner in person! Once seen by your own eyes you will see first hand what I am talking about. The details are insane and the choice of accessories are unreal. I will dig up random shots I took of Carlos' ride and post them up as well.

Felizidades Carnel. Tu ramfla esta super CHINGONA!! I know your keeping it gangster rolling around the barrio listening to corridos with the cuete stashed under the seat and a cold bironga in hand! Straight Narco Traficanté!


Dope Man #1.jpg

Dope Man #2.jpg

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